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(Tales of Zestiria Perfect Guide)

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Height: 170cm (5’7”)

Weapon: Pipe

First-Person Pronoun: Ore

Hometown: Unknown

True Name: —

A broadminded explorer who wanders the world, following in the footprints of the Celestial Record and handing down knowledge of the world’s events as the “Storyteller of Time.” He sees the possibility of salvation in the way Sorey single-mindedly faces the Shepherd’s fate, and so Mayvin breaks the terms of his oath to disclose the truth about past events concerning the Calamity. In this way he demonstrates what it means to oppose one’s destiny, and with what little life he has left, he opposes Heldalf in his own way.
Translated by Jay
The Sparrow Feathers
(Tales of Zestiria Perfect Guide)

A group of merchants that wanders across the continent from place to place. Publicly, they consist of the leader Eguille, the twins Ayn Talfryn and Ayn Felice, and the quiet Rosh, with Rose as their negotiator. In reality, they are an assassin’s guild–the Scattered Bones–led by Rose. Specializing in espionage and intelligence-gathering, their public stance as a merchant group that isn’t loyal to any one country has attributed to their survival in tumultuous times.
Translated by Jay
(Tales of Zestiria Perfect Guide)

Captain of the Imperial Knights of Rolance. Straight-laced and brimming with a strong sense of loyalty and justice, he is concerned about the political disputes as well as the disasters both inside and outside of his country. He trusts Sorey to face his difficulties with an honest heart, and as a sign of faith Sergei teaches him the Lion’s Howl, a technique passed down within the Knights. He puts his life at risk by supporting Sorey’s journey, and lends his support for peace between the countries together with Alisha, who shares the same will.
Translated by Jay
The Normin
(Tales of Zestiria Perfect Guide)

A small type of seraph who aid the Protector seraphim. They were previously scattered throughout the world following a great fuss, and now lead quiet, day-to-day lives. Although they are typically gentle in personality, their leader, Phoenix, is fiercely persistent in his mission to protect Edna and has watched over her in his own way.
Translated by Jay