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(Tales of Zestiria Official World Guidance Book, p.29)

Gender: Female
Height: 172cm (5”8’)
CV: Koyama Mami

A female knight from the Hyland Kingdom who is nicknamed the “Blue Valkyrie.”

She is a military adviser as well as an instructor for new recruits.

She taught Alisha how to fight with a lance from a young age and was the only one who supported her, as she tended to be isolated within the kingdom.

She is someone who takes her role and responsibilities seriously, and is strict even toward herself.

“What you see before you is reality and truth.”

She does not hesitate to dirty her hands for her ideal

She did not choose her fate. She was a sickly girl born into a family of knights, but succession was forced upon her after the heir’s death. When she left her hometown Marlind, she strictly disciplined herself with her strong sense of responsibility. That is how she became feared as the Valkyrie.

A few decades ago, Maltran, who had already distinguished herself in battle by that point, vanquished a whole Rolance unit by herself. Jealousy of her accomplishments turned some of her allies into hellions, and they attacked her from behind. That is when she too lost her humanity, and lost faith in the world and people full of malevolence. She believed in the ideal of destroying the world to restore it, and she joined the Lord of Calamity. Since then, she plotted to cause a great war to lead the world to destruction. She became the teacher of a dreamy and pacifist princess, and pretended to support her. Then, she pushed her to oppose the pro-war ministers so that the war would happen faster.

Once her true nature was revealed, she tried to kill the princess to taint the Shepherd with malevolence, but she was no match to them. She died for her ideal, impaling herself on the lance of the princess, who was still trying to believe in her teacher.

“THIS is reality, Alisha.”

Herself, who was forced to become a knight and distinguish herself, and the princess, who suffers under the weight of her country—a burden she decided on her own to shoulder. They were polar opposites. Nevertheless, Maltran also held the desire to see how far her pupil would go.

Translated by Yume