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Agria, called Nadia when she was born, was the daughter of Eva and Count Fernand L. Travis. Eva was a popular singer at a tavern in a small village owned by House Travis. She had a beautiful voice and was loved by many men, including Count Travis, the current Travis family head. [2]

Count Travis and Eva had an affair, resulting in the birth of Nadia. Nadia’s early childhood was spent happily in her little countryside house with her mother, her wetnurse and her wetnurse’s daughter Prinn. [2] Her father would visit them occasionally, and once gifted her with two little birds for her to take care of. When questioned about the reason he did not come “home” often, her mother usually replied that he was busy with work. [3]

House Travis

When Nadia was six, her father, unable to bear the distance anymore, had Nadia and her mother move in an annex of the Travis manor, and had Nadia recognized as his daughter, enabling her to use the Travis name. [3]

His wife Roberta and his four other children did not take the arrival of his mistress and illegitimate daughter well, and bullied the two of them constantly. Nadia was encouraged to attend balls and parties in the manor by her father, but other nobles treated her distantly, for fear of angering Roberta, with the exception of one gentleman from House Ilbert. [4]

Eva endured the bullying strongly for Nadia’s sake, but was eventually unable to go on anymore and jumped off a window. Nadia was 11 at the time. She was moved to the main house of the manor, and her mistreatment at the hands of the Travis family intensified. After an episode where Magdalena’s admirers ransacked her room and destroyed the few mementos of her mother she had, she ran away from the manor. [5]

In The Streets

Alone in the streets, Nadia learned to fend for herself. There, she heard all sorts of rumors and gossip, and usually did not pay it much attention, until one day she heard people make theories about her mother’s death and name Aurignac or Roberta as possible culprits. Hearing that, Nadia swore revenge on her family and on noble society. The unleashing of her hatred provoked the sudden awakening of her talent for spirit artes, and she started murdering any noble who crossed her path. [5]

Her wanderings took her from town to town until she reached Fennmont, the capital. [5]

Mink’s Proposition

During one of her attacks on a noble, she was stopped by a woman named Mink. Mink was an Auj Oule agent spying on Rashugal, and she proposed her to join her. Nadia accepted her offer. [6]

Nadia went back to the Travis, pretending to be remorseful for running away. There, she reunited with Prinn, who decided to help her. Using her family’s connections, Nadia entered the Laforte institute, and Prinn started to work at Talim Hospital. [6]

Meanwhile, Mink joined King Gaius’ personal guard and changed her name to Presa. [6]

The Flame of Revenge

In Trames 2291, Rashugal decided to invade Shrade Island, a small island situated near Rashugal but which belonged to Auj Oule. Among the Rashugal officers participating in the assault, there were two of Nadia’s brothers. [6]

Presa invited Nadia to accompany her to the island, which she was going to defend with King Gaius and his other two personal guards. Nadia seized the chance to take revenge on them, as well as to show her worth to Auj Oule’s king. [6]

She killed her two brothers during the battle, and her achievements were acknowledged by Gaius, who made her the fourth member of his Chimeriad and renamed her “Agria.” [7]

When she went back to Rashugal to continue her spying of the Laforte Institute, she visited the Travis manor and set it on fire, killing all remaining members of her family and completing her revenge. [7]

Hard Work and Despair

Agria monitored the development of Rashugal’s secret weapon, the Lance of Kresnik, and was waiting for a chance to steal it. However, that plan was involuntarily thwarted by Milla Maxwell when she infiltrated the institute to destroy the Lance. [8]

Agria later tried to steal the Lance once more, but was discovered and fled. She came to face Milla and her friends again, and that is when she met Leia. Agria took an instant dislike of Leia, because Leia’s talks of hard work and effort only served to remind her that her efforts to be accepted by her family when she was a kid never changed her situation. Leia’s naiveté and innocence was something that she had lost a long time ago and could not get back no matter how much she wished to. [8]

When Gaius was busy fighting Muzét, Agria and Presa, joined by Alvin, followed Wingul’s order to stop Jude and the others from reaching Maxwell at the Nia Khera Hallowmont. They lost the fight, and an earthquake caused the ground under their feet to crumble. Agria was saved by Leia, but, despite being touched by her action, she refused to acknowledge her and let go of her hand in a last effort to make Leia taste the despair she had lived with. [8]