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House Cecil

They were nobles in Kimlasca, but their rank isn't given.

Jozette's mother, Jacqueline, is Eugenie's older sister. Eugenie was married into Malkuth to Count Gardios by Kind Ingobert. Their parents were disappointed not to have a son (for succession etc), so they married Jacqueline to a guy named Gilmore Tinker, who was a general in the army and a subordinate of Duke Fabre and made him the successor.

Gilmore wanted a boy so that he could follow him in the military, but unfortunately for him, he only had a girl. By the way Jozette's eight years older than Luke, so that makes her 25 in-game (4 years older than Guy). Marybelle is older than her by five years.

Jozette was already pretty strong and mature as a little girl. She met Guy once when they were kids, and was a bit horrified to discover he was such a crybaby when he was supposed to become the next Count (she thought could very well succeed her father since she seemed more capable than her cousin).

King Ingobert had required Eugenie to assist Kimlasca in Hod's invasion, but she refused, deciding to side with her husband. Because of that, the Cecil family was labeled as traitors and fell into disgrace - they lost their nobility title. The only reason they didn't totally fall into poverty is thanks to Duke Fabre, who totally has a thing for the Cecil women, seriously. It's not exactly spelled out, but it's kinda implied that Jozette and him... well, you know... (Which is part of the reason she rejects Aslan - she considers herself impure and doesn't want to 'taint' him. Aslan seems to know about it and not really mind.)

Anyway, her father died in battle, and she entered the army at 18 thanks to Duke Fabre and became his subordinate. She became a soldier to try and restore her family's honor.
You know the rest.

Jacqueline was actually happy to learn about her marriage plans, because even tough she hadn't been able to say it before, what she really wanted was for her daughter to find happiness (actually she kept trying to make her consider marriage, but Jozette had always turned her down), she didn't really care about the family's honor. Guy said something similar, that his mother and sister would have probably preferred her to be happy than to worry about them.

Oh yeah, and she had seen Guy quite a few times at Fabre manor, but she didn't recognize him and never caught his name - but that didn't prevent Guy from fearing she'd reveal his true identity everytime he saw her.

And one little cute excerpt:

'Do you know who I am?'
'Your name is Guy, I think.'
'Yes. Guy Cecil.'
'Yes. It's my mother's maiden name. I was called Gailardia Galan Gardios on Hod.'
Jozette opened her eyes wide in surprise.
'Gailardia Galan Gardios?! That crybaby Gailardia whose name was the only thing that seemed strong about him?!'
'That's mean,' muttered Luke.
'You're lying. He died on Hod...'
'And yet he's alive here. I'm really him. Do you remember how one day you ate all the candy by yourself while I was crying by your side? That was pretty mean, cousin.'

And she remembers.