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Tales of the Tempest


Three months after beating the Dark King and sealing the gate to the Otherworld, Caius and I went on a journey on Big Brother’s boat. But we never expected the incident that followed to happen.

Tales of the Tempest Special Drama: After Ending

What Flew to Us

Caius: We’re leaving to another continent at last. Aren’t you excited? 
Rubia: Why should I? You didn’t even give me enough time to prepare properly for the journey.
Caius: Sorry. Tilkis told me to jump on board immediately, so…
Rubia: It’s OK. It always happens when you get new ideas. Besides, we left Fern without preparation either. Maybe that’s how all journeys start.
Caius: Right! That’s how everything starts. But to think it’s already been three months since the end of our adventure…
Rubia: Yeah. It doesn’t feel that long. We’ll keep going on together, right?
Caius: Yep. We don’t know what lies ahead. Hey, what’s that?
Rubia: Something’s flying in the sky. It’s coming at us.
Caius: Rubia, dodge!
Rubia: Oh no, I’m soaked.
Caius: Are you OK, Rubia?
Rubia: Yes. Let’s see what fell down.
Caius: Hey, there’s people swimming.
Rubia: People? They were flying? Hey, but it’s Big Brother and Arria!
Caius: You’re right. What happened?
Tilkis: Hey, help us get on board.
Caius: What happened, Tilkis?
Rubia: You’ll ask later. We have to help them. Caius, go fetch a rope and a life buoy.
Caius: OK.

Tilkis: Hi. Been a while.
Arria: Thanks for helping us out of the water.
Caius: Don’t talk like everything was normal! Flying people is not something you see everyday.
Rubia: He’s right. Here, use that towel to dry yourself.
Tilkis: Thanks.
Rubia: So, Big Brother, what happened?
Tilkis: Well, that’s the boat I came with, right? I forgot the ring I got for Arria inside.
Caius: Ring?
Rubia: A ring? Is it an engagement ring?
Arria: No, it’s nothing of the sort. He just wanted to give me a little present.
Tilkis: Ah, err… Yeah. Well, I would have wanted it to be an engagement ring, but…
Rubia: My, you two are getting so comfortable with each other! So?
Caius: You’re changing the subject, Rubia.
Rubia: Who cares?
Caius: I do! Who comes looking after a ring from the sky?
Rudia: It’s the power of love! The power of love! You’re a kid, so you won’t understand.
Caius: I know at least that this situation isn’t normal.
Arria: Sorry, Rubia, but love doesn’t really give wings.
Rubia: Aww, too bad. Then how did you come here?
Caius: See, you’re curious too!
Tilkis: About that, Forest was nearby when I realized I’d forgotten the ring. He told me: “Love is the basis of every thing, so you must give her the ring.”
Rubia: Wow, I didn’t know he was capable of that kind of advice.
Arria: I told them I could wait, but he insisted that we could catch up with the boat.
Caius: Forest’s old habits from when he was working for Tilkis die hard… That’s why you shouldn’t let him do everything for you, Tilkis.
Tilkis: Anyway, we tried to catch up with the boat, but it was too far away.
Rubia: Yeah, how did he expect you to catch up with a power-driven boat?
Arria: That why I said I could wait. But then he transformed…
Caius: He transformed?!
Tilkis: Yeah, Forest went in Beast Mode and threw us at the boat with all his strength.
Rubia: Come on… You’re joking… right?
Caius: So that’s how you came flying? What the heck?
Rubia: Well, they’re here now, so let’s not worry about it.
Caius: Rubia, you adapt quickly.
Tilkis: Well, that’s how it is. Forest excepted, we’re back on a journey together.
Arria: Caius, Rubia, it’s good to be traveling with you to Saint Sybia.

Are they Really Twins?

Caius: I’m bored. Going out at sea was fun at first, but now…
Rubia: That’s the way of travel. Did you think we were going to fight monsters here?
Tilkis: You’re bored, huh? Let’s play a game or something then!
Arria: Do you want to play a word game?
Tilkis: Not that, please.
Rubia: Then let’s talk, like about our previous journey. Stuff you’d like to ask the others…
Caius: Good idea!
Arria: We have plenty of time, too.
Tilkis: Yeah. There was something I’ve always wanted to ask Caius. It’s about your brother Lukius…
Caius: What about him?
Tilkis: Are you really twins?
Rubia: Oh, I wanted to know that too, Big Brother. They do look alike, but that’s where the similarities stop.
Arria: You’re right. Well, both of them are a bit stubborn, aren’t they?
Caius: What are you talking about? Besides, I’ve only met him recently, so I don’t even know him well yet. But he’s my precious little brother!
Rubia: That little brother of yours… He’s more reliable than you.
Tilkis: Lukius can use Fuicepts.
Arria: He’s always cleaning the chapel dutifully.
Rubia: Caius’s room is alway such a mess.
Caius: So you’re saying that because I can’t study and I’m sloppier than him, I’m not fit to be a big brother?
All: Exactly!
Caius: Lukius, I’m sorry. I’m a failure of a brother.
Rubia: He’s taking us seriously…

A Beautiful Reason

Tilkis: Let’s change subjects. Rubia, is there something you want to ask?
Rubia: Yes. Arria, you’re so beautiful. What’s you’re secret?
Caius: She was just born that way. Whetever you do, you’ll never- Ouch!
Rubia: That’s what you get for being rude to a lady. So, Arria, are you using a special brand of make up?
Arria: Don’t worry, Rubia, you’ll be as beautiful in a few years. But if you ask me what I take particuliar care of…
Rubia: Yes?
Arria: It’s taking baths often. It’s good for the skin. For example…
Caius: That’s… Arria, that’s enough.
Rubia: Caius, why are you interrupting her? What were you saying, Arria?
Tilkis: Yeah, I’m curious too.
Arria: I always go, like, “I spotted a spot!”
Rubia: Erm… Was that…
Tilkis: It was a gag, wasn’t it?
Arria: Was it not funny? Spots, like, you know, the monsters.
Caius: We get it. It’s just too funny, so we don’t know what to say. Right?
Rubia: Caius! Caius, what should I do? I’ll never be pretty!
Caius: Rubia! Don’t lose hope! Tilkis, you’re a man. Say something!
Tilkis: Huh? Err… Arria, that was clever.
Arria: Really? Thanks. I’m so happy. I made jokes for the people of Saint Sybia’s church too. They kept quiet at first, but they all eventually started laughing.
Rubia: Saint Sybia is home to wonderful people…
Tilkis: Yeah. I am proud of my citizens.
Caius: Well, anyway, now that we’ve had a good laugh, let’s find another subject.
Rubia: I have another question.
Tilkis: What is it?
Rubia: When did you fall in love with Arria?
Tilkis: What’s with that question… all of a sudden…
Rubia: My, you can’t even answer that? You dumped me for her, remember?
Caius: But you’re his sister!
Arria: I have to admit I’m curious as well.
Tilkis: I fell in love with Arria… when I first met her.
Arria: Really? I didn’t feel anything when we first met.
Tilkis: Hey!
Arria: But it makes me so happy.
Tilkis: Arria.
Arria: Tilkis…
Rubia: Aww.
Caius: Don’t interrupt them!

Because it’s DS

Caius: By the way…
Tilkis: What?
Caius: Didn’t you find it hard to climb up to the top screen after the menu was used?
Arria: What are you talking about?
Rubia: Ah, I know what you mean. And the touch pen hurts, too.
Tilkis: It’s the first Tales on the DS. I was alway afraid to fall when I was on the top screen.
Caius: We’d get scolded if we fell. I wish they’d be more considerate to us when we have to change screens.
Arria: W-Wait. Who would scold you? And what do you mean by “screen”?
Rubia: Speaking of DS, is it true that we can learn how old our brain is in Tales of the Tempest?
Tilkis: Oh, that. It’s about our level when we defeated the evil king. That level is our brain age. So-
Rubia: That makes my brain old!
Caius: It fits with Forest’s actual age though.
Arria: Guys, stop talking nonsense, please.

Flower of Memories

Arria: I have a question for you, Rubia.
Rubia: What is it, Arria?
Arria: That flower skirt is so cute. Did your mother make it?
Rubia: Yes! It’s my favourite.
Caius: Ah, that skirt that looks hard to move in. You wear it all the time.
Rubia: Caius, you idiot! Don’t you remember? I shouldn’t have agreed to travel with such a tactless guy.
Caius: What did I do?
Rubia: Stupid, idiot! Why don’t you remember? I hate you! Waaah.
Arria: Rubia, what’s wrong?
Tilkis: Do you have any idea, Caius?
Caius: Well… That flower, isn’t that the one that grows up in Fern… Ah!
Arria: What is it, Caius?
Caius: That flower! I made a bouquet of those for Rubia’s birthday once.
Rubia: So you finally remember.
Tilkis: Why did you forget something so important?
Arria: So you asked your mother to make you a skirt that looks like that flower.
Rubia: Yes. That was my best present ever, so… I wanted to treasure it forever. How could you forget? You meanie!
Caius: I’m sorry, Rubia. I’ll find an even better present for you, so please forgive me.
Rubia: Really? It could cost you a fortune.
Caius: …It’s OK. I’ll give you anything, whatever the price.
Rubia: Promise!
Arria: Rubia’s getting good at manipulating him.
Tilkis: Haha, that’s not going to stop.


Caius: There’s something else I want to know.
Arria: Wait! That feeling… There’s a Spot here!
Tilkis: It probably came aboard in Jenna.
Rubia: We can’t let it go to Saint Sybia.
Caius: Yeah, we have to destroy it! Beast Sword Rain!

Translated by Yume