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Original Place Name References

Rieze Maxia is based on the Mongol Empire, and most of its place names are based on real places in our world. Elympios, on the other hand, is heavily influenced by Slavic and Russian folklore. There can be some overlapping, and sometimes no reference could be found for the name, but this time the list of place names in Xillia and my proposed translations is as complete as it can be. I’ve included a map of the Mongol Empire and pinpointed the locations used in Xillia so that it is easy to visualize.

References on the map

RL name > Xillia JP name > proposed translation (localization)

1. Khanbaliq > カン・バルク > Khan Baliq (Kanbalar)
2. Shangdu > シャン・ドゥ > Shang Du (Xian Du)
3. Lusar > ルサル街道 > Lusar Highroad (Rusalle Highroad)
4. Karakorum > ラコルム海停 > Rakorum Seahaven (Lakutam Seahaven)
5. Barnaul > バルナウル街道 > Barnaul Highroad (Barnauer Highroad)
6. Talas > タラス街道 > Talas Highroad (Talys Highroad)
7. Ferghana > フェルガナ鉱山 > Ferghana Mines (Fengala Mines)
8. Fayzabad > ファイザバード沼野 > Fayzabad Marsh (Fezebel Marsh)
9. Bamyan > バーミア峡谷 > Bamya Gorge (Bermia Gorge)
10. Akerianwala > ニ・アケリア > Ni Akeria (Nia Khera)
11. Bhorti Band Mari Reserved Forest > ボルテア森道 > Bhortea Forest (Voltea Woods)
12. Eral > エラール街道 > Eral Highroad (Alest Highroad)
13. Sarai > セイライ冷原 > Serai Snowplains (Sillea Tundra)
14. Kalakh > カラハ・シャール > Kalakh Shal (Sharilton)
15. Khabrat Hamir > ハ・ミル > Ha Mir (Hamil)
16. Eilat > イラート海停 > Ilat Seahaven (Aladhi Seahaven)
17. Liberi > リベリー岩孔 > Liberi Hollow (Labari Hollow)
18. Uppsala > ウプサーラ湖 > Lake Uppsala (Lake Epsilla)

A. Lake Baikal > バイカール廃坑 > Baikaal Ghost Mine (Old Vicalle Mines)
B. Shal Akyn > カラハ・シャール > Kalakh Shal (Sharilton)
C. Kyzyl Kum Desert > キジル海爆 > Kyzyl Seafalls (Kijara Seafalls)
D. Sogdiana > ソグド湿道 > Sogd Floodmeadows (Xagut Floodmeadows)
E. Samangan > サマンガン樹界 > Samangan Deepwood (Sapstrath Deepwood)
F. Ghandara > ガンダラ要塞 > Fort Ghandara (Fort Gandala)
G. Il-Khanate > イル・ファン > Il Fan (Fennmont)

Other references

- モン高原: the モン probably comes from “Mongol” -> Mon Highlands (Mon Highlands)
- タタール冥穴: the Tatars are a Turkic ethnic group in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia -> Tatar Abyss (Tatalian Abyss)
- オルダ宮: an Orda (Horde) is a sociopolitical and military structure from the Mongol Empire -> Orda Palace (Orda Palace)
- ドヴォール: a dvor is a yard in Russian -> Dvor (Duval)
- ル・ロンド: Lurondo is a stream in Mozambique -> Lu Rondo (Leronde)
- カタマルカ高地: Catamarca is a province in Argentina -> Catamarca Heights (Catamar Heights)
- ノール灼洞: possibly from the Tuul River -> Nuul Lava Tubes (Nala Lava Tubes)
- クラマ街道: Mt Kurama is a mountain in Japan -> Kurama Trail (Culmar Trail)
- ガリー間道: galis are mountain roads in Pakistan -> Gali Trail (Galia Trail)
- ヘリオボーグ研究所: from “helio” (sun) + “borg” (stronghold) -> Helioborg Research Station (Helioborg Research Station)
- クランスピア社: from “clan” + “spear” -> Clanspear Corp. (Spirius Corp.)
- アハルテケ号: the Akhal-Teke is a horse breed from Turkmenistan -> Akhal-Teke Line (Akhalteke Line)

From folklore

- トリグラフ: Triglav is a Slavic deity -> Triglav (Trigleph)
- ディール: Dir is an ancient Russian hero -> Dir (Drellin)
- アスコルド: Askold is an ancient Russian hero -> Askold (Oscore)
- トルバラン街道: the Torbalan is a monster from Bulgarian floklore -> Torbalan Highoad (Torbalan Highoad)
- ストリボルグ号: Stribog is a Slavic deity -> Stribog Line (Stribog Line)
- 旅船ジルニトラ: the Zirnitra is a Slavic dragon -> E.S.S. Zirnitra (E.S.S. Zenethra)
- 旅船ペリューン: Perun is a Slavic deity -> E.S.S. Perun (E.S.S. Pelune)

No reference found

- リーゼ・マクシア: Rieze Maxia 
- エレンピオス: Elympios
- ラ・シュガル: Rashugal
- ア・ジュール: Ajur (Auj Oule)
- 世界ノ遠: Urs Kharla (Temporal Crossroads)
- 世界ノ果テ: Urs Laan (Temporal Terminus)
- マクスバード: Maxbad (Marksburg)
- ザイラの森: Zhaira Woods (Xailen Woods)
- ラフォート研究所: Laforte Research Center
- ククル凍窟: Kukur Ice Caverns (Kukhar Ice Caverns)
- トウライ冷原: Torai Snowplains (Tulea Tundra)
- アルカンド湿原: Arcando Quag (Arklund Quag)

Written by Yume and Albiore-V