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Tales of Rebirth

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Subbed by Flamingo Bubbles

Tales of the Abyss

Special Fandisc

Doctor Jade

Luke: Mmh...
Guy: What's wrong, Luke?
Mieu: Master?
Luke: My head hurts...
Guy: Those headaches again?
Luke: Seems a bit different. Besides, my throat feels sore and I'm shivering.
Guy: Hey, those are all symptoms of a cold.
Mieu: Oh no! Please, you have to rest now!
Luke: It's not that bad. It'll go away on its own.
Guy: No, a cold may lead to all kind of diseases. You'd better see a doctor.
Luke: I don't need that! Look, I'm fine now! See? One, two, one, two, one, two, three--
Guy: Luke! I know you don't like pills and shots, but you're not a kid anymore. Let's go see a doctor now.
Luke: I don't wanna!
Guy: There, come.
Luke: Stop it.
Mieu: Mieu~
Jade: Oh? Did anyone call me?
Luke&Guy&Mieu: Whoa!
Luke: What's with the outfit?
Jade: You don't get it?
Luke: You're not playing doctor, are you?
Jade: Oh, but I am.
Guy: Sorry for asking, sir, but... do you have a license?
Jade: I believe I do. So, Luke, let me examine you.
Mieu: That's great, Master! We can relax now!
Luke: No we can't! We don't know what he'll do to me if I let him examine me!
Guy: T-True...
Jade: Oh, you shouldn't say that. I am quite sure of my skills. Anyway, I shall examine you now.
Luke: No!
Mieu: Ah, Master!
Anise: Ah, Luke!
Luke: Whoa!
Anise: I found Asch walking around aimlessly, so I caught him!
Guy: C-Caught?
Asch: Let go of me!
Mieu: Mieu? It seems like Asch is pale too.
Guy: You're right. What's wrong?
Asch: Nothing... *cough cough*
Luke: *cough cough* Hey! Don't tell me that the reason I'm not feeling well is because your cold is affecting me?
Asch: Like hell! I'm not weak like you! This is noth-- *cough cough*
Luke: *cough cough* Don't say that! Do someth-- *cough cough*
Asch: *cough cough*
Luke: *cough cough*
Guy: They both really have a bad cold.
Mieu: Master and Asch look in pain.
Jade: So it's my turn to act, after all. Anise~
Anise: Heeere! What is it, Colonel?
Jade: Could you hold them still?
Anise: Of course! Leave-it-to-me! Tokunaga will do that for us!
Luke: H-Hey, Jade?
Asch: What are you planning to do?
Jade: Why, I will cure your cold in one try with this special medicine I have prepared myself.
Luke&Asch: Huh!
Jade: Don't worry, there are no secondary effects... I think.
Luke&Asch: Liar!
Anise: Right~ The patients should stay still~
Asch: Let me go, you--
Anise: It will be over soon~
Luke: Uwah!
Jade: This will sting a little.
Luke&Asch: Gyaaah!
Luke: Asch, you take the shot first!
Asch: No way! You do it, dreck!
Luke: Aren't you not weak like me? Are you just all talk?
Asch: I'm not! Fine! Hey, if you want to prick me, then bring it on!
Jade: May I?
Anise: How long are you going to keep this up?
Guy: I... I hope it'll cure their cold.
Mieu: I prefer Master when he's healthy.
Luke: Haaa...
Asch: Uuuh...
Luke: All it did is make me feel worse, dammit!
Asch: Dammit!
Jade: Heheh♥

Translated by Yume

Tales of the World: Reve Unitia

Jade-Julius Favorability Skit

Yuri-Luke Favorability Skit

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Subbed by Eirlys-Tylluan and DimensionSlip