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Tales of Xillia Drama CD

Comic Market 85

Subbed by Yume and DimensionSlip

Comic Market 86
Subbed by Yume
Dama CD Tales Ring Xillia C85

The Chimeriad, The Masks, and the Dumplings

Presa: It sure is lively here. I'm starting to feel a bit crowd-sick.

Wingul: They are hosting the once-in-a-decade coliseum competition this year.

Jiao: The town's atmosphere is getting to me. I can feel my blood boiling.

Presa: You've always liked stuff like this. But I understand the feeling a little.

Jiao: I wish I could enter as the Kitarl representative, but I cannot do that when I'm working for His Highness.

Wingul: Where is the shop we are looking for?

Presa: You're so impatient. You could stand to be a little more flexible.

Wingul: I am worried about Rashugal's moves. I should not leave the castle for too long.

Presa: Agria reported that there wasn't any big movement on their part.

Wingul: That is what worries me. Ninety-nine percent of a battle is won before it starts. We need to make the necessary preparations in anticipation of His Highness's decision.

Jiao: He has a point. What do you think, Presa?

Presa: I don't think this is something that requires the Chief Councillor to go in person. I bet he's planning something again.

Wingul: Just something that caught my attention.

Presa: "Just something", huh... Oh well, I don't care.

Wingul: Presa, where are you going?

Presa: To get lunch. Agria's coming straight here as soon as her other mission's over.

Wingul: I see.

Jiao: She's never in a good mood when she's hungry, that one.

Presa: I don't see what's funny.

Jiao: Don't glare at me like this. Next round's on me.

Presa: You'd better not forget that promise.

Jiao: You'll join us, won't you, Wingul?

Wingul: Checking the illegal store comes first.

Jiao: You're always so serious. I suppose I should put my all in this job too.

Wingul: No need. I would rather you acted as usual. We do not want the storekeepers to get wary of us.

Jiao: You... You don't suppose poachers are involved?

Wingul: Many illegal drugs are reputed to have mysterious effects. They probably use monsters of scarcity value to support their authenticity.

Jiao: Fools! What makes they think they have the right to toy with monsters' lives?

Wingul: The goods we have our eyes on, a medicine that allegedly makes one stronger, is said to make so much profit it's laughable. Especially now...


Leia: Medicine that makes one stronger?

Milla: Does such a thing really exist?

Alvin: So says the rumor. I heard they're trying to promote with slogans like: "Would you throw away your humanity? Or would you give up your victory?"

Elize: Is it a medicine that makes you stop being human?

Teepo: It's kinda scary.

Rowen: It must be medicine that temporarily enhances your physical abilities. In that case...

Leia: It exists?!

Rowen: Yes. However, in most cases, the effects wear off after a short while.

Jude: There are spirit artes that work like that. Like Sharpness or Barrier.

Milla: So, Alvin?

Alvin: Don't ask me, it's not like I know the details.

Milla: I see. Jude, do you think there is a way to find a shop that sells such medicine?

Jude: Milla? Are you planning to get some?

Milla: Of course. We must win the tournament in order to borrow the wyverns from Yurgen. If we can improve our performance with that, I think it is worth a try.

Jude: They're advertising it as something that makes you lose your humanity. We don't know what kind of secondary effects it might have.

Milla: No need to worry, I'm not human to begin with.

Leia: But it might be dangerous to your health...

Milla: I am ready to take the risk. Besides, the other participants are also using it, aren't they?

Alvin: You're sharp.

Rowen: Could it be that the one you have heard that rumor from is involved in the tournament?

Alvin: He's a participant.

Elize: It's not going to be easy if they use that medicine.

Rowen: It might be a good idea to at least check its effects just in case.

Jude: Yes, you're right. I'm also curious as to its ingredients.

Leia: If we find no problem with it, we can give it a try.

Alvin: I bet a certain someone here is ready to try it on the spot.

Milla: What are you insinuating?

Alvin: Nothing.

Milla: That was rude of you. Even I know how to be cautious.

Leia: Huh?

Teepo: No way!

Milla: Is that really surprising? Who do you take me for?

Alvin: Lord Maxwell.

Leia: The reckless?

Teepo: You're one to talk.

Elize: Milla is Milla.

Rowen: A charming lady. If only I was twenty years younger...

Alvin: Hey, do you realize what you're saying, gramps? And anyway, even twenty years younger, the age difference would still be too big. Man... Hey, honor student, don't lose to the old man.

Jude: Don't say stuff like that.

Milla: Jude?

Jude: Milla is just Milla.

Alvin: You're just saying the same thing as Elize.

Elize: That's true. We're alike!

Rowen: What a pure answer. As expected from Jude.

Alvin: Well, sorry for being a twisted, shady guy.

Milla: Don't worry. No matter what they think of me, all humans are dear to me.

Alvin: I'm so touched, I might cry.

Milla: Are you? Always glad to make you happy.

Alvin: Even sarcasm doesn't work...

Leia: So, Alvin, where's that store?

Alvin: I don't mind telling you, but... It might be a bit too much for you and Elize.

Teepo: Don't treat Elly like a child!

Leia: I agree. And I may not look like it, but I'm an apprentice nurse! I'm used to handling medicine.

Rowen: That might be true, but...

Jude: It's hard to think a normal shop would sell something so suspicious.

Milla: But as there are people who buy it, there must be someone to sell it.

Elize: What do you mean?

Alvin: That rather than selling it in a store, a dangerous and shady seller might be going around.

Leia: So, in other words... We just have to find someone who looks like Alvin!

Alvin: Yes, someone like... Hey!

Jude: If they're selling it to tournament participants, they're probably not far from the coliseum.

Rowen: Yet they will choose a place that does not attract too much notice. In that case...

Milla: We might fight them in the back streets.

Jude: Then, let's check it out. Where's Alvin?

Leia: He's right th...

Elize: He's disappeared.


Alvin: Don't pull my scarf. You're.... you're strangling me. Presa!

Presa: What are you trying to do?

Alvin: What are you talking about?

Presa: Don't play dumb. Your stalking was obvious on purpose.

Alvin: I just thought I'd spotted a pretty girl. Why do you mind anyway? It's not like we're strangers or anything.

Presa: Let me go!

Alvin: If you agree to negotiate. What are you doing here?

Presa: Trying to sell me out again? To a bunch of kids this time?

Alvin: I said we're negotiating. Don't be so stiff. Hey there. Those heels must hurt like hell when they hit.

Presa: Guys like you could do with a few more painful lessons. You're the worst.

Alvin: Why the cold shoulder? That kind of attitude hurts, you know?

Presa: Here you go lying again...

Alvin: I'm not lying! You know me well enough, don't you?

Presa: I...

Agria: Found ya, old hag!

Alvin: Who's there? Hey, aren't you...

Agria: Hey, old hag. What are ya doing hittin' off with a guy when you were supposed to meet me? D'you have no shame?

Presa: You've got it all wrong!

Agria: No, I don't! And to say I made the trip because you absolutely wanted to take me out for lunch. And now I find you slackin' off on your mission? What would Mr. Testy Chief Councillor say to that, huh?

Alvin: Mission?

Presa: Agria!

Agria: We're gonna squash some puny dealer on the back street's second corner. So your boner's gonna have to wait, 'kay? So sorry!

Presa: This is terrible.

Agria: What's your problem, pretty boy?

Alvin: I was just asking her about something.

Agria: Tryin' to play gentleman now? That's so boring. Just ask and I'll leave you two have your fun.

Alvin: I wouldn't mind handling the two of you together.

Agria: You pig!

Alvin: See ya, Presa! Sorry for taking your time.

Presa: Wait, Al!

Agria: Hey, old hag. What the heck are you doing? D'you wanna repeat the past or what?

Presa: Of course not.


Teepo: There's Alvin!

Leia: Where did you run off to? We looked for you everywhere!

Alvin: Sorry. I was asking someone about the shop we're looking for.

Jude: Asking someone? Who?

Alvin: Ah, just some former colleague or something like that.

Leia: You could have given us a heads up, you know.

Milla: So, have you found that shop?

Alvin: Kinda, but it's a bit vague. I was told it might not exist anymore.

Jude: We were talking about trying out the back street.

Alvin: The back street?

Milla: What's wrong? Do you have a problem with that?

Alvin: No, it's just... Do we really need to find it? You know, we're just before the tournament, there's probably lots of rough guys hanging out there. It wouldn't be good to be caught in―

Milla: Are you saying someone might look for a fight? I don't mind. It'd be good practice.

Leia: It's good to exercise, otherwise our muscles would go soft.

Elize: I'll help too.

Teepo: Leave the healing to me!

Jude: Everyone kinda seems pumped up...

Alvin: Oh brother. Okay, fine. I'll go with you.

Rowen: Let's head to the back street.


Agria: You're reeking of regret.

Presa: No, I'm not. I just wanted to get info on Maxwell's movements for His Highness.

Agria: Maxwell?

Presa: Hey, don't attract attention.

Agria: I didn't expect to meet those guys here. Perfect! I have a score to settle with them.

Presa: Agria, wait!

Agria: Hands off, you nag!

Presa: Wingul will be most displeased if you cause a scene. Do you want to get Lightning Nova'd again? That dress is new, isn't it? Don't tell me you want to see another outfit of yours in tatters?

Agria: You won't scare me so easily! I'd just have to use Jiao as a shield again.

Presa: It's that behavior that makes Jiao treat you like a child.

Agria: What'd ya say?

Presa: Oh, Your Highness. *Agria gasps* Did that calm you down a bit?

Agria: Y-You... You tricked me, you damn hag! I'm feelin' it now!

Presa: Your Highness!

Agria: Yeah, right! I won't fall twice for that trick!

Gaius: What is going on here?

Agria: Your Highness?!

Gaius: What is going on here?

Presa: My apologies. I was late for my rendezvous with Agria, and... What are you doing here, Your Highness?

Gaius: I could not find Wingul in the castle. I asked around, and was told he came here.

Presa: He told us that he was concerned about an illegal store.

Gaius: I see. The tournament is being held this year, as I recall.

Presa: Yes.

Gaius: That is bound to attract all kinds of activities.

Agria: Your Highness, I... Maxwell and her crew...

Gaius: Maxwell? Has she come to this city?

Presa: Yes, though it must be a coincidence. Should we arrest her?

Gaius: Leave her be.

Agria: But...

Gaius: If they have come this far, they will surely eventually present themselves before me. There is no need to spoil the people's festival.

Agria: Yes, Your Highness.

Gaius: Agria. War with Rashugal is approaching. I am counting on you.

Agria: Y-Yes, sir!

Presa: Your Highness, where are you going?

Gaius: To the aerial arena. As this is an unofficial visit, I do not need an escort.

Presa: Are you going incognito, then?

Gaius: Yes.

Presa: Then, allow me to advise you to change clothes. Your current outfit will attract too much attention.

Gaius: Is it that flashy?

Presa: Yes, very. This is just an example, but how about choosing a plainer color?

Gaius: I see... Do you have recommendations?

Presa: I think black would be good. It would suit with your hair.

Gaius: Understood.

Presa: We should tell Wingul and Jiao to leave Maxwell be.

Agria: I'll leave that to you.

Presa: Agria?

Agria: We'll get lunch another day. I'm getting back to Rashugal to track Nachtigal's every action.

Presa: Take care of yourself.

Agria: Shut it, hag. Same to you. If you have time to flirt with that loser, use it to work for His Highness instead.

Presa: Always one word too many. Anyway... I have to find Wingul and Jiao. I really hope they haven't run into Al.


Jude: I don't see any shop that looks like it could be it.

Alvin: See? Maybe they stopped. Or maybe they're closed today.

Leia: Let's stop after that corner.

Milla: No, let's first ask the people here what they know about the drug.

Rowen: But would they answer? From what I've heard about it, it sounds like an illegal substance.

Jude: Elize? What's the matter?

Elize: There's so many Teepos!

Jude: Teepo?

Teepo: Look at those masks, they're just like me!

Leia: You're right! It's Teepo's face in so many colors!

Rowen: Incredible!

Jude: That's a lot of them. I understand your enthusiasm.

Rowen: But why Teepo, I wonder?

Elize: Because Teepo is so cute, of course.

Teepo: No one can escape my charm.

Jude: I... guess...?

Alvin: Maybe because it's popular among children?

Leia: Look, Jude, there's even a rappig mask!

Elize: There are more Teepo masks.

Teepo: And my masks have more colors.

Alvin: That's because rappigs can't be green or orange.

Teepo: Alvin, whose side are you on?

Alvin: It's not a matter of sides! Those are just masks!

Jude: This shop is strange. It doesn't look like it's just a mask shop.

Leia: There's a lot of unusual stuff. Like those dumplings, what kind of shape is that?

Rowen: Aren't they artistic renditions of the statues we could see everywhere in the city?

Elize: Now that you say it, I think I recognize them.

Teepo: Is there any dumplings in my shape?

Jude: No, it's only the masks.

Rowen: There are even scarves that look like prayer pennants.

Owner: Are you buying anything?

Milla: Good timing. Let's ask the shopkeeper.

Jude: Milla?

Milla: Excuse me, do you know where they sell a medicine that makes one stronger?

Leia: Wait!

Alvin: That's way too direct.

Owner: Where did you hear about that, miss?

Milla: From a tournament participant.

Owner: Does that mean that you're entering too?

Jude: Yes.

Elize: We are.

Owner: Kids, women, and some grandpa... I understand why you'd be after the drug.

Teepo: What did you sa-mhf...

Rowen: The competition is only open once in a decade, so I've aged up without realizing.

Owner: I see. That must be frustrating.

Milla: So, do you know which shop sells the drug?

Owner: Even better; this is the shop you're looking for.

Milla: Why are you so surprised, Alvin?

Alvin: W-Well... It's different from what I expected.

Owner: I see, so you want to buy the drug, huh? I'll go fetch it, so wait here a little.

Milla: Please.

Alvin: Then I'll stand guard outside to prevent anyone from coming in.

Owner: Don't worry, most people leave after seeing the masks on the display.


Wingul: Here we are.

Jiao: They're clever. It just looks like a simple street stall selling masks at first glance.

Wingul: There is someone inside.

Jiao: I'd like to avoid causing a scene, but... That's...

Wingul: What are you doing?

Jiao: Shh. Look.

Wingul: All I can see is your body.

Jiao: It's Maxwell.

Wingul: What? What are they doing here? Don't tell me they want to buy the drug.

Jiao: Talk about coincidence...

Wingul: This is not the time. We really want to avoid a scene here.

Jiao: You're right. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to fulfill our mission. Should we arrest Maxwell too, then?

Wingul: If they were in Rashugal, His Highness would want us to ignore them. But if there is a chance they might bring harm to our country, then we need to observe their actions.

Jiao: So we should just wait and see, huh?

Wingul: Yes. If they start causing trouble, then we can just arrest them all. By the way, Jiao... I can't breathe.

Jiao: Oh, I'm sorry.

Wingul: We can't hear them from here. Let's get closer.

Jiao: The little miss would probably love those masks...


Owner: Sorry for the wait. Here are all the drugs I sell here.

Milla: That's a lot of them.

Elize: The bottles are sparkling like jewels.

Jude: What are those for?

Owner: This one is a hair restorer, and that one's a love potion.

Leia: A love potion?!


Wingul: Did you hear?

Jiao: They were talking about drugs or something.

Wingul: As I thought. They would go as far as to rely on illegal drugs. Even if it's because she's lost her power, that's quite foolish of Maxwell.

Jiao: We don't know if Maxwell is trying to buy the drug.


Owner: And this one is for growth, while that one... What was it again? Just wait a minute. Let's see...

Jude: What are the ingredients for those medicines?

Owner: Can't tell you that. Professional secret and all.

Rowen: But they all seem to be some kinds of mixtures. I would not feel at ease ingesting something without knowing its composition.

Owner: There's always someone who says something like that. It's not like we're dealing with poison. And if you don't like it, you don't have to buy it.

Leia: That's way too shady.

Owner: By the way, that green one is the one that makes you stronger.

Milla: Oh, so that's the one. *gulp*

Jude: Wait, Milla!

Milla: How should I put it... It tastes weird.


Wingul: Jiao, unless my eyes are deceiving me, I've just witnessed Maxwell drinking the drug.

Jiao: She gulped it down all right. The young'uns seem to be panicking.

Wingul: Why did no one stop her?

Jiao: They probably didn't have the time.


Owner: Hey, this won't do!

Jude: Milla, are you okay?

Alvin: Just what about just now was applying caution? Didn't you just say you wouldn't try it out on the spot?

Milla: Well, you all looked so uncertain, so...

Leia: That's our Milla! Always so decisive!

Jude: Just so we're clear, that's nothing to praise her for.

Owner: You better pay me!

Rowen: My apologies. The excitement must have got to her. We will pay for what she drank.

Owner: You really need to be more careful. Don't forget, we're a business here.

Elize: Milla, are you okay?

Teepo: Aren't you feeling bad?

Milla: I feel good. In fact, I feel power surging all throughout my body.

Elize: Could it be...?

Teepo: The drug's already working?

Leia: Hey, didn't you say there was a drug to make your waist thinner?

Teepo: There was also a drug for bazongas!

Owner: Yes. The one for "bazongas" is this one.

Elize: Thank you.

Teepo: If I drink that, I'll be all bazongas~


Jiao: Oh no, Elize!

Wingul: Wait, Jiao!

Jiao: I have no choice. I'll use this mask to hide my identity.


Jiao: All of you, freeze!

Alvin: Damn it, the army!

Owner: The army?!

Jude: Do you mean Auj Oule's...

Jude: Erm... An Auj Oule... soldier...?

Leia: Why would a soldier wear a Teepo mask?

Alvin: No, I... was probably wrong.

Elize: Could you be Teepo's father?

Teepo: Daddy?!?!

Jiao: No way! I'm just... Yeah, I'm just a random masked passerby.

Alvin: A random masked passerby?

Jiao: When the tournament approaches, I walk around with a mask for advertisement.

Rowen: I have heard about such an occupation, but you must be...

Jiao: Yes, right. That's my occupation!

Jude: Milla?

Leia: You seem weird all of a sudden.

Milla: A simple masked passerby? Don't make me laugh.

Jude: Milla, do you know him?

Milla: Yes, I do.

Milla: You're... a spyrix!

Jude: Come again?

Jiao: What?

Milla: I must destroy all spyrixes. Fire Ball! How dare you dodge?!

Jude: Milla, calm down!

Milla: Silence! You're a spyrix too!

Owner: Miss, please don't destroy my shop!

Milla: You too!

Teepo: Something's wrong with Milla!

Elize: It was a bad drug after all.

Milla: This scarf is a spyrix too! And this mask!

Owner: My shop!

Leia: What should we do, Jude?

Jude: Don't ask me!

Milla: And this! And this! They're all spyrixes!

Rowen: Milla, come back to your senses!

Milla: That beard is a spyrix too.

Rowen: No, not my beard!

Milla: No need for pleading. Wind Lance!

Alvin: Hey now... Someone stop her.

Wingul: What on earth is this mess?

Alvin: Uh-oh, this time it must truly be the army...

Wingul: What? Is something wrong with my face?

Alvin: No, erm, you're... the army's... rappig?

Leia: A rappig this time?

Wingul: Do not think about it. It was inevitable. There is no deeper meaning.

Alvin: What was inevitable?

Jude: Auj Oule's soldiers are a bit...

Milla: What are you lot plotting? I bet you're spyrixes too.

Alvin: Hey, wait a sec, Lady Milla.

Milla: This place is filled with spyrixes. There is no end to it.

Jude: There aren't any spyrix here!

Wingul: You are not even able to stop your teammate's rampage. How pathetic.

Alvin: You say it like it's easy, but she's actually Maxwell and is super str―

Milla: All beginnings must end. Let it be by my hand!

Leia: Wait, isn't that...

Alvin: No way!

Wingul: Masked man, the shop owner.

Jiao: Got it.

Elize: Masked passerbys, it's dangerous!

Teepo: Rappig guy, run!

Milla: Elemental Mastery! This is the power of Maxwell!

Wingul: Fool. An enormous arte has no meaning if it doesn't hit. And one used when you've lost your composure has no chance of hitting us. Checkmate.

Milla: I was beaten... by a rappig...

Jude: Milla!

Elize: Milla!

Wingul: Have no fear. I simply knocked her out.


Owner: I don't know who you are, but you have my thanks.

Jiao: Your shop is toast, though.

Owner: You lot have better pay for the reparations.

Leia: We're sorry.

Rowen: How much will it be?

Owner: Something like 20,000,000 Gald.

Jude: Twenty million?

Alvin: That's preposterous!

Teepo: Devil! Monster!

Elize: We don't have that much money.

Wingul: There is no need to pay. It is your drug that caused all this.

Owner: Hey, rappig guy, what are you talking about? Also that mask is mine. Pay for it.

Wingul: This shop was doing business without a permit.

Owner: How do you know that?

Wingul: We are with the army.

Jiao: I know we don't look very convincing, but it's true.

Owner: You're with the army too? Weren't you just a random masked passerby?

Jiao: You would have tried to hide the evidence if we'd told the truth.

Wingul: In the end, it was destroyed along with the shop.

Alvin: So... What are we supposed to do?

Wingul: You are still the ones who caused the damage. As primary witnesses―

Presa: Wait!

Teepo: Wow, those bazongas look good on me.

Elize: Are you Teepo's mommy?

Presa: No way. I'm just a random masked soldier.


Wingul: Why did you get involved?

Presa: I didn't have a choice! More importantly, Maxwell has to be left alone. His Highness's orders.

Jiao: His Highness is here?

Presa: He went to visit the arena.

Wingul: Alone?

Presa: He said he didn't need an escort.

Wingul: Don't listen to him.


Wingul: My apologies. Pay us no heed.

Presa: You lot can go home.

Jude: But we destroyed this place...

Wingul: This shop was doing illegal business. We will therefore overlook your rampage. Just for this time, though.

Presa: That's how it is. You're fighting in the competition, aren't you? Go back to your inn and rest.

Jiao: Don't get hurt.

Leia: Looks like... we're free to go?

Jude: They're really strange soldiers.

Elize: Milla's not waking up. What should we do?

Alvin: I'll carry her. It's better she doesn't wake up and destroy something again.

Leia: I wonder if that drug actually worked, in the end...

Jude: Good question. Her artes didn't seem different than usual.

Teepo: Let's ask her when she wakes up.

Rowen: Mr. Rappig, could you be...

Wingul: Rowen J. Ilbert. It would be uncouth to reveal the identity of someone hiding behind a mask.

Presa: We are just random masked soldiers. You should leave it at that.

Rowen: Understood. I will stick to that version.

Jiao: Tell the little miss to take care.


Owner: So... What's going to happen to my shop?

Wingul: We've heard that aside from drugs, this shop was famous for its artistic dumplings. Is that true?

Owner: Yeah, well...

Wingul: We shall order a sample, then. If you comply with our request, we will not arrest you for doing business illegally.

Owner: But my tools have just been destroyed...

Jiao: You got what you deserved. I don't want to hear excuses.

Owner: It hurts... It hurts...

Presa: Pathetic. Can't you cry more convincingly?

Wingul: Do not worry about your tools or workplace. I have prepared an atelier. If you need anything else, just ask the person in charge.

Jiao: As long as what you need doesn't involve poaching, of course.

Owner: Of course not. But... I won't ask for twenty million, but there will be expenses... Also... I used a mold to make the dumplings' shape. I will need materials to make one again...

Wingul: Maybe we should have made them pay a little...

Presa: It's too late to regret now.


Wingul: Your Highness. Do you have a moment?

Gaius: Oh, Wingul. The fact that you are asking for my time tells me your business is not about Rashugal, is it?

Wingul: Indeed.

Gaius: Good. Talk.

Wingul: The goods we have been trying to improve for a long time have finally been perfected.

Gaius: Ah, that one. So?

Wingul: Have a look.

Presa: They're adorable.

Jiao: Still as funny-looking as ever. But we can recognize His Highness this time.

Presa: Yes, the previous dumplings didn't hold their form for long so it was hard to tell. They wouldn't have helped improve His Highness's image.

Gaius: They have a crunchy texture. Yet they are not lacking in softness. And that sour layer piercing through the sweetness... It's not just the form; the taste has improved as well. There is no doubt that this will be loved not only in Kanbalar but in the whole of Rieze Maxia.

Wingul: Can we begin distribution, then?

Gaius: Permission granted.

Wingul: Understood. Your Highness, I was thinking of creating a CM song to promote those dumplings.

Gaius: Do we need to go that far?

Wingul: I believe that the recognition brought by the CM song can also contribute to your image in general.

Gaius: I will decide if I grant the song permission or not after I have heard it.

Wingul: I will then submit the lyrics to you later.

Presa: I'll take an extra one, okay?

Wingul: Presa?

Presa: I received news from Agria. I'm going to Fennmont.

Wingul: I see.

Jiao: That's a nice souvenir.

Presa: Let's go grab drinks when I come back.

Next round's on you, right?

Jiao: Of course. I meant what I said.

Wingul: I will join you this time.

Presa: My, how unusual. What about your work?

Wingul: His Highness has ordered me to take a break from time to time.

Gaius: If I don't order him to rest, he's the type to forget to eat and sleep while he's working. It is better to take a few breaks in case of an emergency.

Wingul: Pardon me, but I could say the same―

Gaius: I did not hear your answer.

Wingul: Yes, Your Highness.

Presa: Well then, till next time. We'll all go together, all right?

Drama CD Tales Ring Xillia C86

Track #1: The Chimeriad and the Hot Springs Inn (1)

Presa: I'm sorry for the wait.

Agria: You're late! Were you busy doing perverted stuff again?

Presa: I had to make a report to His Highness. So? What's our mission this time, Wingul?

Wingul: According to Agria, there is movement among the frontier tribes.

Presa: Are you sure of that?

Agria: 'Course. There's no mistake in the intel I got.

Jiao: But I thought Auj Oule's unity had grown stronger thanks to His Highness. Could you have misunderstood?

Agria: Hey. Are you calling me a liar?

Presa: Agria, stop taking everything personally.

Agria: Who's taking what—

Wingul: Our country is still young. His Highness may be highly charismatic, but that does not mean rebels do not exist. Those tribe chiefs will soon hold a secret meeting, which is what we are going to investigate.

Agria: In other words, we're going on an infiltration mission.

Jiao: Hmm? "We?"

Wingul: Yes. The whole Chimeriad will work together this time.

Presa: I understand the mission, but is there a reason why the four of us need to act?

Wingul: His Highness' orders.

Presa: His Highness'?

Wingul: It might seem minor now, but a single leak can sink a great ship. It'd be even more serious if it turned out Nachtigal was behind it. I have also advised His Highness to think carefully.

Presa: Nachtigal, huh...

Agria: I told you I could do it on my own.

Jiao: I see you're eager, Agria.

Agria: Heh. Of course I am, we're following His Highness' orders.

Presa: So? What kind of place will we infiltrate?

Wingul: A hot springs inn.

Presa&Jiao: What?

Agria: Their sketchy meeting will take place at a hot springs inn. I didn't get the date, though.

Wingul: We will therefore infiltrate the inn and wait for that moment.

Jiao: I see. Then it's easy. We just have to pretend to be customers at the inn.

Presa: Jiao, don't tell me you're hoping to relax in the hot springs until the meeting?

Jiao: Ha ha ha, you've got me. That said, we've been on hard missions constantly these days. It wouldn't be a bad thing to rest our spirits in hot springs from time to time.

Agria: If we go as customers, we won't be able to enter their rooms, you doofus.

Jiao: Agria, don't you know the saying "make haste slowly?"

Agria: Ah dang, here he goes again. I don't need a fricking lecture.

Presa: Be quiet for a moment, you two. We're getting nowhere.

Wingul: I have already made arrangements for us to enter the inn as staff. It should go without saying, but...

Agria: "Don't get caught," right? Ha, as if!

Presa: We'll be using fake names, right? What will they be?

Wingul: We shall pick ordinary, plain-sounding names that do not draw attention.

Jiao: I'm not sure I can memorize four plain ordinary names...

Agria: How about "Pops", "Hag" and "Nerd"?

Wingul: Just making sure, is "Nerd" supposed to be for me, Agria?

Agria: Who else? If ya don't like it, I can always call you "Lin."

Presa: Then I'm going to call you "Nadia" to be consistant.

Agria: Bitch, are you testing me?

Jiao: Let's forget about the old names.

Wingul: Yes, let's. I would rather not change names at all.

Presa: I agree with you.

Agria: Who cares, as long as we don't get caught.

Presa: You act like it's easy, but are you sure you can work with customers? You'd better not start insulting them.

Agria: Idiot, it'll be a piece of cake. I'll show you how to do it. *laugh*


Man: Here we are. I didn't think we'd have to walk so much.

Man: But it's a calm and relaxing inn. Their customer service is also very good.

Man: I'm looking forward to it.

Man: Excuse me! I've made a reservation.

Man: Huh? Is no one there? Excuse me!

Agria: *ominous laugh* So you've come, customer.

Man: Erm, we... We're...

Agria: You're customers, right?

Man: Yes.

Agria: So don't just stand there like a moron and pass me your luggage already.

Presa: Agria!

Agria: Ouch. What'cha doing, hag?

Presa: You sound like you're trying to rob them. They're afraid of you.

Agria: I was gonna do them a service and bring it to their room.

Man: Excuse me...

Presa (sweetly): I'm soooo sorry for the wait. Welcome to our establishment. Let me take care of your luggage.

Man: Y-Yes, thank you...

Presa (sweetly): Could I ask you to write your names in the registry, please?

Man: Sure.

Presa (sweetly): Where are you coming from?

Man: F-From Kanbalar.

Presa (sweetly): My! The city famous for its mountain slidecars? You've come such a long way! We've prepared a room with a wonderful view. Please enjoy your stay.

Agria: She barged in for no reason. I was doing just fine. What are the others doing? If they're complaining about the work, I'll just pinch them.


Wingul: Sir.

Manager: What is it, Wingul?

Wingul: I was looking over your ledger and noticed that your expense calculations do not match here.

Manager: Let me see. You're right. That's strange.

Wingul: It seems that the figures you wrote down for the butcher's bill are wrong.

Manager: Indeed. If we fix it, the total matches.

Wingul: And this item... If you file it under expenses, you will have to pay less tax. If I'm calculating correctly, you will be able to save 38,000 gald a year.

Manager: I see, I see! I'm so glad to have entrusted the accounts to you. You're a great help.


Jiao: There we go. Is it fine here?

Housekeeper: Thank you so much, Jiao. Drying futon is always the hardest part for me. And you even carried them all at once! You're so strong!

Jiao: It's nothing. As you can see, I'm fit for physical labor. Don't hesitate to put me to the task. Well then, I'll bring the futon from the annex.

Housekeeper: Please do.

Jiao: But since the corridors are narrow, I'll discreetly go through the inner garden.

Housekeeper: It's not the corridor that's narrow, it's you who are big!

Jiao: That's true.

Both: *laugh*


Presa: Our room is pretty small. Jiao, can you move a bit?

Jiao: Sorry 'bout that.

Agria: I see no difference. Couldn't you get us something better?

Wingul: This was the only empty staff room. Don't complain.

Presa: It's all right. The four of us suddenly came after all. We're just lucky to have a room at all. There. Tea is ready.

Jiao: Thanks, Presa.

Wingul: Thank you.

All: *sigh*

Wingul: So, what can you report? I hope you didn't raise anyone's suspicion.

Agria: Why are y'all looking at me?

Presa: Agria, don't you get it?

Agria: I don't wanna hear any lecture. I did my job just fine.

Wingul: Yet the manager came to me and asked if you could act more agreeable.

Agria: I'm gonna kick his ass!

Jiao: Hmm… I think customer service is a bit hard for Agria.

Presa: Agreed. We should find her a job at the back. Like wood chopping or something.

Agria: Wood chopping? There's no way I can do something so bor—

Presa: Oh dear. Should I report that to His Highness?

Wingul: Wait, Presa. It is too early to draw conclusions.

Presa: Wingul?

Agria: Hear that, dumbass?

Wingul: There are ways to turn a bad move into a good one.

Agria: What?

Presa: Good thing he's got your back, huh?

Jiao: I don't think we should torment her for it, but people all have their strong and weak suits.

Agria: Not you too!

Wingul: I have a plan. Let us wait a bit.

Agria: Aah, whatever.


Man: Excuse me!

Presa (sweetly): Welcome! Please come in.

Man: Say...

Presa (sweetly): How may I help you?

Man: Well... I've heard a rumor that you have an eccentric waitress or something.

Presa: An eccentric waitress?

Agria: A new guest! There you are!

Man: Could you be...?

Agria: Got a problem?

Man: The rumored warm-hearted waitress!

Presa: Huh?

Agria: The heck are you talking about? Whatever, hand over your luggage already. I'll bring it to your room.

Man: Y-Yes, ma'am!

Presa: What was that about?

Wingul: I see it went well.

Presa: What have you done?

Wingul: I spread a little rumor around about a rude but actually sensitive and warm-hearted waitress serving at this inn.

Presa: This will raise customers' satisfaction. How did you come up with that?

Wingul: Whatever the truth may be, people are weak to these kinds of stories. The more they talk about her, the more people will come to this inn. You know how it works.

Presa: I don't see what you're talking about.

Wingul: Do not misunderstand me. I value your ability to manipulate people.

Presa: You have a way with words. It's a little scary.

Track #2: The Chimeriad and the Hot Springs Inn (2)

Wingul: A while has passed since we've entered this inn. I have an important report to make.

Jiao: What is it, Wingul?

Wingul: This inn's revenues have risen by 30% since we came.

Presa: That's pretty good.

Jiao: It's doing well.

Agria: This shouldn't be a surprise since we've been busting our asses off. But what does this have to do with our mission?

Wingul: It's got a lot to do with it. The manager and other employees used to look at us suspiciously.

Jiao: Well, four newcomers at the same time would definitely raise eyebrows.

Presa: We didn't even try to pretend we didn't know each other.

Wingul: However, as revenues are increasing, they are starting to accept us as regular employees. Furthermore, the manager is pleased by how Agria is attracting customers.

Agria: That's all the fruit of my ability. Did you hear that, granny?

Presa: I heard it well.

Wingul: But we cannot become complacent. We must aim for an even greater increase. I want us to strengthen our bases. If you have a good idea, I will suggest it to the manager.

Jiao: Let's see... Actually, this inn's cooking is a little ordinary. The hot springs are wonderful on their own, but this inn could offer a special meal.

Presa: He's right. If they improve their menu, they might be able to draw more young women.

Agria: To attract stupid girls, wouldn't sweets be good? Ha ha ha ha ha.

Wingul: I see. I will relay your suggestion along with mine.

Presa: What's yours?

Wingul: A jingle.

All: A jingle!?

Wingul: I will write a jingle for this inn to promote its appeal to a larger audience.

Presa: You had the same idea for His Highness' dumplings. You really like that stuff, don't you?

Wingul: It's not a matter of preference, but of efficiency. This is the fastest way to attract sales from a wider area. Its economic advantages are tremendous.

Agria: Whatever. But are you sure you'll have enough time to do it?

Wingul: I have already written the lyrics. The musical arrangement shouldn't take long.

Jiao: As expected from Wingul. You're always well-prepared, aren't you?


Leia: So this is it. The building looks old, but it feels welcoming.

Teepo: That's my first time at a hot spring!

Elize: I'm so excited.

Rowen: This inn seems to be popular even in the capital. It even has a jingle that strangely gets stuck in your mind.

Milla: Humans come so far up in the mountains just to soak in hot water. Is it really worth the effort?  Jude: It may just be hot water, but hot springs have several benefits. It works for illnesses and injuries—

Alvin: So basically... Hot springs have their own unique fun. Don't they, honor student?

Jude: Yeah.

Alvin: Seeing is believing, they say. Well, you'll see once inside.

Milla: Is that so? All right, let's experience this.

Jude: Let's go in. Excuse me!

Presa: Coming! Welcome, welcome. Please come in.

Jude: Thank you. This is a lovely inn. It looks very relaxing... hum...

Presa: You?!

Jude: P-Presa?

Presa: What are you doing here?

Jude: How about you?

Alvin: I thought I'd heard a sexy voice, and there you are.

Presa: Al? You all... Don't tell me you knew we were here and...

Alvin: It's just a coincidence. Our old man suddenly hurt his hip. We just thought we should have him relax in hot springs for a while. Right?

Rowen: Oh dear, getting old is so inconvenient.

Presa: And yet he's standing straight like he's completely fine.

Leia: Well... Actually, we heard a rumor about a beautiful waitress.

Elize: So they said we should go together.

Teepo: Men are so perverted.

Jude: I didn't say anything like that.

Rowen: By the way, Presa, you said "we" earlier. Does that mean the other Chimeriad are here as well?

Presa: Oh my, did you think I would just answer that?

Agria: Shut up. We can hear you from down the—

Leia: Woah! Agria!

Agria: You...!

Presa: One trouble after another.

Agria: The heck is going on? Explain.

Milla: What's wrong? How long do we have to wait before check-in?

Agria: Maxwell?

Milla: You...

Teepo: I don't like the mood.

Elize: Everyone is making scary faces.

Leia: Jude, we'll just end up bothering the other guests.

Jude: I know. Let's go somewhere else to talk, okay?


Milla: So in short, you're just here to work?

Agria: Can't you see? Don't make me repeat myself.

Rowen: Your outfit does indeed not look like something you would wear to battle.

Alvin: Suits you well.

Agria: Shut your mouth.

Presa: If you understand, then stop interrupting our work.

Leia: We didn't mean to interrupt. We're just curious why you're working here.

Elize: Could it be...

Teepo: Agria and Presa...

Leia: ...got fired from the Chimeriad and changed jobs?

Agria: Of course not, you moron.

Jude: So you're here on an official mission as Gaius' subordinates?

Alvin: Stop it, Jude. If you pry too much, that scary lady will punish you.

Presa: Hey, you...

Rowen: I must say I am curious about your mission.

Milla: If we need to, we will use force to make you talk.

Agria: If that's what you want!

Alvin: Hey, no joke.

Jiao: What's going on? You're really noisy.

Wingul: Conductor Ilbert, what are you doing here?

Rowen: Allow me to return the question, Wingul.

 Elize: Even the big guy...

Jiao: Hm? Elize...

Teepo: Even you got fired? Life is so harsh.

Jiao: What?

Jude: Oh no, it's getting too complicated.

Alvin: Good luck, Jude. Isn't making sense of that kind of stuff your strong suit?

Jude: Don't say that.

Rowen: Well, well. It looks like the Chimeriad have their reason. And we only came here as customers, after all. How about a truce? For the sake of my lower back.

Agria: What are you babbling about, gramps? We can settle our scores here.

Jiao: Wait, Agria.

Agria: What? ...Ugh, don't lift me. Let me down!

Jiao: Stop struggling, it'll be over soon.

Wingul: Fine. We shall heed Sir Ilbert's suggestion.

Agria: What? Are you serious?

Wingul: Think about the other guests. Causing a ruckus is inadvisable.

Presa: As much as it pains me to say, Wingul is right.

Wingul: For now... We shall act as employees and customers. I am counting on your discretion.

Agria: Hey, wait, Wingul!

Presa: Well then, let's go back to work. Welcome everyone, I'm so sorry for the wait~

Leia: Y-Yeah? Thank... you...?

Presa: You too.

Agria: Welcome.

Alvin: Did you see her face, Elize?

Elize: Agria's eyes aren't smiling.

Agria: Anyway just let me down, you big oaf!

Jiao: That kick was quite effective.

Teepo: Why do you look happy?

Rowen: Now we can relax in the hot springs.

Milla: Although weird things are happening. Jude, could this be the hot springs' unique fun that Alvin was talking about?

Jude: Erm... I don't really know either... *nervous laugh*

Track #3: The Chimeriad and the Hot Springs Inn (3)

Rowen: These hot springs live up to the rumors. I am in heaven.
Alvin: Wouldn't you be happier if they were mixed baths, Jude?
Jude: Stop teasing me.
Rowen: I must say I was surprised to run into the Chimeriad in a place we visited to rest.
Jude: They seem to be on some mission, but I wonder what it is. They didn't seem dangerous.
Alvin: Isn't that because you always try to see the good in people?
Jude: That's not it! Anyway, it didn't seem like they were here to cause trouble.
Rowen: Maybe they actually came here to rest as well.
Alvin: In that case, they would have come as customers.
Rowen: I don't think they would have chosen their current lifestyle if they could just do that on a whim.
Alvin: Poor them.
Jude: Are you done?
Alvin: No, I'm just gonna check out the open-air bath. You two can just relax here.
Jude: I didn't know Alvin liked hot springs so much.
Rowen: Or maybe he has a reason he wants to be alone.

Alvin: Excuse me.
Presa: How can I help you?
Alvin: There's something I'd like to ask.
Presa: I won't answer.
Alvin: Hey now, I'm the customer here. You should hear me out.
Presa: Stop joking.
Alvin: I'm not. We're just passing guests and inn staff, remember? Let's be friends, like the old man said.
Presa: What do you want?
Alvin: How can I get to the open-air bath?
Presa: Go down this hallway and take the last door to the left.
Alvin: Thanks. By the way, this yukata is a bit small... Don't you have a bigger one?
Presa: Understood, I will bring a larger one to the changing area.
Alvin: Please do, oh rumored pretty waitress.
Presa: As you wish.

Alvin: That was nice. Open-air baths are fun to use from time to time. Oh, Presa did bring me a new yukata. EHH!? What the heck is that?

Agria: Why are they here?
Milla: Agria! Do you have a moment?
Agria: What? If it isn't old granny Maxwell!
Milla: Aren't we supposed to be employees and customers?
Agria: Lady Maxwell... Do you need something?
Milla: Yes. I see many intriguing objects in this room. I don't understand what they are for. I'd like you to tell me what this thing is.
Agria: You don't even know that?
Milla: Alvin told me he was going to teach me fun things to do here, so I was waiting for him, but... I saw him run off wearing a floral yukata.
Agria: What the heck?
Milla: He looked very angry. Well, he is a man with many secrets; he must have his reasons. I was thinking of going back to my room, but will you teach me instead?
Agria: No way. Who would... No, wait.
Okay, I'll teach you.
Milla: Really? Thank you.
Agria: This is a game you play with this ball and paddle.
Milla: Oh? So all I have to do is hit the ball back, right?
Agria: Yes. If you can. *serves ball*
Milla: Wind Blade!
Agria: AAAAAH!!! What the heck are you doing?
Milla: I just hit the ball back... was that wrong?
Agria: I told you to use the paddle! Were you listening?
Milla: Oh, right. I forgot. Let's try again. *serves ball, which hits Agria's forehead* So we have to defeat the opponent with the ball, right?
Agria: Of course not. Why did you aim it straight at me?
You're supposed to make it bounce on the other side of the net.
Milla: I see. I didn't know about that rule. Humans come up with the most interesting things. All right. Like this?
Agria: You're slow on the uptake!

Jude: Hey, Rowen...
Rowen: What is it, Jude?
Jude: Look at Milla and Agria...
Rowen: Oh my, that's quite the match.
Jiao: Oh, you two. Good timing!
Jude: Jiao?
Jiao: We offer cold milk to guests who come out of the baths. Would you like some? It's refreshing when drunk in one go with a hand on your hip.
Jude: Thank you.
Jiao: We also have coffee milk and fruits milk.
Rowen: Milk is the best after a hot bath. Thank you very much.
Jiao: Put your hand on your hip and gulp it on one go. Here.
Jude: It's like Jiao is really an employee of this inn.
Rowen: Let's drink, Jude. Milk has a special taste after a bath.

Milla: Is that all?
Agria: Damn it! One more! I won't let you run!

Elize: Leia, eavesdropping is bad.
Leia: I know, but Agria and the others are probably planning something. I'm worried.
Teepo: Leia's the most worrisome here.
Elize: Teepo!
Leia: Okay, this is the room. Juuust a bit.

Agria: I'm beat. Why did I have to play with Maxwell?
Presa: Don't complain. That's part of your job.
Jiao: By the way, I saw Alvin running around wearing a woman's yukata. He has strange hobbies...
Presa: Don't worry about him. He's like that when he goes to hot springs.
Jiao: Really?
Wingul: Let's begin the meeting. The new menu Jiao came up with when he joined the kitchen staff is very popular.
Presa: That's true. A lot of women have been ordering it.
Wingul: Even the regulars are excited about it.
Jiao: I'm glad.
Wingul: And sales for the sweets menu Agria proposed are steadily increasing.
Agria: Naturally.
Presa: That was a good idea. Besides, the names you chose are very cute.
Jiao: Agria's good at picking up cute names.
Agria: Shut up, twit.
Presa: I've been wondering, wouldn't it be possible to give people who don't spend the night access to the hot springs? If they enjoy it, they might book a room next time.
Jiao: I see. In that case, how about offering an option with lunch?
Agria: Like just a footbath?
Wingul: Good idea. I will submit a new plan to the owner.

Elize: They're all talking about their job seriously.
Teepo: They work better than Leia.
Leia: It's frustrating, but I can't argue.
Elize: Maybe they could even work at your inn.
Teepo: It'd be like a dream competition.
Leia: All right! But I won't lose!
Teepo: She's serious about it.
Elize: That would be really nice.

Track #4: The Chimeriad and the Hot Springs Inn (4)

Agria: What's up, Wingul? Why did you suddenly call us?
Jiao: Was there a complaint?
Presa: Is it about that mysterious peeping tom?
Agria: You found him?
Wingul: No. I have called you but for one reason: The secret meeting will take place tomorrow, at long last.
Presa: I see. The end is near.
Agria: Finally! I thought I was gonna die of boredom.
Jiao: Wingul, do you know what time it will take place?
Wingul: I checked in the guest registry. It will take place at noon. I want you to act as planned. However, a problem has arisen...
All: A problem?

Man: You sharp eye is impressive, Mr Rowen. You could tell that plate's value with just a glance.
Rowen: You flatter me. I just noticed that it was of different quality than the others.
Man: Don't be modest! Mr Alvin, your grandfather is quite humble.
Alvin: Yeah. He's always babbling about old stuff though, so he's hard to handle.
Man: Little miss, don't hide in the corner and come eat some sweets.
Elize: I-I...
Alvin: Sorry, my sister is a bit shy. Elize, come sit next to me. The seat is free.
Elize: Okay, just for a little bit...
Teepo: I'll bite you if you do anything funny!
Man: Oh, how does this doll talk?
Milla: Bad things will happen to you if you learn the truth. Are you sure you want to know?
Jude: Milla, don't eat so much at once!

Presa: What's going on here? And why are they putting on an act?
Agria: Don't ask me.
Man: Waitress, could you get me some tea, please?
Presa: Of course, sir!
Leia: Here is your tea. Please drink it while it is warm.
Presa: Hey, what are you doing?
Leia: Well, I just kinda... ended up helping.
Presa: Helping?!
Milla: Leia, tea, please.
Leia: Right! Here you are!
Jude: I'm sorry, Presa. We met those guys in the hot springs. We just started talking, and here we are.
Presa: I heard about it, but I didn't expect such a big party.
Agria: Well I guess lazy bums stick together.
Leia: Why do you have to put it like that?
Agria: I wasn't talking to you, pimple.
Leia: You're a meanie!

Presa: Agria! It's become more troublesome than expected.
Agria: The heck are Wingul and Jiao doing?
Presa: They said they had something to check. We don't have time to theorize about their absense. Let's execute our strategy.
Agria: What strategy?
Presa: Let's casually join their conversation. That's our only way to approach our target and gain information.
Agria: Join them? There? No way!
Man: Hey, waitress!
Presa: Coming! Here's our chance, Agria!
Agria: Woah.

Milla: I was surprised when I experienced it for myself. I'd heard that naked bonding experiences had a positive effect on human relationships but I didn't expect it to be so intense.
Leia: I wish we met someone in the women's bath too.
Rowen: You're always welcome to join us in the men's bath.
Man: Ha ha ha. Indeed. That would be true heaven.
Agria: Want me to take you to heaven?
Leia: Huh? Agria!
Man: That's... Well, you know, men have dreams.
How about it? Would you wash my back next time?
Agria: Huh?
Man: Wait, that could be construed as sexual harassment. What are you saying?
Man: This girl is so plain I'm the one who feels harassed.
Agria: Who are you calling plain?
Alvin: Hey, isn't this bad?
Teepo: I can see a dark aura.
Agria: You! Try saying that again.
Man: Did I offend you? Sorry, sorry. Even if you're plain, you are a wonderful lady.
Agria: Huh huh, I see, you really want to go to heaven. As you wish, I will—ouch!
Presa: Tee hee. My apologies. I will scold her properly later.
Agria: You!
Man: No need. It's unusual to find so many beauties in the same place. We got overexcited.
Leia: Did you hear that? He called us beauties!
Teepo: You're gonna make me blush.
Agria: He obviously wasn't talking about you.
Man: You're all so lively and fun.
Presa: Is that so? By the way... I have been wondering for a while, but may I ask what all those sweets are for?
Man: These are our new samples. We made them ourselves.
Presa: Samples? That you made yourselves?
Man: Right! How about telling them about it?
Man: Good idea. In truth, there is a favor we would like to ask you.
Agria: What now? It better not be stupid, or I'll kill you.
Man: We cannot really say it out loud, but we are part of a secret plot.
Presa: A secret plot?
Man: Yes. So please keep it between us.
Man: We... need young women!!
Agria: Die!
Man: Wait, let me explain!
Rowen: Calm down, Agria.
Agria: Out of the way, gramps! Are you trying to defend the pervs?
Rowen: That's not it. They just want to talk to women.
Agria: Huh?
Man: Yes! Mr Rowen is right! We need young ladies opinions more than anything!
Presa: Young ladies? Then, do you mean...
Agria: Not you, obviously.
Presa: Why you... Al, why are you laughing?
Alvin: Nooo, I just thought you look cute when you get flustered.
Jude: It's not new, but...
Milla: Indeed. Alvin's idle joking is impressive as ever.
Elize: It's the worst.
Teepo: Go get stabbed!
Man: No, no, age has nothing to do with it. We just want various women's opinions. So you see... Yes...
Man: Women's buying power is not to be underestimated.

Presa: So, what is this about?
Man: Well, to make it short, we come from Auj Oule's remote tribes. We are currently developing a new special product and are sharing opinions with other tribes.
Agria: Sharing opinions?
Man: Exactly.
Man: You know how Gaius Dumplings are famous in Kanbalar? We heard they brought many tourists to the city. So we got off our butts and started thinking. We want our products to become as popular in Auj Oule.
Presa: Oh, so that's what it was about.
Milla: What did you think it was?
Presa: Nothing.
Agria: This is so misleading. You could have been clear from the start!
Man: No way. What if someone stole our idea? That's why we're pretending to have a boring business meeting. You never know who might be a spy.
Man: Now you understand, please try a sample. Come here.
Agria: Huh? Stop it! Let me go!
Man: We have Gaius Wafers, Gaius Crackers, Gaius Bean Paste, Gaius Cakes and Gaius Jelly.
Agria: They're all imitations! And don't just go using His Highness' name! Since we are competing against Gaius Dumplings, we need to give it an official flair. We are sure it tastes good. Please have a bite.

Wingul: As I thought, they were planning on developing a new product.
Jiao: Yes, just like you said.
Presa: You two, how long have you been watching?
Jiao: A while. - Presa: Then you could have...
Actually, if you knew, you should have told us.
Wingul: I apologize. It took us some time to get confirmation.
Jiao: The information Agria gathered raised many questions.
Presa: I don't believe you. Wingul, I know you had another objective.
Wingul: Remote tribes are not easy to supervise from the capital. Observing their relationship during this meeting will prove very insightful for our country's future.
Presa: I knew it.
Wingul: Besides, I was able to persuade a chief. He will be our eyes and ears from now on. Are you now satisfied?
Presa: Yes, very. You're a really shrewd man.
Jiao: Presa, are you angry?
Presa: I'm just going to fix my make-up.
Jiao: Sorry, Wingul. Thanks for agreeing to my selfish request.
Wingul: I don't know what you're talking about.
Jiao: No need to pretend. It's because I said we should rest that you arranged for our stay to last.
Wingul: You think too highly of me. As I said, it just took me some time to investigate. That is all.
Jiao: All right, if you say so.
Wingul: We can come back anytime. Though next time we should come as guests.
Jiao: Next time, huh... Right... That would be fun.

Agria: Dang it, when did "compete against Gaius Dumplings" become "compete against Gaius"? Damn it, go to hell!
Jiao: Calm down, Agria. Why don't you try this sample and see if it improves your mood?
Agria: Don't try to distract me with sweets.
Jiao: Don't say that. This dango looks delicious.
Agria: What? The color's weird.
Man: Aah, that's...
Agria: Yuck! What the heck?
Man: Heart leaf-flavored Gaius Dango. We thought it'd be popular with healthy people. It's good for your health, but the taste...
Agria: Who came up with that?
Jiao: Sorry, Agria. What about this wafer?
Man: I'm proud of that one.
Agria: Wha... Seriously, this is weirder than the other one.
Man: Really? To appeal to youngsters, we came up with this cream croquette-flavored Gaius Wafer.
Agria: Who the heck would eat that? Are even you taking this seriously?
Man: Then, how about this fruits yakisoba-flavored Gaius Bean Paste?
Agria: Enough! If you don't stop fooling around, I'm gonna beat you to a pulp.

Presa: How carefree. Looks like the remote tribes will not be a problem after all.
Wingul: I shall write a report to His Highness. Along with a proposition for new products.