Tales of Translations

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Tales of Symphonia Meta

Original Ideas

In the Tales of Chronicle 15th Anniversary book, there is a segment where Namco shows a few examples of documents relating to some games while they were still in development. Here is what can be made of the Symphonia section (Tales of Chronicle, pp.265-267).

Name Changes

  • Mana Judgment > Cruxis
  • Hanged Man > Desiren (localized as “Desian”)
  • Hermit > Renegade
  • Navi Crystal > Exsphere
  • Angel Crystal/Mana Jewel > Cruxis Crystal, High Exsphere
  • Restraining Device > Kaname no Mon (literally “Rivet Crest”; localized as “Key Crest”)
  • Sahara > Rodyle

Random Info

Corrine’s name, “コリン Korin”, comes from 狐 ko (fox) and 鈴 rin (bell).

Verius’s name comes from Johannes Hevelius, the astronomer who discovered Vulpecula, the “little fox” constellation. The original spirit of the heart disappeared for unknown reasons, and Corrine was reborn as the “Spirit of the Heart Verius” thanks to Sheena and the other’s power.

In a early idea, Lloyd was raised knowing that the Desians had killed his mother who had escaped a human ranch, and grew up training in order to one day take his revenge. He originally leaves for that purpose after being banned from Iselia, thinking to settle the problem on his own (he didn’t care much about Colette’s journey originally because he saw her as unreliable), but he quickly learns that he can’t do much on his own and joins Colette’s journey. His goal shifts over the journey from avenging his mother to saving Colette and then the world.

Written by Yume