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Tales of Xillia Drama CD

Comic Market 85

Subbed by Yume and DimensionSlip

Comic Market 86
Subbed by Yume
Drama CD Tales Ring Xillia C86

Track #1: The Chimeriad and the Hot Springs Inn (1)

Presa: I'm sorry for the wait.

Agria: You're late! Were you busy doing perverted stuff again?

Presa: I had to make a report to His Highness. So? What's our mission this time, Wingul?

Wingul: According to Agria, there is movement among the frontier tribes.

Presa: Are you sure of that?

Agria: 'Course. There's no mistake in the intel I got.

Jiao: But I thought Auj Oule's unity had grown stronger thanks to His Highness. Could you have misunderstood?

Agria: Hey. Are you calling me a liar?

Presa: Agria, stop taking everything personally.

Agria: Who's taking what—

Wingul: Our country is still young. His Highness may be highly charismatic, but that does not mean rebels do not exist. Those tribe chiefs will soon hold a secret meeting, which is what we are going to investigate.

Agria: In other words, we're going on an infiltration mission.

Jiao: Hmm? "We?"

Wingul: Yes. The whole Chimeriad will work together this time.

Presa: I understand the mission, but is there a reason why the four of us need to act?

Wingul: His Highness' orders.

Presa: His Highness'?

Wingul: It might seem minor now, but a single leak can sink a great ship. It'd be even more serious if it turned out Nachtigal was behind it. I have also advised His Highness to think carefully.

Presa: Nachtigal, huh...

Agria: I told you I could do it on my own.

Jiao: I see you're eager, Agria.

Agria: Heh. Of course I am, we're following His Highness' orders.

Presa: So? What kind of place will we infiltrate?

Wingul: A hot springs inn.

Presa&Jiao: What?

Agria: Their sketchy meeting will take place at a hot springs inn. I didn't get the date, though.

Wingul: We will therefore infiltrate the inn and wait for that moment.

Jiao: I see. Then it's easy. We just have to pretend to be customers at the inn.

Presa: Jiao, don't tell me you're hoping to relax in the hot springs until the meeting?

Jiao: Ha ha ha, you've got me. That said, we've been on hard missions constantly these days. It wouldn't be a bad thing to rest our spirits in hot springs from time to time.

Agria: If we go as customers, we won't be able to enter their rooms, you doofus.

Jiao: Agria, don't you know the saying "make haste slowly?"

Agria: Ah dang, here he goes again. I don't need a fricking lecture.

Presa: Be quiet for a moment, you two. We're getting nowhere.

Wingul: I have already made arrangements for us to enter the inn as staff. It should go without saying, but...

Agria: "Don't get caught," right? Ha, as if!

Presa: We'll be using fake names, right? What will they be?

Wingul: We shall pick ordinary, plain-sounding names that do not draw attention.

Jiao: I'm not sure I can memorize four plain ordinary names...

Agria: How about "Pops", "Hag" and "Nerd"?

Wingul: Just making sure, is "Nerd" supposed to be for me, Agria?

Agria: Who else? If ya don't like it, I can always call you "Lin."

Presa: Then I'm going to call you "Nadia" to be consistant.

Agria: Bitch, are you testing me?

Jiao: Let's forget about the old names.

Wingul: Yes, let's. I would rather not change names at all.

Presa: I agree with you.

Agria: Who cares, as long as we don't get caught.

Presa: You act like it's easy, but are you sure you can work with customers? You'd better not start insulting them.

Agria: Idiot, it'll be a piece of cake. I'll show you how to do it. *laugh*


Man: Here we are. I didn't think we'd have to walk so much.

Man: But it's a calm and relaxing inn. Their customer service is also very good.

Man: I'm looking forward to it.

Man: Excuse me! I've made a reservation.

Man: Huh? Is no one there? Excuse me!

Agria: *ominous laugh* So you've come, customer.

Man: Erm, we... We're...

Agria: You're customers, right?

Man: Yes.

Agria: So don't just stand there like a moron and pass me your luggage already.

Presa: Agria!

Agria: Ouch. What'cha doing, hag?

Presa: You sound like you're trying to rob them. They're afraid of you.

Agria: I was gonna do them a service and bring it to their room.

Man: Excuse me...

Presa (sweetly): I'm soooo sorry for the wait. Welcome to our establishment. Let me take care of your luggage.

Man: Y-Yes, thank you...

Presa (sweetly): Could I ask you to write your names in the registry, please?

Man: Sure.

Presa (sweetly): Where are you coming from?

Man: F-From Kanbalar.

Presa (sweetly): My! The city famous for its mountain slidecars? You've come such a long way! We've prepared a room with a wonderful view. Please enjoy your stay.

Agria: She barged in for no reason. I was doing just fine. What are the others doing? If they're complaining about the work, I'll just pinch them.


Wingul: Sir.

Manager: What is it, Wingul?

Wingul: I was looking over your ledger and noticed that your expense calculations do not match here.

Manager: Let me see. You're right. That's strange.

Wingul: It seems that the figures you wrote down for the butcher's bill are wrong.

Manager: Indeed. If we fix it, the total matches.

Wingul: And this item... If you file it under expenses, you will have to pay less tax. If I'm calculating correctly, you will be able to save 38,000 gald a year.

Manager: I see, I see! I'm so glad to have entrusted the accounts to you. You're a great help.


Jiao: There we go. Is it fine here?

Housekeeper: Thank you so much, Jiao. Drying futon is always the hardest part for me. And you even carried them all at once! You're so strong!

Jiao: It's nothing. As you can see, I'm fit for physical labor. Don't hesitate to put me to the task. Well then, I'll bring the futon from the annex.

Housekeeper: Please do.

Jiao: But since the corridors are narrow, I'll discreetly go through the inner garden.

Housekeeper: It's not the corridor that's narrow, it's you who are big!

Jiao: That's true.

Both: *laugh*


Presa: Our room is pretty small. Jiao, can you move a bit?

Jiao: Sorry 'bout that.

Agria: I see no difference. Couldn't you get us something better?

Wingul: This was the only empty staff room. Don't complain.

Presa: It's all right. The four of us suddenly came after all. We're just lucky to have a room at all. There. Tea is ready.

Jiao: Thanks, Presa.

Wingul: Thank you.

All: *sigh*

Wingul: So, what can you report? I hope you didn't raise anyone's suspicion.

Agria: Why are y'all looking at me?

Presa: Agria, don't you get it?

Agria: I don't wanna hear any lecture. I did my job just fine.

Wingul: Yet the manager came to me and asked if you could act more agreeable.

Agria: I'm gonna kick his ass!

Jiao: Hmm… I think customer service is a bit hard for Agria.

Presa: Agreed. We should find her a job at the back. Like wood chopping or something.

Agria: Wood chopping? There's no way I can do something so bor—

Presa: Oh dear. Should I report that to His Highness?

Wingul: Wait, Presa. It is too early to draw conclusions.

Presa: Wingul?

Agria: Hear that, dumbass?

Wingul: There are ways to turn a bad move into a good one.

Agria: What?

Presa: Good thing he's got your back, huh?

Jiao: I don't think we should torment her for it, but people all have their strong and weak suits.

Agria: Not you too!

Wingul: I have a plan. Let us wait a bit.

Agria: Aah, whatever.


Man: Excuse me!

Presa (sweetly): Welcome! Please come in.

Man: Say...

Presa (sweetly): How may I help you?

Man: Well... I've heard a rumor that you have an eccentric waitress or something.

Presa: An eccentric waitress?

Agria: A new guest! There you are!

Man: Could you be...?

Agria: Got a problem?

Man: The rumored warm-hearted waitress!

Presa: Huh?

Agria: The heck are you talking about? Whatever, hand over your luggage already. I'll bring it to your room.

Man: Y-Yes, ma'am!

Presa: What was that about?

Wingul: I see it went well.

Presa: What have you done?

Wingul: I spread a little rumor around about a rude but actually sensitive and warm-hearted waitress serving at this inn.

Presa: This will raise customers' satisfaction. How did you come up with that?

Wingul: Whatever the truth may be, people are weak to these kinds of stories. The more they talk about her, the more people will come to this inn. You know how it works.

Presa: I don't see what you're talking about.

Wingul: Do not misunderstand me. I value your ability to manipulate people.

Presa: You have a way with words. It's a little scary.

Track #2: The Chimeriad and the Hot Springs Inn (2)

Wingul: A while has passed since we've entered this inn. I have an important report to make.

Jiao: What is it, Wingul?

Wingul: This inn's revenues have risen by 30% since we came.

Presa: That's pretty good.

Jiao: It's doing well.

Agria: This shouldn't be a surprise since we've been busting our asses off. But what does this have to do with our mission?

Wingul: It's got a lot to do with it. The manager and other employees used to look at us suspiciously.

Jiao: Well, four newcomers at the same time would definitely raise eyebrows.

Presa: We didn't even try to pretend we didn't know each other.

Wingul: However, as revenues are increasing, they are starting to accept us as regular employees. Furthermore, the manager is pleased by how Agria is attracting customers.

Agria: That's all the fruit of my ability. Did you hear that, granny?

Presa: I heard it well.

Wingul: But we cannot become complacent. We must aim for an even greater increase. I want us to strengthen our bases. If you have a good idea, I will suggest it to the manager.

Jiao: Let's see... Actually, this inn's cooking is a little ordinary. The hot springs are wonderful on their own, but this inn could offer a special meal.

Presa: He's right. If they improve their menu, they might be able to draw more young women.

Agria: To attract stupid girls, wouldn't sweets be good? Ha ha ha ha ha.

Wingul: I see. I will relay your suggestion along with mine.

Presa: What's yours?

Wingul: A jingle.

All: A jingle!?

Wingul: I will write a jingle for this inn to promote its appeal to a larger audience.

Presa: You had the same idea for His Highness' dumplings. You really like that stuff, don't you?

Wingul: It's not a matter of preference, but of efficiency. This is the fastest way to attract sales from a wider area. Its economic advantages are tremendous.

Agria: Whatever. But are you sure you'll have enough time to do it?

Wingul: I have already written the lyrics. The musical arrangement shouldn't take long.

Jiao: As expected from Wingul. You're always well-prepared, aren't you?


Leia: So this is it. The building looks old, but it feels welcoming.

Teepo: That's my first time at a hot spring!

Elize: I'm so excited.

Rowen: This inn seems to be popular even in the capital. It even has a jingle that strangely gets stuck in your mind.

Milla: Humans come so far up in the mountains just to soak in hot water. Is it really worth the effort?  Jude: It may just be hot water, but hot springs have several benefits. It works for illnesses and injuries—

Alvin: So basically... Hot springs have their own unique fun. Don't they, honor student?

Jude: Yeah.

Alvin: Seeing is believing, they say. Well, you'll see once inside.

Milla: Is that so? All right, let's experience this.

Jude: Let's go in. Excuse me!

Presa: Coming! Welcome, welcome. Please come in.

Jude: Thank you. This is a lovely inn. It looks very relaxing... hum...

Presa: You?!

Jude: P-Presa?

Presa: What are you doing here?

Jude: How about you?

Alvin: I thought I'd heard a sexy voice, and there you are.

Presa: Al? You all... Don't tell me you knew we were here and...

Alvin: It's just a coincidence. Our old man suddenly hurt his hip. We just thought we should have him relax in hot springs for a while. Right?

Rowen: Oh dear, getting old is so inconvenient.

Presa: And yet he's standing straight like he's completely fine.

Leia: Well... Actually, we heard a rumor about a beautiful waitress.

Elize: So they said we should go together.

Teepo: Men are so perverted.

Jude: I didn't say anything like that.

Rowen: By the way, Presa, you said "we" earlier. Does that mean the other Chimeriad are here as well?

Presa: Oh my, did you think I would just answer that?

Agria: Shut up. We can hear you from down the—

Leia: Woah! Agria!

Agria: You...!

Presa: One trouble after another.

Agria: The heck is going on? Explain.

Milla: What's wrong? How long do we have to wait before check-in?

Agria: Maxwell?

Milla: You...

Teepo: I don't like the mood.

Elize: Everyone is making scary faces.

Leia: Jude, we'll just end up bothering the other guests.

Jude: I know. Let's go somewhere else to talk, okay?


Milla: So in short, you're just here to work?

Agria: Can't you see? Don't make me repeat myself.

Rowen: Your outfit does indeed not look like something you would wear to battle.

Alvin: Suits you well.

Agria: Shut your mouth.

Presa: If you understand, then stop interrupting our work.

Leia: We didn't mean to interrupt. We're just curious why you're working here.

Elize: Could it be...

Teepo: Agria and Presa...

Leia: ...got fired from the Chimeriad and changed jobs?

Agria: Of course not, you moron.

Jude: So you're here on an official mission as Gaius' subordinates?

Alvin: Stop it, Jude. If you pry too much, that scary lady will punish you.

Presa: Hey, you...

Rowen: I must say I am curious about your mission.

Milla: If we need to, we will use force to make you talk.

Agria: If that's what you want!

Alvin: Hey, no joke.

Jiao: What's going on? You're really noisy.

Wingul: Conductor Ilbert, what are you doing here?

Rowen: Allow me to return the question, Wingul.

 Elize: Even the big guy...

Jiao: Hm? Elize...

Teepo: Even you got fired? Life is so harsh.

Jiao: What?

Jude: Oh no, it's getting too complicated.

Alvin: Good luck, Jude. Isn't making sense of that kind of stuff your strong suit?

Jude: Don't say that.

Rowen: Well, well. It looks like the Chimeriad have their reason. And we only came here as customers, after all. How about a truce? For the sake of my lower back.

Agria: What are you babbling about, gramps? We can settle our scores here.

Jiao: Wait, Agria.

Agria: What? ...Ugh, don't lift me. Let me down!

Jiao: Stop struggling, it'll be over soon.

Wingul: Fine. We shall heed Sir Ilbert's suggestion.

Agria: What? Are you serious?

Wingul: Think about the other guests. Causing a ruckus is inadvisable.

Presa: As much as it pains me to say, Wingul is right.

Wingul: For now... We shall act as employees and customers. I am counting on your discretion.

Agria: Hey, wait, Wingul!

Presa: Well then, let's go back to work. Welcome everyone, I'm so sorry for the wait~

Leia: Y-Yeah? Thank... you...?

Presa: You too.

Agria: Welcome.

Alvin: Did you see her face, Elize?

Elize: Agria's eyes aren't smiling.

Agria: Anyway just let me down, you big oaf!

Jiao: That kick was quite effective.

Teepo: Why do you look happy?

Rowen: Now we can relax in the hot springs.

Milla: Although weird things are happening. Jude, could this be the hot springs' unique fun that Alvin was talking about?

Jude: Erm... I don't really know either... *nervous laugh*