Tales of Translations

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Anna Irving was born in Luin, also known as “The Town of Hope”. At an unknown time she was taken to the Asgard Human Ranch to be used as a host body in Exsphere production. She was used in the first version of Kvar’s Angelus Project, in which she was labeled “host body A012”. At some point, she escap from the ranch with help of Kratos, who had fled from Cruxis some 70 years [5] prior because he disagreed with Mithos’ “Age of Lifeless Beings” plan. [1]

Anna and Kratos

After meeting Anna, Kratos realized that he had made a mistake in accepting Mithos’ ideals and that he had to right Mithos’ mistakes. [4] Eventually the two fell in love, Kratos even removing his Cruxis Crystal during the time spent with her. [5] They lived as vagabonds, constantly pursued by Cruxis. [2] As they traveled from place to place Kratos began to search for a way for a human to wield the Eternal Sword. Eventually, they got married and Anna gave birth to their son, who they named “Lloyd”. [1

They continued to travel but would sometimes make prolonged stays. When Lloyd was three months old they had already been staying in a cabin near a small fishing village where Anna would take Lloyd for walks on the beach with Noishe to get him to go to sleep. It was during this time period that Kratos had also began to take down Cruxis with Yuan. He wished to leave Anna and his son in Iselia where they would be safe due to their non-aggression treaty with the Desians and die while killing Mithos. Anna was never informed of this plan. [5]

When Lloyd was three years old the family was alerted with anti-desian resistance group* that they had been working with that Kvar knew their location. Knowing this, Kratos decided to set his plan into motion to leave Anna and Lloyd where it was safe. [5]


As they neared their location Anna continued to the village with Noishe and Lloyd while Kratos left for the Tower of Salvation in pursuit of another lead from the resistance group. Neither Anna nor Kratos were aware that this was a trap created by Kvar and his men to separate the two. The Desians meant to corner Anna and retrieve her exsphere while Cruxis planned to capture Kratos. [5]

Kratos escaped with Yuan’s help and made his way back to his family as fast as he could. But by the time he arrive Anna had already been tracked down by Kvar and his men who removed her Exsphere. [5] Lacking a key crest, her bodily mana went haywire. She had transformed into a Exbelua and was out of control. Anna attempted to attack Lloyd but was intercepted by Noishe, wounding both Noishe and herself. She momentarily regained control of herself and begged Kratos to kill her; losing control once more and attempting to attack Lloyd once more. This time Kratos reacted, cutting off her arm and kicking her down a cliff. After that Kvar attacked, and Lloyd fell down the cliffside, along with Noishe, while clinging to his Mother’s Exsphere. [3][5]

The three of them were found collapsed at the foot of the cliff by Dirk. Anna was still conscious at the time, and explained what had happened. She passed away after entrusting him with Lloyd and the Exsphere. Dirk took Lloyd in and gave Anna a proper burial in the garden near the house that he built for Lloyd and himself. [1]