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(Tales of Berseria Official World Guidance Book)

CV: Tsuda Kenjiro

A wind malak who uses a pendulum as a weapon. He was taking care of some orphans with his lover Theodora. She, and her dragonization, ultimately influenced his creed of never abandoning or taking any life.

Zaveid had his will sealed by the exorcists and was being used as a slave malak for a time, but when he was sent to capture Aifread, he was shot by Siegfried, and regained himself. Aifread was captured, but just as he was about to be taken away, he entrusted Siegfried to Zaveid.

While he was searching for the missing Aifread, he often met Eizen and his companions. Though Eizen had a similar objective, they moved separately, because Zaveid conflicted with them for their lack of hesitation in killing to achieve their goals.

When he finally met Aifread, who had turned into a daemon, he refused to retaliate even when he was being attacked, because that was his creed. Eizen dealt with Aifread while Zaveid was unconscious, and when Zaveid learned of it, he was furious. But Eizen said that,“Sometimes, to kill someone is to save them.”

With the killing of Theodora, who was rampaging around indiscriminately, Zaveid finally understood the true meaning behind those words. He accepted that Eizen had saved his lover, who had hated hurting anyone, and himself, who had been trapped by a dragon that had no chance of returning to its former self. Zaveid also realised that the day Eizen himself becomes a dragon was approaching, and he exchanged a promise with Eizen, swearing upon his true name Fylk Zahdeya (Zaveid the Oathkeeper) to kill Eizen himself.

Translated by Daidairo