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Information on the Amarcians

The Amarcians

Because you can only spend so much time leveling before you need to take a break and do something else.

And because I love making theories and finding evidence for said theories is one of the more frequent things I do with my time.

So for the past two days I’ve been running all around Graces looking for any kind of evidence that could prove what Emeraude said about Amarcia being the name of a group of researchers false. Since Graces doesn’t have books around the world you can read on shelves like other games do and most NPCs aren’t too helpful, I decided to use architecture as the main starting point in my search for evidence. Reason being, pretty much every civilization, ancient or otherwise, has very distinctive architecture and generally will have something that commonly links them all even if designs for certain things are changed structurally and such. For example, even if you barely knew anything about the civilizations themselves, chances are you would be able to notice that SOMETHING was different between, say, Mayan structures and ancient Greece structures.

I started by going to every place I could on Fodra in the Main Arc (because I have no save file in the F Arc still OTL) and then to everywhere on Ephinea that was Amarcian built OR possibly had some connection to them. This is what I found:

All the places on Fodra share the exact same architectural style and tells of being built by the Amarcians. The ruins on Ephinea (Wallbridge, the Shroud Ruins, the shuttle area in Seaside Cavern, World’s Eye and the Ghardia Shaft) matched the architecture of the buildings on Fodra even if designs were a tad different. And all of them matched with the Enclave as well. The only ones that didn’t were the Strahta Desert Ruins (which had no architectural similarities at all and was kind of plain, really, so I suspect it was built by non-Amarcians since the only Amarcian-made thing was the control stuff on Duplemar) and the Fendel Glacier Ruins (on account of just being a hollowed out mountain that they took advantage of).

Curiously, in all but two and a half of the locations I searched, there was one common symbol that appeared on pretty much everything Amarcian related along with the numerous other tells. Symbol use is also a common thing in architecture and in some cases can act as a sort of signature or marker to say “This was made by us”. A lot of civilizations would use various symbols on their architecture to mark it as theirs and make it distinctive and the Amarcians, apparently, were no different.

I took a lot of picture evidence.

Starting with the Enclave, because it’s the only place with living Amarcians and also where I first noticed the symbol before I started this investigation.

Here’s the entrance area inside the Enclave. I circled all three instances of the symbol (there miiiiiight be a fourth instance on the central floor piece, but it’s small and at a weird angle so I’m not sure).

This symbol can also be found…


(Due to the angle you can’t really see the teleporter but I’m willing to bet if it was on the inside teleporter, it’s probably on the outside teleporter too.) 

As statues inside the Enclave

(This is actually one of four places such a statue is located inside the Enclave itself) 

As door markers

So this one symbol is ALL OVER places involving Amarcians that are currently alive. What about the places where no one lives anymore? Well…

Bathus Citadel

(It’s on every single one of those doors, this was just the only one with a good vantage point.) 
(This one might be a little bit of a stretch because it’s small and not really clear, but to me it looks like the symbol.)
(Outside too…kind of like how it was also outside the Enclave HMMMM.)

Telos Astue

(Fun fact: This is literally over EVERY doorway in Telos Astue. Go right up to the doors of any of the rooms you have access to and look up and it’s there. It’s even over the teleporter that leads to the Shuttle Bay.)
(This one is also kind of incomplete, but the circular part and the top three spikes match all the other instances so I’m calling this a variation on the symbol.)
(Oh hey doesn’t this look familiar?)

The Shroud Ruins

(Both of these are the only instance of the symbol throughout the whole place, however the rest of the architecture for both places have other tells of being Amarcian.)
The Archive

The OTHER Archive

(Above the door leading to it.)
(Elevator, flipped image because it’s easier to see when it’s at the bottom than when it’s at the top.)
Ghardia Shaft
(This is seen in multiple different parts just floating there in the background.)
(THIS, if you angle yourself right, can be seen down at the very bottom of the shaft, but only on the Base levels. It no longer appears once you get the Center levels.)
I also, to be as thorough as possible in the Main Arc, checked World’s Eye. Or what’s left of it, anyway. I MIGHT have found the symbol there, but considering a sizable chunk of the place is destroyed and where I think I saw it is kind of far in the background, I can’t be 100% sure. But here’s the picture I took anyway: 
(With or without the symbol, though, that place was Amarcian too because of other tells.)

Of all the places I looked, the ONLY ones where I did not find a single, even if minutely possible, sign of the symbol were: The shuttle area in Seaside Cavern, Wallbridge Ruins and the Human Research Center. However, despite the lack of the symbol, all of those places shared other similarities in their architecture that served as a tell for who made them.

So the question then becomes, if the symbol appears on all these places except three but they all share the same architecture, what was the purpose of that symbol? I had originally thought that maybe the symbol was just a Fodran thing, something related to Telos Astue maybe, but if that were the case, then it would’ve appeared SOMEWHERE in the HRC and not just Telos Astue and Bathus Citadel (which while seemingly random, Bathus Citadel WAS once a research center that got converted into a military base). So if it wasn’t used as a general symbol for Fodran society, what then? The only conclusion is Amarcians. But if they were “just a research group” then there would be no need for having their own symbol, especially to put in ARCHITECTURE.

Additionally, it would appear that Emeraude was at least not lying about one thing. I watched Lambda’s memories a few more times and concluded that what the two humanoids in Telos Astue say about her and Cornell being Amarcian was not a lie. Take a look:

The first few times I watched this I thought that was funky shading on his beard, but after two more times I can see now that it’s not. The front of Lambda’s hair is definitely shading, but look at the tips of Cornell’s beard. They’re a completely different color from the roots! Looks lavenderish despite the sepia tone…
It’s on the back of his head too. You can tell the differences between his hair and Lambda’s mark that as WAY too funky to be shading.

Emeraude too. When we meet her in the game her hair is monotone, but here in Lambda’s memories, even if the color is slightly disguised by a sepia tone, you can see something is definitely off with her hair. The tips are too dark compared to the rest to all be the same color (and they fade into each other). Also bonus symbol on her wheelchair.

Alright, so both of them have two-toned hair just like Pascal and all the other living Amarcians. So what? For all we know all Fodrans could’ve had two-toned hair! You would think that, except the guards Emeraude calls in have monotone hair (except for one dude who looks like he has Amarcian-styled white and black hair, but the rest are straight blondes).

Even in the videos from the Eleth Lab, there are people who clearly have monotone hair along with Amarcians who have two-toned hair. And given that everyone on Ephinea except Amarcians have monotone hair, it can be concluded that two-toned hair is an exclusive Amarcian trait. “A group of researchers” would not have specific traits and their own symbol exclusive to them.

Interestingly, and also kind of sadly, this adds even more credence to the possibility of there having been a genocide at the time of Fodra’s death. Because Emeraude was the one who headed both Lambda’s and Little Queen’s research, both things pissed Fodra off, both things were the cause of why Fodra went on an annihilation spree in the first place. Emeraude failed to prevent Lambda, who she’d been painting as the cause of all their problems, from escaping. She probably tried to assuage the escape as trivial and that creating Sophie and destroying Lambda would somehow fix all their problems. But since researching Little Queen only made the situation worse because it pissed Fodra off even more, people probably started to panic. And when people panic, it tends to create irrational chaos. And when you have irrational chaos, you get people pointing fingers and condemning races to die.

Emeraude being an Amarcian herself and the one in charge of the projects meant to stop their impending doom, someone or people on Fodra probably connected dots and made the panic-fueled conclusion that Amarcians weren’t helping them at all or something. So, in a way, that would make the genocide and the current dwindling population of Amarcians Emeraude’s fault as well.

So yeah, Emeraude wasn’t lying about being Amarcian (though the way she worded it…maybe she was trying to give off the idea she hadn’t been when we meet her in the game), but I think it can be safely said that, like the stuff with Lambda, Amarcians being “just a group of researchers” was a large pile of bullshit as well.


While watching videos from the F-Arc, found the symbol in the Eleth Research Lab! Picture my friend took:

So that’s one more place it’s located in. Not sure about Lastalia Shaft but I think even if it was there, I’ve made my point, XD.

Written by Kirvee

Amarcian Technology

A friend asked me the hypothetical question of what if Amarcian/Fodra-made machines polluted the world similar to fontech and magitech from other Tales games and I rebutted that that’s impossible because of the way I’ve observed and theorized Amarcians and their culture to work.

And the discovery was that Amarcian-made technology (including the stuff that’s still on Fodra) uses LESS ELETH THAN A PLANT REQUIRES TO STAY ALIVE AND FUNCTION.

Because when you think about it, Fodra only shut off enough of its eleth output to cause the death of the majority of the things on the surface–humans, vegetation and animals. Because she was trying to make it impossible for anymore humans to live on her. However by the time the party gets to Fodra 1K years after that, you can see that clearly there’s at least still A LITTLE bit of eleth moving around within and on Fodra as there has to be enough to allow the party to breathe–even if only barely–as well as for monsters to exist and function at all and for the machines and buildings to still work.

Granted, of course, the monsters on Fodra are still apparently notably different than the monsters on Ephinea due to the lack of the abundance of eleth….but there is at least enough eleth around that they can function and exist at the most BARE MINIMUM allowable. And as you can see, there’s no plant life at all on Fodra until F-Arc (when Fodra decides it’s safe enough to start releasing eleth again more abundantly), and any plant life that is still there has since turned to clay because there’s no enough eleth to allow for even THEM to function.

And yet there’s enough eleth present to allow not only Telos Astue to still be floating in the air after 1K years (barring the fact that it’s apparently been losing altitude, but that’s a PRETTY SLOW DESCENT for something to be losing altitude and not have crashed already from the loss of eleth after 1K years) but also for the machines in the HRC and Bathus Citadel to maintain functionality (even if only barely) and for humanoids to still be functioning at all. Yes, some humanoids have ceased functioning completely or are just barely functioning (considering all the broken speeches–or lack thereof in Psi’s case–of the ones you can find), but that’s due in part to the fact that they are machines and aren’t JUST eleth or anything. They run on eleth, but the other parts of them are degradable and subject to malfunctions due to time and environmental factors and such. Those things are the only reasons some of them are having those problems, but there’s clearly enough eleth around to keep them running for as long as their other parts will allow them to operate.

So, basically, Amarcians figured out how to make shit run on less of their life energy source than fucking PLANTS need to function. Maybe the people of Aselia and Auldrant should take a page from them.

Written by Kirvee