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Tales of Symphonia Glossary

アダマンタイト / Adamantite: A type of strengthened scrap diamond used for sharpening and polishing by Dwarves. There was a machine from the Kharlan War era that could produce it, housed in the Imperial Research Academy, which was fixed by Kratos.

アイオニトス / Aionis: A type of ore that can only be mined on Derris-Kharlan. Aionis can absorb the mana surrounding it and convert that mana into magical energy. Raine insisted that it was a fictional ore used to make “equipment of the gods” when the party initially heard of it.

千年王国 / Age of Half-Elves/Lifeless Beings: ALL GLORY TO THE GREAT AGE OF HALF-ELVES!!!!NOTE- The term was originally “Millennial Reign”, it may have been changed for being a Bible reference. 

古代大戦/古代戦争/ Ancient War: The Kharlan war fought between the countries of Sylvarant and Tethe’alla. started approximately 5,000 years ago and ended around 4,000 years ago. Excessive mana consumption during this timeframe caused the Great Kharlan Tree to wilt and die. !NOTE- I plotted out details of the war the best that could in my Aselia Timeline. The Tales of Symphonia part of Tales of Fandom 2 was written by ToS’ scenario writer and it goes into what Mithos and his group did during the war.

天使 / Angel: Members of Cruxis who use Cruxis Crystals. !NOTE- The majority of the Angels on Derris-Kharlan do not appear to be free-thinking. In ToF 2 it’s implied that Kratos took advantage of this to help the party gain a mana fragment and escape from Welgaia. It also implies that Kratos, Yuan, Mithos, and Martel were already Angels during the Kharlan War. Also, in the Kratos novel it is stated that weaker Angels have white feathered wings and the more powerful Angels with a better control of mana have colorful wings. It also states that Kratos can use his Cruxis Crystal to control his range of sight and hearing at will; which may be a quality that all key crested Angels that have mastered their abilities share.

守護天使 / Angel of Judgment: Remiel’s title. He specifically says “I am an angel of judgment. I am here to guide Colette, daughter of the mana lineage, on her journey to heaven as the seventh Chosen.” when he introduces himself in the localization. In Japanese, it literally means “guardian angel.”

天使疾患 / Angel Toxicosis: What Raine dubs Colette’s reaction to the Angel transformation.

天使言語 / Angelic Language: Kratos states “The angelic language is the basis for the language of this world. The grammar hasn’t changed significantly”. All of the books that Colette grew up reading, the spells on Key Crests, and lots of Cruxis related things are written in it.

エンジェルス計画 / Angelus Project: Kvar’s project to rediscover a method of producing Cruxis Crystals. The original method was lost after the Kharlan War. Kvar seemed to be the most active in the research side of this, Rodyle stole research from Kvar. Altessa, Kate, and Vharley were also involved. The known test subjects were Anna, Presea, and Alicia. Presea is the only known survivor and her Exsphere was still just an Exsphere when she got help.

エンジェルスエクスフィア / Angelus Project Exsphere: Lloyd’s Exsphere. His mother, Anna Irving, was its host body. It’s unique but reasons for it being unique aren’t really explained other than Yuan stating that it’s evolving, and Kratos suggesting that Lloyd has a special bond with it since his Mom had it on while she was Pregnant with him (in ToF 2). !NOTE- They really just said Angelus Project when referring to Lloyd’s Exsphere and the project itself, which was kind of confusing.

アスカードの石舞台/ Asgard Stone Dais Ruin: The stone stage in Asgard. Genis referred to it as “It’s the temple where Cleo III held a ritual to offer a sacrifice to the Summon Spirit of Wind in order to quell a storm that had raged for a week”. Raine mentioned that the stone is infused with a large amount of mana and does something at night. The fake summon spirit that it housed was implied to be a Centurion or under the influence of one in DotNW.

アストラル体 / Astral Body: Exspheres make it easier for the heart(soul) to separate from the body which sometimes results in an Astral Body. This happened with Chief Igaguri. Regal wondered if the same thing happened with Alicia but it wasn’t confirmed. !NOTE- I believe that Alicia and Mithos did that same thing that the Chief did. But since their physical body had died their Exspheres became their main link to the physical world.

自動人形 / Automated Doll: What Tabatha is. Tabatha considers herself to be a Lifeless Being like Exspheres, so I guess they could be chalked up as Lifeless Beings as well?

ボルトマンの術 / Boltzmans technique: A technique created by Boltzman, the founder of healing techniques, that proposed that people had another power aside from mana inside of themselves that could be used for healing. Boltzman died before it could be completed. !NOTE- I go more in-depth with that here.

再生の書/ Book of Regeneration: “The Book of Regeneration is a record of Spiritua’s journey. It is the only document containing detailed records of the world regeneration, and it is a precious heirloom passed down through the generations of Governor-Generals of Palmacosta.”

セルシウスの涙 / Celsius Tear: A Flower that grows in the Temple of Ice. It freezes anything that it touches and Penguinist Gloves are required to handle it.

神子 / Chosen: Members of the mana lineage with a mana signature the closest to Martel. They are given Cruxis Crystals when they’re born. In the declining world only girls are given this title and they must go on the Journey of Regeneration at the age of 16. In the flourishing world they are expected to marry who the Oracle tells them to marry, and have children to continue the line. Their family is kept scattered in order to prevent them from being wiped out if something bad happens. 

神子の宝珠 / Chosens Orb: Zelos’ Cruxis-Crystal.

永続天使性無機結晶症/ Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium: A rejection of the Cruxis Crystal that occurs in one in a million people. It causes the hosts body to slowly crystallize and turn into a Cruxis Crystal. It takes a few months for the skin to crystalize. After the skin crystalizes the disease will begin to spread to the host’s internal organs where it becomes fatal. It can be cured with a Rune Crest.!NOTE- In-game it’s implied that the Unicorn can also cure this disease but an actual, physical, Unicorn has to be the one to do it.

マーテル教 / Church of Martel: A cult that spreads the teaching of Martel. They have a kind of travel-worship, and manage several houses of salvation to host those who’ve chosen to take a pilgrimage.

クルシス / Cruxis: An organization made up almost entirely of half-elves that controls the worlds. They are actively working towards establishing an Age of Lifeless Beings, where people would live through their Exspheres, in order to end discrimination. The organization is composed of the Four Seraphim, the Angels, the Five Grand Cardinals, and the Desians. Regular people believe Cruxis to be an institution of heaven are not aware that is run by half-elves. At the end of the game Kratos took the survivors of the organization with him on Derris-Kharlan so that they could find a peaceful home.

クルシスの輝石/ Cruxis Crystal: An evolved form of Exsphere. It has the same qualities as an Exsphere with added abilities like granting the user wings and halting most life functions. The method of producing them is a lost art and Chosens are given leftover from the Ancient War. !NOTE- I get more in-depth with Cruxis Crystals and Exspheres in my article thing here.

魔族 /  Demons:  Creatures that originally populated the world before the Elves and Ratatosk moved there. They make frequent attempts to reclaim the land which is difficult for them since mana is like poison to their kind.

デリス・カーラーン / Derris-Kharlan: The original home of the Elves and Summon Spirits. It’s a comet composed of mana that used to pass around the world every 100 years. It’s being kept stationary and hidden by a barrier that Mithos created with the Eternal Sword. By the time that Lloyd gets ready to channel its mana to the Great Seed origin said that it had drifted too far away for that to be done. Lloyd manages to make it stop moving so that they can make use of its mana though. At the end of the game Kratos departs on Derris-Kharlan with the survivors of Cruxis, promising to release all of the Exspheres there into outer space. !NOTEI wrote an in-depth thing about Derris-Kharlan here.

ディザイアン / Desian: The lower rank of Cruxis. They are tasked with producing Exspheres and creating strife in the declining world. They have kill-quotas to prevent reducing the world’s population. Pretty much all of the actual members of the Desians are half-elves. The church refers to humans who resist Salvation or that sympathize with them as “The Fallen”. But I don’t believe that such people are actual members of the organization since that’s a description that more or less fits Vharley and Dorr. Additionally, it should be noted that the Desians believe that Cruxis is working towards a world where half-elves are on top. That is not the case however since Mithos seeks to eliminate race as a whole and turn everyone into a Lifeless Being. If the Desians knew that’s what the Exspheres they produced were for they likely wouldn’t be on Yggdrasill’s side.

竜観光 / Dragon Tours: An extremely convenient business run by a man who appeared at an extremely convenient time. All of his Dragons are flying two-seaters. So cute.

ドワーフの誓い / Dwarven Vows: The Dwarven moral code that Lloyd has a love-hate relationship with. “Since I was a child, I memorized one before each meal and was tested on it. And if I couldn’t say it, I didn’t get to eat”. Aw bby.

地球 / Earth: Name of the Symphonia world. !NOTE: They usually say “world” in-game.

エレメンタルカーゴ / Elemental Cargo:  I will go to my correspondent Presea for this one “Elemental Cargo, typically called EC. It’s a compact transport vehicle controlled by Exspheres. Its maximum load weight is 1400kg and maximum speed is more than three times faster than an upgraded Exsphere-equipped carriage. They are currently used primarily by shipping companies for delivery.” thank u presea. There was also a mention that is uses mana for propulsion. The party utilizes Undine’s power to make it surf. SURFIN’ CAR SURFIN’ CAR THERE IT GO THE SURFIN’ CAR.

エターナルリング / Eternal Ring: A ring needed for a human, namely Lloyd, to wield the Eternal Sword. Kratos spent a large chunk of time collecting materials to make it in the second part of the game. This includes Adamantite, Sacred Wood, and Aionis.

エターナルソード / Eternal Sword: A sword that is capable of controlling time and space. It was created by Origin for Mithos when they made their pact. Mithos used the sword to separate the worlds as a stall to prevent mana from running whilst waiting for Derris-Kharlan to approach so that its mana could be used to germinate the Great Seed. After Martel was killed he instead used the sword to channel Derris-Kharlan’s mana towards keeping Martel’s soul alive in the Great Seed instead. The sword was then used to keep Derris-Kharlan close to the world and created a barrier around it. Lloyd was aware that the sword could be used to travel through time but stated “Just because you have the power, doesn’t mean you should change the past for your own desires”. !NOTE- The sword being able to control time is a big plot point in ToP and Cless uses it to transport his group to the final dungeon in a very similar manner that Lloyd used. Also Origin was stated to have the powers to restore objects and scry through time in ToP so it makes sense that the sword has similar powers.

エクスフィギュア /  Exbelua: A mutation that happens to people who improperly remove an Exsphere, equip one that is malfunctioning, causing their bodily mana to go out of control.  Anna, Marble, Clara, Rodyle, and Alicia all suffer this fate. As far as I’m aware Anna is the only one who transformed as a result of having her Exsphere removed. Alicia was incompatible with hers in the game. Marble and Clara were implied to have had theirs manipulated through some means into going out of control. Rodyle equipped a bad one given to him by Pronyma. Clara was healed with the healing technique that Raine received from the Unicorn.

エクスフィア/ Exsphere: Lifeless Beings that are used throughout the story as power amplifiers. Exspheres are living minerals with emotions that are mined from locations such as the Toize Valley Mine. They are then distributed to Brokers who transport them to the Desians (it’s never stated if they know who they’re selling to) where they are then attached to host bodies in Human Ranches. The host bodies are forced to perform strenuous physical labor to awaken the latent power of the Exspheres with their suffering. Once the Exsphere reaches a usable state it’s harvested and the host body is discarded. Improper removal of an Exsphere that has been attached for an extended period will cause the body’s mana to go out of control and transform the host into an Exbelua. The negative effects of using an Exsphere can be protected against by using a key crest.

ファンダリアの花 / Fandalia flower: Flower that has Nectar capable of curing the Ozette cold. !NOTE- I believe it’s always been white in visual representations? Also in the game they found it on Mt Fooji but in ToF 2 it was found in the Gaoracchia forest.

五聖刃 / Five Grand Cardinals: The heads of Cruxis’ low-ranking Desian organization. They all have a Ranch which they run in the declining world sans Pronyma. Kvar and Rodyle are scheming against Mithos and working on a mana cannon. Magnius was misled into believing that the Chosen had to be disposed of. Forcy was loyal to Cruxis and their ideals, which he was told was an age of half-elves, until the end.

 四大天使 / Four Seraphim: The top rank of Cruxis. “The Four Heroes of the Ancient War have become the leaders of Cruxis, the “Four Seraphims”. Mithos stands at the top, and his will is Cruxis’ will. Kratos is in charge for supervising Sylvarant and Yuan Tethe’alla. Martel has the role of the goddess.” directly quoted from the official Scenario Guide. IT’S A RANK.

グランテセアラブリッジ / Grand Tethealla Bridge: A large drawbridge in Tethe’alla that is powered by 3,000 Exspheres.

大樹カーラーン / Giant Kharlan Tree: The term used for giant trees that produce mana, although “world tree” is also used. The previous tree was transplanted to the world from Derris-Kharlan, along with its guardian spirit Ratatosk. This tree wilted and died during the Kharlan War but managed to produce a seed at some point. !NOTE- Derris-Kharlan’s mana tree is also referred to as “The Great Kharlan” in Narikiri Dungeon which is why I believe it’s an all-around-term for them. That tree has a guardian spirit as well and she is fiiiiiiine.

大いなる実り / The Great Seed: The seed of the former Giant Kharlan Tree. It’s the only mana source for both worlds before Lloyd and his group germinated it. After Martel’s death her soul became tied to the seed via her Cruxis Crystal. Mithos channeled all Derris-Kharlan’s mana toward keeping it there. If Martel woke up the seed would have been absorbed into her, causing it to disappear. The opposite would happen if it germinated. In the game it’s kept in an unstable dimension as an anchor between the split worlds that continuously pull on it. The Great Seed is protected by four mana links maintained by the opposing summon spirits of the two worlds. When these links are broken it causes the seed to go out of control and transform into a rampaging tree that is neutralized by the mana cannon. By the time that the party can germinate the seed it has lost its light, and Colette states that it’s dead. The sparkles that had come from Mithos’ shattered Cruxis Crystal leave Lloyd’s Exsphere and enter the seed and it begins to shine again. After which, with Colette’s help, Lloyd germinates the seed using Derris-Kharlan’s mana. !NOTE- In DotNW and A Long Time Ago it’s stated that Mithos lent Lloyd his power in helping Germinate the seed and became the new world tree. This may be why (directly confirmed in A Long Time Ago) Lloyd named the tree Yggdrasill.

ハイエクスフィア / High-Exsphere: Another term for Cruxis Crystal. !NOTE- The localization really just uses “Cruxis Crystal”.

人間牧場 / Human Ranch: Facilities run by Desians centered around producing Exspheres for Cruxis. They house imprisoned host bodies, magitechnology needed to process the Exspheres, warps, communication devices, mana reactors, and various other odds-and-ends. The Asgard and Palmacosta Ranches were detonated, Rodyle filled his with sea water, and the Iselia Ranch was left intact. !NOTE- The game isn’t very specific about what happened with the Desians themselves once the Ranches were gone, but there are plenty of NPC conversations that imply they are still around. The survivors left on Derris-Kharlan with the rest of Cruxis at the end of the game.

王立研究院 / Imperial Research Academy: A University in Tethe’alla. They’re involved in everything from human experimentation to gossiping about Kratos being a hottie. It was built by King Tethe’alla the XVI and is also the school Zelos attended. He says he graduated top of his class; but when pressed on that stated that he’s really just good with math and had his hunnies help him cheat. ZELOS PLZ.

再生の旅 / Journey of Regeneration: The journey to the Tower of Salvation made by the Chosen of the declining world to open the seals to restore mana and rid the world of the Desians. Only 16-year-old girls go on the journey to become a vessel. The difficulties that each girl faces during her journey are meant to strengthen her bond with her Cruxis Crystal. !NOTE- The pellet figurine descriptions that were cut from the International releases of the game state that the previous Chosen of Regeneration was Phaidra’s sister, and the Kratos novel states that her name was Aithra. She had to be tied up during her journey to keep her from running away.

要の紋 / Key Crest: Dwarven Technology.  Key Crests crafted out of inhibitor ore carved with a spell can protect against the negative effects of using an Exsphere. The art of processing the ore is a technique known only to Dwarves. Lloyd knows how to carve them but he can’t process the ore. He does manage to craft a makeshift crest for Presea at one point by carving a piece of ore. Key crests appear to be somewhat universal since both Raine and Colette were able to make use of used ones that weren’t made for their specific Exspheres/Cruxis Crystals. They do not need to be equipped on the Exsphere either, since Colette’s is on a necklace. !NOTE- Regular Key Crests seem to work with Cruxis Crystals just fine unless the person wearing it develops Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium which rarely happens. 

シノア湖 / Lake Sinoa: The lake surrounding Luin.

レザレノ・カンパニー /  Lezareno Company: Regal’s company that generates 60 billion gald in annual sales. They do a little bit of everything from mining to Rollercoasters. Oh-lala.

無機生命体 / Lifeless Beings: Exspheres are lifeless beings. They’re still alive, just not in the way that people are. They get sick and lonely though even if they can’t communicate it like people do. !NOTE- This term was originally Inorganic Beings.

リンカの笛 / Linkite Flute: A Ocarina that Lloyd crafted out of a Linkite nut that Genis played to call Aska. Genis gives it to Mithos to replace the flute that he broke.

リンカの実 / Linkite Nut: A type of nut that makes a sound like a bell when its shaken. The tree that it grows from has become very rare. Mithos thought it was extinct, as did Martel.

ルイン / Luin: Anna’s hometown. A town surrounded by Lake Sinoa. After it was rebuilt it began housing displaced people from Palmacosta.

マナ / Mana: In ToS mana is the source of all life and is considered to be more important than water. People of Elven blood possess the ability to sense it and make use of it for magic. The dissipation of mana in Sylvarant is the cause of their food shortages and droughts.

マナのかけら / Mana Fragment/ Fragment of Mana:  They switch between the two. A component of the Rune Crest that is only found on Derris-Kharlan.

霊草マナリーフ / Mana Leaf Herb: A material needed for Colette’s Rune Crest. The Elves utilize it in magic related things.

マナの血族 / Mana Lineage: The Chosen’s family.

マナの楔 / Mana Links: Links between the opposing summon spirits that protect the Great Seed.

魔導注入 / Magic Transfusion: How Cruxis refers to the act of drinking powdered Aionis to take advantage of its mana conducting abilities. Both Zelos and Kratos can use magic and magic swords because they had a Magic Transfusion. !NOTE- I’m not sure if Zelos drank magic Kool-Aid too since he said he just swallowed a rock and dammit this sounds so silly out of context. But anyways, when he said he got blood from an elf he was lying.

魔導砲トールハンマー/ Mana Cannon Thors Hammer: Yuan was manipulating Rodyle into building this, and Kvar appeared to have been involved as well. The Renegades were planning to use it to destroy the tower of salvation before the mana links started to disappear. Rodyle implies that it can run on a Cruxis Crystal.

魔導炉 / Mana Reactor: Reactors in Human Ranches that help Desians run their machinery. The Renegades were planning to modify the Ranch mana reactors so that they could be used to fire mana at the Great Seed. They end up having to shut them all down because no bad idea that was a bad idea. NOPE.

勇者ミトス物語 / the story of the hero Mithos: The false legend of Mithos that has been passed down by the Church and historians. Stuff like him dying on the holy ground of Kharlan. Guuuurl that ain’t true who you tryin’ to fool. The fake legends don’t even state that Mithos is a half-elf.

ミトスの笛 / Mithos Flute: Martel’s memento. It was made out of linkite. Mithos lent it to Genis and told him to play it if he was in danger. Genis accidentally broke it. !NOTE- They call it a flute but it looks like a panpipe?

モーリア / Moria: Where one of the tunnels in the Altamira Exsphere mines lead to. !NOTE- This is an important location in ToP. It’s the location of Maxwell and the abandoned Dwarf settlement. The Dwarves vanished after Aselia was hit by a comet during the Ragnarok war, they likely resided in this location during ToS.

ネクロノミコン / Necronomicon: A Forbidden book of Darkness that Abyssion uses to revive Nebilim. It contains spells that can revive the dead and seems to be somewhat self-aware in its quest to cover the world in Darkness. Genis burns it to Raine’s horror.

魔界ニブルヘイム / Niflheim (The Demon World): The world where the demons reside. Such description. Much facts. wow.

異界の扉 / Otherwordly Gate: A gate located in Tethe’alla that opens a portal to Sylvarant when the moon is full. In DotNW it was stated that the roots of the previous Kharlan Tree in this location served as a bridge between the two worlds. This is also the location of the Ginnungagap which leads to Niflheim.

オゼット風邪 / Ozette Cold: A dangerous viral disease that’s cured with the Nectar of the Fandalia Flower.

プロトゾーン / Protozoan: The first life form created on the planet after the Kharlan Tree and the Elves moved there. They’re born as single cell organisms that evolve all Pokémon-like as they age. The first form is Aquan, a fish. Then they turn into a bird-like thing called Aeros. After that they become an Arshis which is where Noishe is at. There are two more forms after this, Fenrilra and then the final which is a human that fights evil. They were often used in fighting back during the Kharlan war. Kratos found Noishe who was injured at the time while he was traveling. It’s never stated how long they live although Kratos said that Noishe is older than him and will far outlive him.

レネゲード /  Renegade: An organization run by Yuan and Botta. Even though they’re centered around bringing down Cruxis, Cruxis doesn’t really consider them to be much of a threat They have been involved in assassinating every Sylvaranti Chosen for the past 800 years. They also conduct regular raids in Human Ranches, headed by Botta, to steal Exspheres that they distribute in Tethe’alla. On top of the other stuff that I mentioned in this, they had an infiltration team in the Iselia Ranch that was executed. There is little mention of the organization in the game after Yuan shows concern about Mithos killing them after the revelation scene at Altessa’s house. Which I chalk up to the game forgetting about them like it does with a lot of other things.

レアバード / Rheaird: A flying device propelled by mana. The party uses them to switch between worlds by utilizing dimensional transfer system gates positioned at the Renegade bases. Mithos “borrowed” one from Yuan at one point. !NOTE- Lloyd seems to be the only person from the group that still makes regular use of one in DotNW. Zelos and Sheena had one in Rodeo Ride Tour. idk if Yuan made them give them back or what.

ルーンクレスト / Rune Crest: A type of Key Crest that is used to cure Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium, as Raine puts it “In order to prevent the erosion of the Cruxis Crystal, a Mana Fragment and zircon are fused using Boltzman’s technique, to create a Rune Crest. Fibers from the Mana Leaf Herb, when placed in the crest, protect against the crystallization caused by the illness”. !NOTE- Normal key crests work with Cruxis Crystals; this type of crest is only needed for this disease.

神木 / Sacred Wood: A type of wood that only grows in the Poison Marsh somewhere around Ozette. It is very heavy and burns several times hotter than normal wood. It’s used for religious rituals and smiting. Conversations with Kratos imply that most of it was destroyed when Ozette was blown up.

封印 /  Seal: Seals are placed on the Summon Spirits and help to manage the mana flow between the two worlds. When the Chosen opens a seal a large amount of mana is released and the mana flow is reversed from one world to another.

セレネ / Selene: The name of the moon Tethe’alla back before the end of the Kharlan War. Its name was changed to Tethe’alla after the church began telling everyone that the people of Tethe’alla migrated there.

トンガリマダラトビネズミ /  Sharp-nosed spotted jerboa: A type of mouse that lives only in the area around Ozette. Presea makes brooches of these that are very popular among Noble Women.

精霊 / Summon Spirit: Spirits that came to the world with the Elves. They all serve different functions in the world. In ToS they handle the mana links that protect the Great Seed. Summon Spirits do not have a gender; Sheena thinks they take the forms that they do because it easier for people to recognize them. Also, it’s thought that they exist in a world separate from the physical one. They had no presence on the world before the Elves came and need mana to physically manifest regardless. !NOTE-This is literally just “Spirit” in the Japanese version but Namco tacked on the Summon part in the localization.

シルヴァラントとテセアラ / Sylvarant and Tethealla: The two countries that were split into the two worlds. It’s also the names of their opposing moons. !NOTEToS states that Tethe’alla’s (the moon) orbital period is 42 days which is a direct reference to ToP. It can be assumed that Sylvarant’s (the moon) is 35. They also have the same color and size difference going on.

トイズバレー鉱山 / Toize Valley Mine: An active mine owned by the Lezareno Company. It’s full of lots of magitechnology, old and new. This is where unawaken Exspheres are mined from. It also contains Inhibitor Ore. At the end of the game Regal demolishes the parts of the mines containing Exspheres.

トレント / Torent: A forest sacred to the Elves that houses Origin’s tablet thing. !NOTE-This was actually mistranslated in ToS; it’s supposed to be Treant.

救いの塔 /  Tower of Salvation: A Tower that appears to signal the start of the Journey of Regeneration and remains visible in whichever worlds is flourishing. The party needs a Chosen’s Cruxis Crystal in order to enter it. The appearance of the tower is controlled by the Cruxis core system. !NOTE- If you talk to the NPCs in Sybak late in the game many of them will make interesting comments speculating on what the tower is made out of and how it was made.

トラウベル流 / Traubel Style: The fighting style that Levin taught Regal while he was in prison.

ユニコーン / Unicorn: A magical creature with the power to heal. It only approaches “pure maidens”. Raine didn’t qualify. The Unicorn encountered by the party seemed to have known Martel.

ユニコーンホーン / Unicorn Horn: A horn that Raine uses in administrating Boltzman’s technique.

神聖都市ウィルガイア / Welgaia (The Holy City): A large city on Derris-Kharlan that is separated into multiple districts such as the Residential and Idea Districts. When the group goes there the first time, they make multiple statements that the place is positively overrun with Angels. !NOTE- The Angels aren’t there the second time but they were probably just locked up in their residences or something. There were a lot of areas there that were wing-only.

ウィングパック/ Wing Pack: A tool that’s used to compress and carry both the EC and Rheairds.

願い札 / Wish Tag: A Mizuho tradition. They write a wish on a wooden tag and offer it to their god by breaking it and sending it adrift in a river. 

世界再生伝説 / World Regeneration Legend: The preface of the Legend is recited at the start of the game. It is a scripture of the Church of Martel.

大地延命計画 /  World Prolongation Project: “The world was split in two in order to keep the mana depletion to a minimum and to sustain the world and the seed of the Giant Tree. Additionally, the usage of the Summon Spirits to guard the Mana Link and restrict the flow, keeps the world from prospering. Great prosperity leads to the possible development of magitechnology, which causes meaningless wars. The World Prolongation Project, proposed and put into effect by the leader Yggdrasill, is an outstanding system to maintain the world.” - Derris-Kharlan’s data banks.

ユミルの果実 / Ymir Fruit: Somethingsomecameupwithtoinflatetheplaytimeofthegame-I MEAN, a fruit found in the Ymir forest that an Elven child needed to cure his mother’s illness. 

ジルコン / Zircon: A type of difficult-to-handle ore that’s required to make a Rune Crest. It changes color when heat is applied.

Written by Texanona