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Velvet Crowe

(Tales of Berseria Official World Guidance Book)

Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 170cm
Voice: Satou Rina
Weapon: Stabbing blade
Battle style: Stabbing Swordsman
Species: Therion

Velvet was an ordinary village girl living peacefully at the border with her sister, brother, and brother-in-law, until the day of the Advent. Since then, she has opposed the entire world as an avenger for her younger brother, bringing chaos and disaster that resulted in her being called “The Lord of Calamity” in the distant future. She fights using sword techniques she learnt from her brother-in-law Arthur (also Artorius), as well as spells absorbed from those she devours. The ability to execute the latter was a final gift from the malak Seres when she was escaping her prison. Since she became a therion, she has lost her sense of taste, and suffers from an insatiable hunger.

“I won’t give up. No matter how many times it takes, I’ll clamp these claws upon them!!”

“No matter what happens, don’t give up.”

These were the words that Arthur said on the Scarlet Night 10 years ago. They gave Velvet, who was frightened of the daemons, the courage to live on. Though the death of her elder sister Celica brought deep grief to her, the warm days she spent with her brother-in-law and her sickly younger brother, supporting each other as a family of three, were proof that she was living.

But when the Scarlet Night came again, everything changed completely. At the shrine where her sister lost her life, her brother-in-law stabbed her brother Laphicet, using him as an offering for the salvation of the world. Upon receiving a sacrifice, the dragon of light, Innominat, swallowed the hatred-filled Velvet and changed her into a therion—one who devours daemons—with a grotesque left arm. Velvet leaped towards Arthur, but the masked malak who accompanied him, Seres, impeded her with spells, and she lost consciousness.

3 years later, Velvet was being held in the Prison Island of the Abbey. Seres, who was estranged from Artorius, appeared in front of her and guided her way to escape. She told Velvet that their wishes coincide, and asked her to devour her body in exchange for the power to fight. The mask revealed a brief look at someone who closely resembled her elder sister.

With the witch and the daemon that escaped with her, and the pirate outlaws that they met on the way, Velvet went after the head of the Abbey Exorcists, the Shepherd Artorius, for the sake of avenging her brother. Their party also included a young malak taken from the Exorcists. They sealed his will so they could use him, and did not even give him a name. Velvet saw her younger brother in him, and gave him the name of Laphicet. As he slowly recovered his will and his emotions, Laphicet and Velvet grew to care for each other like siblings.

Before long, Velvet infiltrated a shrine of the Abbey’s, but was overwhelmed by the Empyrean Innominat, whom Artorius had replaced Seres with. She was defeated by the killer of her brother without having left a single scratch upon him.

Even then, Velvet refused to give up. After ascertaining that the therions, herself included, were each a part of Innominat that had been sending power to his main body by devouring malevolence, she intended to prevent Innominat’s awakening by severing that flow.

The Innominat that appeared before her bore the exact likeness of her younger brother. On the day of the Advent, he had chosen to become a sacrifice to aid Artorius in the salvation of the world, and was thus reborn as the body of Innominat. He said, “I don’t want vengeance”, which denied everything Velvet had believed, and she fell into the depths of despair.

But then… “I will protect Velvet! For my own sake!”
On the day of the Opening, the child of Arthur lying within Celica had become a sacrifice and been reincarnated as Innominat’s heart—the malak Laphicet. His cry, the proof of his living, reached Velvet. It reminded her of the love she had for those days she spent with Arthur and her brother, and of the hatred she had for the two of them, who stole all that away. Holding on to both love and hate, Velvet swore that she would take vengeance for her own sake.

Using the power of armatization, Artorius merged with Innominat. Trapping both of Velvet’s hands, he was about to bring an end to her. But Arthur’s words from the Opening that had given her the courage to live showed her a chance of victory. Though her hands were sealed, Velvet bit into him, tearing off the connection between Innominat and Artorius. Having returned Artorius to the state of a normal human, she then killed him.

After that, she wished to allow Innominat’s heart, the malak Laphicet, to continue living. By letting Innominat bite her own neck, while she, a part of Innominat, bit onto him with her therion arm, she created a state where they would devour each other for infinity, to seal his powers without killing him. Before long, peaceful expressions, as if they were dreaming happy dreams, appeared on their faces.

High girl power

Her skill in cooking had already quite a reputation since the days when she was a village girl. Though she lost her sense of taste after becoming a therion, she continues to satisfy the taste buds of her companions with quiche and pudding with Laphicet as a taste tester. Also, whenever she finds that the cleanliness of the inn rooms were not up to standard, she would clean and polish it up herself. This level of girl power resulted in the spy Bienfu sending a report to the Abbey, saying that “She would make a good wife.”

Eleanor is a rival?

Due to developments, Eleanor joined the party, and there seemed to be a spark of rivalry between them. Especially when it came to the malak Laphicet, where Velvet is obviously jealous of the closeness between him and his vessel. As with the time when Eleanor was teaching Laphicet to fish, when she sees them together interacting as if they were siblings, she becomes clearly irritated.

Translated by Daidairo


(Tales of Berseria Official World Guidance Book)

Gender: Male
Age: 10
Height: 142cm
Voice: Asakura Azumi
Weapon: Paper
Battle style: Malak mage
Species: Malak

A malak that was tethered to the exorcist Teresa, who used him as a tool for his magic. Left unnamed, he was simply called “Malak Number Two”. Velvet gave him the same name as her brother, Laphicet, meaning “One who lives”. Eleanor, who later became his vessel, translated it into the ancient tongue, giving him the true name “Maotelus”. Even when his will was sealed away, he retained an energetic curiosity, and showed a great interest in history, culture, adventure, living beings, and more.

“Even so… I’ll go with Velvet!”

It wasn’t the first time that “Number Two” met Velvet and the others. Unable to suppress his curiosity, he had gone to pick up the compass that drifted onto the beach. When he noticed them, he cast healing spells on them. But now, by the order of the exorcist Teresa, he was willing to dispose of Velvet and the rest by self destructing. Velvet stopped him and pulled him on board their ship, and from then on Number Two’s destiny began to move.

Until then, he had known no other life apart from following his master’s orders. Velvet gave him the name Laphicet, Eizen trusted him with the compass, Rokurou taught him to “Decide for yourself”, and he began to learn to live by his own will. When Velvet asked him what he wanted to do from then on, and he replied “I’ll go with you”, that was the first choice he ever made.

 But then, Velvet gave him an ‘order’ as they were approaching the target of her vengeance. “Even if I get hurt, I won’t stop attacking Artorius, so keep on healing me”. He tried to follow her orders, but when Artorius used the power of the Empyrean Innominat, Velvet was heavily wounded. Seeing her on the verge of death, Laphicet did not want her to continue fighting. Teresa appeared then, and, under the contract spell, ordered him to kill Velvet. But—
“I don’t want Velvet to die!!”

 Laphicet’s will reacted to Innominat, birthing an explosive power that broke through Teresa’s contract magic. Furthermore, it opened the earthpulse—a space in the earth where natural life force flows—which allowed Velvet and the others to escape.

 "Thanks to you, I’m alive.“ Upon hearing these words from a smiling Velvet, Laphicet told her that he chose to continue travelling with her.

 With the intuitive sense he had for deciphering the ancient tome, and the ability he had to sense the earthpulse points, he kept trying to guide Velvet and the others towards Innominat’s main body, but with each failure, he agonized over how he was unable to be helpful. After learning of Velvet’s past, he also developed feelings of jealousy towards Velvet’s brother, who bore the same name as him. Even so, Velvet believed in Laphicet’s power, and gave him another nickname "Phi”, separate from her brother “Laphi”. Almost before anyone realised it, Laphicet had grown into a man in his own right, wishing to help the suffering Velvet.

The Innominat that appeared in front of them bore the exact likeness of Velvet’s younger brother. He desired Velvet’s despair for his awakening. Meanwhile, Laphicet learnt of his true identity in the Earthen Historia. 10 years ago, the child of Arthur that Celica was pregnant with had, by chance, become a sacrifice for Innominat. Reborn as Innominat’s heart, he became the malak Laphicet.

When Laphicet faced Innominat, he stopped the latter’s killing blow with his compass. Using the silver flames, the Empyrean’s power to purify malevolence, he repelled Innominat, preventing his awakening.

After Velvet finally carried out her revenge against Artorius, she chose not to kill Innominat. Instead, by going into slumber with him, she protected Laphicet, who was a part of Innominat. Upon hearing Velvet’s final wish, Laphicet took Innominat’s place as the new Empyrean, Maotelus, to extend his blessing across the chaotic world. Using the silver flames, he scorched the malevolence across the world.

Penitence towards the bugs

As shown by how he volunteered to care for the Thickjaw Beetle and Orthrus, his curiosity also extends to living things. But he once put sugar instead of salt on a slug, causing many ants to gather around the slug, resulting in a fate worse than salt. He had also put a grasshopper and a praying mantis in the same bag, resulting in the sacrifice of the grasshopper. These were amongst the many mistakes that he felt repentant for.

With Velvet in a bath!?

Since he’s at the age where he starts to be aware of the opposite gender, when Velvet teased him with “Shall we go in together?” at the Meirchio hot springs, he protested. And when he switched bodies with Velvet in the Bathhouse of Relaxation, aside from the strange sensation of 'having a float around his chest’, he covered his eyes like the honest boy he is.


Oath: To become a dragon
Power: To greatly increase his own powers
To become the new Empyrean of void, Laphicet decided to use an oath that changes his form into a dragon to greatly enhance his abilities. As a result, he can freely control the silver flames that purifies overflowing malevolence.


Since Laphicet is a part of Innominat, the blessing he possesses is a weaker version of Innominat’s—to “raise the level of resonance”, and to “calm hearts and minds”. But when he took the Oath to become Maotelus, the quality of his blessing changed into a unique power: the “flames of purification”, which resets malevolence. 

Translated by Daidairo


(Tales of Berseria Official World Guidance Book)

Gender: Male
Age:  1000 (although he looks 30)
Height: 187cm
Voice: Morikawa Toshiyuki
Weapon: Bracelet
Battle style: Fighter
Species: Malak

An earth malak who possesses the blessing of the “Reaper’s Curse”, which brings misfortune to those around him. He fights using spells, as well as his fists, which he imbues with spiritual energy. His true name is Ufemew Wexub, which means “Eizen the Explorer”. He uses a Kharlan gold coin excavated from the ancient ruins of foreign lands as his vessel. As the vice-captain of the Aifread Pirates, he has abundant experience in dealing with the underworld, an attitude of doing as he pleases, and companions who trust deeply in him.

“My wheel is mine alone to hold…… That is my creed.”

Eizen first understood that he was a Reaper when Edna, who lived with him, was the only one whom disaster constantly fell upon. To protect his beloved sister, he left home to find a way to break the “Reaper’s Curse”. It had been ten years since he used a ship for outer seas exploration as his vessel during his search. Due to the effects of his curse, accidents occurred one after another, so the ship was considered inauspicious and was slated for disposal. But Van Aifread appeared then. The notorious pirate with high resonance was aware of the curse, but he took the Van Eltia by force anyway.

Eizen surmounted countless calamities with Aifread and his crew, and finally reached the outer continents, but he did not seek a way to break his curse. “If you were born with the power of that curse, then the curse itself is who you are.” With these words, Aifread had given positive affirmation to his power. As a result, Eizen had found a place amongst the pirates where he could live as he truly was. If he stayed with humans, one day he would undoubtedly turn into a dragon under the influence of their malevolence. Even so, he wished to live holding on to his own wheel. Only one thing bothered him—he was worried about Edna, whom he left behind…

A year ago, Aifread disappeared. To allow their ship to progress in the search for him, the pirates, led by Eizen, cooperated with the fugitive Velvet and her company. Velvet, who hated the leader of the Exorcists, was aiming for the headquarters of the Abbey, but shortly after, Eizen’s goal overlapped hers. Having escaped from the island prison, Velvet had heard rumours there about Aifread being taken off the island by the exorcist named Melchior. Also, the Abbey’s reasoning of “The many over one” went directly against the creed of Aifread and his pirates, which respects the will of each individual.

In their pursuit of Melchior, they often came up against Zaveid, who was seeking Aifread as well. Zaveid used to be a malak bound by the Abbey, but Aifread helped release his will. The two fought fair and square, and at that moment Aifread trusted him enough to leave him the treasure Siegfried, a weapon from the outer continents that the Abbey was after.

Zaveid’s creed was to save people without killing, and it clashed with the pirates’ creed until the very end. When they finally met Aifread again, he had been turned into a daemon by Melchior. He attacked indiscriminately the pirates who had risked their lives with him, as well as Zaveid, whose moral code he had appreciated. Eizen hadn’t wanted to believe that it was him, so he averted his eyes once. But in the end, to save the dignity of Aifread, who had lived his own way of life by his own will, he punched the daemon with fists of determination.

So when he learnt of Zaveid’s creed and subsequently his lover-turned-dragon, Eizen couldn’t leave them alone. He led the soul of the dragon, who had long since lost herself and attacked Zaveid, to her final resting place. For Eizen, who was already resolved to becoming a dragon one day, there was nothing he feared more than his dragonization entrapping those that he truly cared for.

When Velvet devoured the soul of Melchior, revenge for Aifread had, in a way, come to an end. But Melchior had not trapped Aifread for his own circumstances. The true culprit behind Aifread’s death was the ‘reason’ that the Abbey had been pushing. As such, Eizen chose to fight alongside Velvet till the end.

In the world where the Empyrean Innominat’s power was lost, Eizen sat on the mast of the Van Eltia. The other pirates could no longer see him. The day that he turns into a dragon was certainly approaching, and he was still concerned about Edna. But when the time comes, Zaveid would surely kill him as he wished. Upon the Van Eltia, Eizen and the pirates sailed off into the deep blue sea.

Misfortune even in the kitchen

If he flipped a coin a thousand times, the tails side, with the reaper also known as the Demon King Dhaos, would definitely land face up. If he tried to flip hamburg steaks or pancakes, the cooked side would always land face down, and if he dropped a pizza bread it would always fall on the side with ketchup on it.

Hobby of collecting antiques

He has an interest in antique artifacts, to the point where he even dipped into Edna’s secret savings to collect them. If he started sharing from his vast store of knowledge he wouldn’t stop, but when he came up against Eleanor, who was well-versed with the technicalities of antiques, she immediately raised the discrepancies between what they knew. Eleanor also viewed the antique merchant Donera with a suspicious eye, but Eizen trusted his judgment, and the Fujibayashi rod he used in the daemon fishing challenge was also purchased from him.


Eizen uses objects as his vessel. The Van Eltia was made from a natant tree more than a thousand years old, which fulfilled the requirements necessary for a vessel. The Kharlan coin was used in ancient cultures, and can likely only be used as a vessel by a malak with the power of the Reaper.

Regarding Eizen’s 'Reaper Curse’

The truth of Eizen’s blessing is, without any misconception, 'To bless a person with strict but adequate trials, so as to incite necessary growth for him’. The blessings of most earth malaks are generally types which include growth (or to give life), to raise and support. Eizen thinks that “This world isn’t too bad…”, which in itself already leads to him bringing to those around him what they often consider 'strict but adequate trials’. Though there are many injured or even killed by the trials, there are also those who survive and grow from them. Why the Aifread Pirates became known as the best pirates in the world, their ability to get past countless obstacles, not to mention their victories against the Abbey, could possibly all be attributed to Eizen’s blessing.

Translated by Daidairo

Eleanor Hume

(Tales of Berseria Official World Guidance Book)

Gender: Female
Age:  18
Height: 165cm
Voice: Koshimizu Ami
Weapon: Spear/Lance
Battle style: Exorcist Praetor
Species: Human

A serious Exorcist Praetor who always tries to do the right thing in the proper way. As someone who cannot lie to her own heart, her emotions were often displayed on her face. This caused Velvet, who was fighting against her, to call her the ‘crybaby exorcist’.

When she was young, she lost her mother to a daemon that attacked her village. The experience led her to empathize with the the Abbey’s ideals, and she aimed to bring about a world without daemons in it.

Although her spiritual energy is extremely high, she is rather weak at commanding her tethered Malaks, so she fights mainly with spear and martial arts.

“The truth that lies ahead of the path I chose… I don’t wish to avert my eyes from it.”

As an Abbey Inspector on patrol, Eleanor had to report to Headquarters as soon as possible. The threat of the female daemon, the dishonesty of the High Priest, and the giant daemon that had been contained within the Loegres Villa…… Having hastened to Artorius’ side, Eleanor met Velvet and the others a third time. Since she had already lost her power as an exorcist due to Velvet devouring her tethered malaks, Eleanor swore not to let them escape this time, and leapt into the light after them.

There, she found the malak that Velvet had taken from Teresa, suffering from malevolence. As they were in need of a pure vessel, Eleanor volunteered herself, and gave Laphicet a true name, thus forging a contract with him. She saved him from turning into a daemon, and recovered her exorcist powers at the same time. Eleanor then challenged Velvet to a duel, under the condition that if she lost, she would obey their orders from then on. But in that battle, she was not the one who personified the teachings of Artorius, the instructor whom she looked up to. 

Crying at her own incompetence, Eleanor wanted to end her own life, but, through Melchior’s artes, Artorius gave her a secret order.

“Protect the malak called Laphicet, and bring him back to the Abbey Headquarters in Loegres.”

Wishing to be of use to Artorius, Eleanor decided that she would endure all humiliation under Velvet’s hand.

Like humans, all fearsome daemons and therions, as well as the malaks they used as tools, had feelings and thoughts of their own. Travelling with Velvet and the others, Eleanor was able to see what she had never been able to see before.

After hearing the truth about daemonblight from Eizen, doubt towards the Abbey sprouted within her, and she was ashamed of having believed everything she was taught without knowing anything at all. Through learning about Velvet’s past, Eleanor also found herself unable to believe in Artorius’ methods, even though his aims were to stop the pain of the world. On top of that, the young girl Moana was changed into a therion as part of Artorius’ plans, resulting in a cruel farewell between mother and child. Eleanor’s heart was greatly shaken.

“Until I find my own 'answer’, I’ll help you protect the therions.”

Eleanor confessed to the party regarding her special mission from Artorius. She was determined to ascertain the truth, so that she could live without being ashamed of herself.

For the sake of a peaceful world, how many sacrifices was the Abbey willing to force? Having journeyed with Velvet, Eleanor refused to accept that it simply 'couldn’t be helped’. She had found an answer, although she did not know if it was the right one. To follow her heart and fight without regrets, even if it turned out to be wrong.

And finally, she saw through to the end the paths of Velvet, whom she had fought alongside, and Laphicet, who chose to become the new Empyrean in place of Innominat.

With a changed form, bearing his true name, the Empyrean Maotelus spread his blessings. Eleanor was first in line to help rebuild the chaotic world, for she had already decided what she wanted to do in those days when she stood at the side of the Lord of Calamity. Even if it took more than a thousand years, for the sake of humans, daemons and malaks, she would do whatever she had to.

Spinach and Saleh'toma

Eleanor dislikes spinach. When Velvet was making her special quiche in the illusionary Aball Village, Eleanor requested for her to leave the spinach out. Although she used to like it, she changed her mind after eating saleh'toma as a child. The medicine, which tasted so bad it was said to make even daemons cry, had a bitter and raw medicine taste reminiscent of spinach.

Fishing Expert!?

When Eleanor was young, she was taught to fish by the Old Man Teneb, who lived in the same village as her. She has confidence in her fishing skills, remembering how she had fished up a hundred Triet Loaches in the past. When the Van Eltia was on their fishing expedition, she took Laphicet in hand, teaching the newcomer to fishing how to set lures and coordinate his timing. 

Translated by Daidairo