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Tales of Xillia 2 Meta

Unused Main Plot Idea

This was Namco’s first main scenario idea for ToX2. As you can see, some concepts and terms were kept, while others were completely different.


“Bookmaker” is an organization that supervises bets officially. Their agents bring Elympions excitement, ecstasy or despair.

Some agents intervene in bets to insure equality, while others bet that they will accomplish a great feat. The main character’s mother was one such agent. She bet a large sum of money that she would fail to dispel the schism. However, the schism was dispelled, and that day she disappeared. The main character ends up having to shoulder a debt of one trillion gald in her place.

To repay their debt, the MC becomes an agent like their mother. A bet is then proposed to them by the organization: “Can you escort a young girl to the Land of Canaan in Rieze Maxia?”. The girl’s name is Elle. The sum to bet is one trillion gald. The MC begins their journey to Rieze Maxia with the girl.

Sometimes, the MC has strange dreams. They feel real, but are not like reality. They are in fact parallel worlds created by the Spirit of Time “Sekundes”. Sekundes is trying to change the course of history by making parallel worlds become real. That is because in the real world the spirit Origin cannot be revived anymore because of Jude’s development of spyrites [TLN: called “origin” in Japanese]. The only one who can destroy those parallel worlds is the main character, who posesses the power of the “Guardians of Time”.


  • Main character: The child of the brilliant agent Carolina Kresnik. Before becoming an agent they were hiding their parentage and working for a security company. They are part of a clan of “Guardians of Time” - people who keep watch over the flow of time and have been at odds with the Spirit of Time Sekundes for generations.
  • Elle: An amnesic little girl. She met Jude by chance, and she was put in contact with the MC through Bookmaker because she spoke of “Kesnik” and “The Land of Canaan”. In truth she is the daughter of the MC from a parallel world and has the power of the “Guardians of Time”. She also has a special ability that enables her to bring things from parallel worlds in other worlds.
  • Elize Lutus: A girl who lives in Sharilton. She ends up joining the MC after an incident. She fights with Teepo and a lesser spirit spyrite named Yupo.
  • Luna: A 17~8 year old androgyne who is the child of an Elympion governement official. Luna seems human but is in fact a next gen spyrite of the spirit Luna.

(Source: ToX2 Official World Guidance Book, p.64)

Translated by Yume

Unused Fractured Dimension Ideas

A world without Leia

The party enters the fractured dimension in Leronde, and by talking to NPC they realize they don’t know Leia. They discover that Leia’s mother Sonia married a different man than Leia’s father. By talking to him, they learn that a long time ago, he wanted to ask her out but never got the courage to. That small difference was enough to prevent Leia for existing. As in the prime dimension, Jude went to med school and the world goes on mostly unchanged. This feeds into Leia’s self-doubts but she also treasures the luck of being born in her world.

A world where Ludger rejected his fate

In this world, fractured Ludger has abandoned his mission, because he didn’t want to hurt anyone anymore - and besides, since he comes from a fractured dimension, he knew that he was doomed to disappear one day, so might as well spend what’s left of his life as a normal person. Prime Ludger destroys this world with conflicted feelings.

Lady Nadia’s vacation

A dimension where Agria (Nadia) lives as a noble lady of House Travis. She is attending a festival in Hamil with Leia and Elize. She is teaching Leia a dance to pray for good harvest, but she suddenly freezes, because Gaius, the king of Rieze Maxia, appeared in her line of sight. Pushed by Leia and Elize, Nadia nervously speaks to him. When she comes back, she hits Leia to hide her embarrassment and whispers “…He’s even cooler than I thought.” The three of them laugh and fade away among the masses of festivalgoers. Prime Leia, who’d been observing them, feels her heart break when she remembers the fate of the Agria she knew. But she swears strongly to never forget her.

An ironic fate

A world where Milla eventually destroyed Exodus, but later than in F4216’s fractured Milla’s world.Fractured Jude works with Professor Haus and they’re making big progress in… spyrix research! Fracutred Milla tries to hinder their research and fractured Jude manages to escape her and entrust his data to prime Leia. When the party goes back to the prime dimension, the data turns to dust…

Gaius and Wingul

The initial idea was one of a world where Wingul was ruling Auj Oule as the Long Dau chief. In that world, he had captured Gaius, his nemesis, and was about to have him publicly executed. He even used Karla to torment him. However, that Gaius could not let go of his royal pride and abandoned his sister. Watching that, prime Gaius would slay both fractured Wingul and fractured Gaius! Gaius is a good character, but if you leave him be, he has a tendency to solve everything by himself, which means trouble for us (laugh). So we gave him a role where he could properly judge Ludger’s choices.

Unused Ludger & Julius episode ideas

Wrongly accused Julius

Because of plotting by someone who hates Julius, Julius is arrested for a murder he did not commit. To get it over with, the authorities try to force Julius to confess. But he doesn't want his brother to be known as the brother of a murderer. One day, the authorities warn Julius that Ludger is in danger and say that they nee him to save him. So Julius confesses to the crime. He is then forced to write an apology to the victim's family and serves as an example of a model prisoner. He gets out three years later, but can't show himself to Ludger when he believes him to be a murderer, so he helps him behind the scenes.

Murderer Julius

Ludger has a sickly twin sister. The three of them lived happily together as the sole family they had left in the world, but one day Julius kills the sister when Ludger is away, then disappears without a word. The truth was, the sister asked him to kill her because she was sick of fighting against her illness. Julius at first refused but then she tried to commit suicide. He managed to stop her, but seeing her in agony, he made the decision to grant her her wish, especially because he didn't want Ludger to have to do it. He becomes a wanted man because of that, and their happy life comes to an end.

Unused Fractured Milla Personality Ideas

Cheerful Type: likes talking, overreacts to everything so she's a bit annoying. But she's an honest girl and thus hard to dislike.

Normal Person Type: the type to get involved against their will. She was just living her life, but got caught into troubles. She's just a normal person, so people like her.

Little Devil Type: greedy. Likes playing pranks, hates boredom. Changes attitude depending on the person.

Evil Type: Cunning. Always thinks about her own profit and risks before acting, doesn't care about others. Is lonely deep down, but rarely shows such weakness.

Modest/Pure Type: the kind of cute girl men like.

Down-to-earth Type: the kind of girl women can empathize with. Sometimes shows a cheeky side.

(Source: ToX2 Official World Guidance Book)

Written by Yume

Unused Town Speculation

While trying to translate Elympion writing in the game, flamingo-bubbles and I came across this interesting discovery:

This is a screenshot of a train information board, indicating trains departing soon to four different Elympion stations, with their time and platform number. The first three station names are Oscore, Drellin, and Marksburg, but the fourth one, for which I have added a bigger version in the screenshot, is not of any known place in the game. Transcribed back into Japanese, this mystery station name is ホルス/horusu.

A quick research on the net gives two possible references: Horus, an Egyptian god, or Hors, the Slavic sun god. As most Elympion place names are based on Slavic folklore (until the localization messed with them, that is), the correct one is most likely the latter. (Note that it can apparently also be spelled Hurs, Khors, Kghors or Chors.)

But where could that unknown city be? Well, another part of the game might be giving us a hint:

In this screenshot, there is a (badly-drawn) map of the Trigleph area on a board. It’s a bit hard to see on this screenshot, but there are three dots on it. I have made them clearer in the following pic:
If we compare with the actual map:

A is Trigleph and B seems to be Duval. But as you can see, there is nothing where C would be. It cannot be Helioborg, because Helioborg is on the coast (the red dot facing Trigleph), and the other known places on this map are not cities, while the map drawn on the board in the game seems to be showing cities. It cannot be Drellin either, because Drellin is much further away in the northeast.

We have here in C a city that is not possible to visit in the game… exactly like that “Hors” we can take the 08:46 train to. It is then very likely that C is Hors.

Note: the board says 生産地/seisanchi (“place of origin”) and is placed next to alcohol shops.

Written by Yume