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Maps and Place Names

Like many Tales games, Tales of Xillia gets inspiration from our world to name its various cities and dungeons. Rieze Maxia is largely inspired from the ancient Mongol empire, while Elympios finds a lot of influences in Slavic and Russian folklore. In addition to presenting an exhaustive list of Xillia locations, this article aims to highlight those references, which were sadly often overlooked by the localization's name changes.

Note: some names do not appear as-is in the games. They can be deciphered from the various signs in Xillian alphabets, or appear in side materials.

The listing system will be:

Localized Name | Original Name in Japanese | Original Name in English if different from the localization (inspiration)

Regions and Countries

Rieze Maxia | リーゼ・マクシア | ("Maxia" most likely comes from "Maxwell," the ruler of the spirits, who created the world)

Elympios | エレンピオス | (Probably comes from Mt. Olympus)

Rashugal | ラシュガル | Rashgar (from Kashgar|カシュガル, a city in Xinjiang, China)

Auj Oule | ア・ジュール | Ajur (from azur|アジュール the color and Aju|ジュ, a general of the Mongol Empire)

Spirit World

Temporal Crossroads | 世精ノ途(ウルスカーラ)| Ulus Kharla (the kanji reads "Path to the Spirit Realm")

Temporal Terminus | 世精ノ果テ(ウルスラーン)| Ulus Laan (the kanji reads "End of the Spirit Realm")

The Land of Canaan | カナンの地 | (from Canaan|カナ, a region in Israel)

Rieze Maxia


1. Fennmont | イル・ファン | Il Fan (from Ilkhanate|イルハン朝, a khanate (political region) of the Mongol Empire)

2. Orda Palace | オルダ宮 | (from orda or horde|オルダ, a sociopolitical and military structure from the Mongol Empire)

3. Laforte Research Center | ラフォート研究所

4. Hamil | ハ・ミル | Ha Mir (from Khabrat Ḩāmir, a town in Iraq, or Pamir Mountains|パミール高原, mountains in Tajikistan)

5. Nia Khera | ニ・アケリア | Ni Akeria (from Akerianwala|アケリアンワラ, a town in Pakistan)

6. Milla's Shrine | ミラの社

7. Sharilton | カラハ・シャール | Kalakh Shal (from Kalakh|カラハ or Karakhanid|カラハン朝, and Shal akyn, a district of Northern Kazakhstan)

8. Leronde | ル・ロンド | Lu Rondo (from Lurondo, a river in Mozambique)

9. Xian Du | シャン・ドゥ | Shang Du (from Shangdu or Xanadu|上都, the first capital of Kublai Khan's Yuan dynasty)

10. Kanbalar | カン・バルク | Khan Baliq (from Khanbaliq|大都(カンバルク), the name of Beijing during the Yuan Dynasty)

11. Xailen Woods Temple | ザイラの森の教会 | Zayra Woods Temple (see Xailen Woods)


12. Aladhi Seahaven | イラート海停 | Ilat Seahaven (from Eilat|エイラート, a port in Israel)

13. Sapstrath Seahaven | サマンガン海停 | Samangan Seahaven (from Samangan|サマンガン州, a province in Afghanistan)

14. Lakutam Seahaven | ラコルム海停 | Rakorum Seahaven (from Karakorum|カラコルム, a capital of the Mongol Empire)


15. Aladhi Trail | イラート間道 | Ilat Trail (see Aladhi Seahaven)

16. Galia Trail | ガリー間道 | Gali Trail (from Gali, the name given to mountain paths in Pakistan)

17. Nia Khera Spiritway | ニ・アケリア参道 | Ni Akeria Spiritway (see Nia Khera)

18. Xagut Floodmeadows | ソグド湿道 | Sughd Floodmeadows (from Sughd|ソグ, a region of Tajikistan)

19. Sapstrath Highroad | サマンガン街道 | Samangan Highroad (see Sapstrath Seahaven)

20. Culmar Trail | クラマ間道 | Klama Trail (from Taklamakan Desert|タクラマカン砂漠, a desert in Xinjiang, or Mt. Kurama|鞍馬山, a mountain near Kyoto)

21. Talys Highroad | タラス街道 | Talas Highroad (from Talas|タラス, a town in Kyrgyztan)

22. Voltea Woods | ボルテア森道 | Bortea Woods (from Börte|ボルテ, the first wife of Genghis Khan)

23. Lakutam Highroad | ラコルム間道 | Rakorum Highroad (see Rakorum Seahaven)

24. Royal Hunting Grounds | 王の狩場

25. Mon Highlands | モン高原 | (from "Mongol")

26. Xailen Woods | ザイラの森 | Zayra Woods (from Zay|ザイ川, a river in Tatarstan)

27. Barnauer Highroad | バルナウル街道 | Barnaul Highroad (from Barnaul|バルナウル, a city in Russia)

28. Arklund Quag | アルカンド湿原 | Arqand Quag (from Samarqand|サマルカンド, a city in Uzbekistan)

29. Tulea Tundra | トウライ冷原 | Torai Tundra

30. Sillea Tundra | セイライ冷原 | Serai Tundra (from Sarai|サライ, the capital of the Golden Horde)


31. Kijara Seafalls | キジル海爆 | Kyzyl Seafalls (from Kyzylkum Desert|キジルクム砂漠, a desert in central Asia)

32. Sapstrath Deepwood | サマンガン樹界 | Samangan Deepwood (see Sapstrath Seahaven)

33. Bermia Gorge | バーミア峡谷 | Bamya Gorge (from Bamyan|バーミヤーン, a city in Afghanistan)

34. Fort Gandala | ガンダラ要塞 | Fort Ghandara (from Ghandara|ガンダーラ, an ancient state in Pakistan)

35. Fengala Mines | フェルガナ鉱山 | Fergana Mines (from Fergana|フェルガナ, a city in Uzbekistan)

36. Old Vicalle Mines | バイカール廃坑 | Old Baikaal Mines (from Lake Baikal|バイカル湖, the largest freshwater lake in the world)

37. Labari Hollow | リベリー岩孔 | Liberi Hollow (from Liberi|ベリ, a city in Italy)

38. Fezebel Marsh | ファイザバード沼野 | Fayzabad Marsh (from Fayzabad|ファイザバード, a city in Afghanistan)

39. Kukhar Ice Caverns | ククル凍窟 | Kkul Ice Caverns (from Issyk-Kul|イシククル, a lake in Kyrgyztan)

40. Nala Lava Tubes | ノール灼洞 | Nuur Lava Tubes (from nuur|нуур, which means "lake" in Mongolian)

41. Nia Khera Hallowmont | ニ・アケリア霊山 | Ni Akeria Hallowmont (see Nia Khera)


Towns - Trigleph Area

1. Trigleph | トリグラフ | Triglav (from Triglav, a Slavic deity)

2. Spirius Corp. | クランスピア社 | Claspear Corp. (from "clan" and "spear")

3. Duval | ドヴォール | Dvor (from Dvor|ドヴォル , a town in Croatia)

4. Maxburg | マクスバード | Maxbad (the "max" is probably from "Maxwell" or "Maxia")

Towns - Drellin Area

1. Drellin | ディール | Dir (from Askold and Dir, Viking rulers of Kiev)

Roads - Trigleph Area

5. Alest Highroad | エラール街道 | Ellar Highroad (from Ellar, an abandoned village in Armenia)

6. Torbalan Highroad | ルバラン街道 | (from Torbalan, a monster from Slavic folklore)

7. Rusalle Highroad | ルサル街道 | Rusal Highroad (from Rusalka|ルサルカ, a Slavic deity)

Roads - Drellin Area

2. Catamar Heights | カタマルカ高地 | Catamarca Heights (from Catamarca, a province in Argentina)

Dungeons - Trigleph Area

8. Spirius Training Grounds | エージェント訓練所 | Agents Training Grounds

9. Helioborg Research Station | ヘリオボーグ研究所 | (from "helio" (sun) and "borg" (stronghold))

10. Tatalian Abyss | タタール冥穴 | Tatar Abyss (from the Tatars, a Turkic ethnic group, as well as a reference to Tataroo Valley|タタル渓谷 from ToA)

11. Dimensional Breach | 次元の裂けた丘

Dungeons - Drellin Area

3.  Epsilla Ruins | ウプサーラ湖跡 | Uppsala Ruins (from Uppsala|ウプサラ, a city in Sweden)

4. Illusionary Darkness | 無明の霊異



Lake Epsilla | ウプサーラ湖 | Lake Uppsala (see Epsilla Ruins)

Hors | ホルス | (from Hors, a Slavic deity)

Districts, Streets and Buildings in Trigleph

Svarog | スヴァローグ | (from Svarog, a Slavic deity)

Dazhbog | ダジボーグ | (from Dazhbog, a Slavic deity)

Zorya General Hospital | ゾーリャ総合病院 | (from Zorya, a Slavic deity)

Frères Apartments | マンションフレール | (from "frères," the French word for "brothers")

Rodo Apartments | ロドマンション | Rod Apartments (from Rod, a Slavic deity)

Rodo Private Orphanage | 私立施設ロド孤児院 | Rod Private Orphanage (see Rodo Apartments)

Technology Drive | チャージブル大通り | Chargeable Avenue


Oscore | アスコルド | Askold (from Askold and Dir, Viking rulers of Kiev)


Stribog Line | ストリボルグ号 | (from Stribog, a Slavic deity)

Akhalteke Line | アハルテケ号 | (from Akhalteke, a horse breed from Turkmenistan)


E.S.S. Zenethra | 旅船ジルニトラ | E.S.S. Zirnitra (from Zirnitra, a Slavic dragon)

E.S.S. Pelune | 旅船ペリューン | E.S.S. Perun (from Perun, a Slavic deity)

E.S.S. Seminal | 旅船セマルグル | E.S.S. Semargl (from Semargl, a Slavic deity)


Exodus | アルクノア | Ark Noah (from Noah's Ark; the localized "Exodus" is also a biblical reference)

Taurus | トロス | (from Taurus Mountains, mountains in Turkey)

Skylark Exchange | ラカノン商会 | Rakanon Co.

Braht | ブラート | Bulat (from Bulat Steel)


The following places are not mentioned anywhere, but if we follow the pattern set by Il Fan (Fennmont) and Kalakh Shal (Sharilton), which are originally the full spelling of their governors' names (Nachtigal I. Fan (Nachtigal Fenn) and Drossel K. Shal (Driselle Sharil)), we can extrapolate the names of cities governed by some of the other Six Houses of Rashugal, following the names listed in the naming lore article here. We would thus have:

  • Jade Ilbert, home of House Ilbert
  • Lalla Tavis, home of House Travis
  • Mel Banya, home of House Banya

Written by Yume and Albiore-V