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In Pronyma’s youth as a regular half-elf she was routinely mocked and bullied by her peers. Because of her strong magical aptitude she was later used as a living weapon. She believed it would be her fate to die on a battlefield until the day that Yggdrasil saved her. From that day on she made it her goal in life to do anything to make the hero of the half-elves, and her own personal savior, happy and to be useful to him. [2]

Pronyma became the leader of the Grand Cardinals at some point after going on a mission with the Forcystus and Magnius to strengthen the Nilfheim seal. [1] She lives in the basement of the Tower of Salvation where she oversees the Grand Cardinals in the declining world and the Church of Martel in the flourishing world. She makes regular trips to Welgaia to discuss plans for the Desians with the Angels there. The Angels routinely admonish her for speaking badly of Kratos.  At the same time the other Grand Cardinals view her with contempt and jealousy because she’s the closest to the Angels. This used to be very painful for her but as time passed she became numb to it. [2]


Pronyma loathes Kratos, partially because he’s a human; but also because of how badly he hurt Yggdrasill when he left Cruxis and was found “playing house with a human girl”. She feels that he cannot be trusted under any circumstances and when she discovered that he’d been sent on the Chosen’s Journey of Regeneration she was angry beyond belief that a traitor like him would be sent on such an important mission. She convinced herself that Kratos must have begged to be sent and did not think it was a coincidence that his son reappeared with the Angelus Project exsphere at such a crucial moment. [2]

During that time period, Pronyma was also investigating suspicious activity from Kvar and Rodyle.[2] She managed to uncover Kvar’s involvement in the construction of a mana cannon in the declining world and was prepared to expose him to Yggdrasill. She had been discussing this matter with him via hologram when Lloyd and his group burst into the room. [1] She pretended to cut off the transmission after issuing a final warning to him, but in actuality was still watching the exchange to see what Kratos would do. After Colette took the hit from Kvar that was meant for Lloyd she was overwhelmed with fear until she realized Colette was in the third stage of her angel transformation and wouldn’t be killed by such a blow. [2]

Later Pronyma uncovered log records showing that Rodyle had used Magnius’ ID to cross dimensions to Tethe'alla. [2] Sometime after the attempt to recapture Colette on the Fooji mountains,[1] she managed to track Rodyle down to a residence on the outskirts of Ozette. She found Kratos in the area as well and the two exchanged information. She discovered that Rodyle had been manipulating Altessa, a dwarf who fled from Cruxis 40 years prior that Yggdrasill had ordered Kratos to locate. They had an argument on how to proceed with their current information. Kratos eventually convinced her to report to Yggdrasill with the information on Altessa and leave Rodyle be for the moment. [2]

She found it odd that Yuan had been present at the Fooji mountains during the Chosen’s attempted capture. She later reported to Yggdrasill that it was suspicious that Yuan had not been able to locate Altessa in Tethe'alla even though he was the supervisor for that world. Her report was then cut short by an Angel who arrived to inform them that the Volt-Undine mana link had been severed. [2]

Making a quick guess that Lloyd and his friends were planning to use Volt to make the Rheairds fly, Pronyma began to worry that they might be planning to sever the other links and what might happen if they allied with he Renegades to accomplish that. She ran a simulation of that scenario on the Cruxis Core system which illustrated that both worlds would be destroyed by the dimensions dragging over one another over Derris-Kharlan and the Great Seed. After delivering a report about the potential calamity to Yggdrasill he told her he didn’t care. [2]

Pronyma did not want the worlds to die and knew Yggdrasill’s overwhelming grief was hindering his ability to think rationally. She was left with no other choice but to go to Kratos for help with stopping the pacts. When she informed him of the situation Kratos seemed stunned that Yggdrasill was so unconcerned. Pronyma snapped at his reaction, shouting at him “Whose fault do you think it is that he became like that!?”. [2]

Kratos agreed with Pronyma’s plan to rendezvous with Lloyd’s group at the Mana Tower to stop their pact with Luna. Before leaving he requested that she order the other Grand Cardinals to attempt to stop Lloyd as well. Pronyma said she would try but Forcystus was the only one who was still alive. Kratos seemed confused and when he asked what had happened to Rodyle she replied “I gifted Rodyle with the means of death all traitors deserve”. [2]


After that matter was settled Pronyma spent her time keeping tabs on Kratos under Yggdrasill’s orders, a task she performed vigilantly. Both her and Yggdrasill also made arrangements with Zelos to arrange for Colette’s capture in exchange for being relieved from his duties as the flourishing world chosen. After Colette’s capture Pronyma oversaw the Angel’s making arrangements to have Martel moved into Colette’s body. When Lloyd and his group came rushing in, Yggdrasill blamed her for them still being alive. She attempted to wipe them out, but was overpowered. Weak and wounded she called out to Yggdrasill in pain pleading for help. He was apathetic to her pleas until she called him Mithos. Yggdrasill responded by telling her she didn’t have the right to use that name and killed her without another thought. [1]

NOTE: I know this has always been a point of confusion for the fandom and I finally got a confirmation on it. Pronyma only has an exsphere, neither she nor anyone else in the Desian rank has a cruxis crystal. [2]