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Tales of Rebirth

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Subbed by Flamingo Bubbles

Tales of the Abyss

Special Fandisc

Doctor Jade

Luke: Mmh...
Guy: What's wrong, Luke?
Mieu: Master?
Luke: My head hurts...
Guy: Those headaches again?
Luke: Seems a bit different. Besides, my throat feels sore and I'm shivering.
Guy: Hey, those are all symptoms of a cold.
Mieu: Oh no! Please, you have to rest now!
Luke: It's not that bad. It'll go away on its own.
Guy: No, a cold may lead to all kind of diseases. You'd better see a doctor.
Luke: I don't need that! Look, I'm fine now! See? One, two, one, two, one, two, three--
Guy: Luke! I know you don't like pills and shots, but you're not a kid anymore. Let's go see a doctor now.
Luke: I don't wanna!
Guy: There, come.
Luke: Stop it.
Mieu: Mieu~
Jade: Oh? Did anyone call me?
Luke&Guy&Mieu: Whoa!
Luke: What's with the outfit?
Jade: You don't get it?
Luke: You're not playing doctor, are you?
Jade: Oh, but I am.
Guy: Sorry for asking, sir, but... do you have a license?
Jade: I believe I do. So, Luke, let me examine you.
Mieu: That's great, Master! We can relax now!
Luke: No we can't! We don't know what he'll do to me if I let him examine me!
Guy: T-True...
Jade: Oh, you shouldn't say that. I am quite sure of my skills. Anyway, I shall examine you now.
Luke: No!
Mieu: Ah, Master!
Anise: Ah, Luke!
Luke: Whoa!
Anise: I found Asch walking around aimlessly, so I caught him!
Guy: C-Caught?
Asch: Let go of me!
Mieu: Mieu? It seems like Asch is pale too.
Guy: You're right. What's wrong?
Asch: Nothing... *cough cough*
Luke: *cough cough* Hey! Don't tell me that the reason I'm not feeling well is because your cold is affecting me?
Asch: Like hell! I'm not weak like you! This is noth-- *cough cough*
Luke: *cough cough* Don't say that! Do someth-- *cough cough*
Asch: *cough cough*
Luke: *cough cough*
Guy: They both really have a bad cold.
Mieu: Master and Asch look in pain.
Jade: So it's my turn to act, after all. Anise~
Anise: Heeere! What is it, Colonel?
Jade: Could you hold them still?
Anise: Of course! Leave-it-to-me! Tokunaga will do that for us!
Luke: H-Hey, Jade?
Asch: What are you planning to do?
Jade: Why, I will cure your cold in one try with this special medicine I have prepared myself.
Luke&Asch: Huh!
Jade: Don't worry, there are no secondary effects... I think.
Luke&Asch: Liar!
Anise: Right~ The patients should stay still~
Asch: Let me go, you--
Anise: It will be over soon~
Luke: Uwah!
Jade: This will sting a little.
Luke&Asch: Gyaaah!
Luke: Asch, you take the shot first!
Asch: No way! You do it, dreck!
Luke: Aren't you not weak like me? Are you just all talk?
Asch: I'm not! Fine! Hey, if you want to prick me, then bring it on!
Jade: May I?
Anise: How long are you going to keep this up?
Guy: I... I hope it'll cure their cold.
Mieu: I prefer Master when he's healthy.
Luke: Haaa...
Asch: Uuuh...
Luke: All it did is make me feel worse, dammit!
Asch: Dammit!
Jade: Heheh♥

Translated by Yume

Tales of Xillia
Original Skits

How to Handle a GHS - A ToX2 WG Book Original Skit
Milla: GHS are interesting devices. Are they hard to use, Gaius?
Gaius: Why are you asking me?
Milla: Well, because I see you have one. Is there a problem?
Gaius: ...No, there isn't. The first thing you must be careful about is the power switch. GHS use starts and ends from there.
Musee: If you push on the button too strongly like a certain someone, it's the GHS itself that ends, so be careful ♪
Gaius: ...The second thing you should watch out for is the power charge. You have to plug it in at least once a day. Don't forget.
Rowen: And if you forget to plug it in, don't worry, it's not broken. Please don't panic like a certain person I know.
Gaius: ......
Milla: I see. It's a delicate tool, it seems. I'd like to use one, but maybe it's too hard...
Rowen: Oh, please don't say that. Just try. It would be wonderful to be able to text the Lord of Spirits.
Gaius: Indeed, you have nothing to fear. Once you master it, it becomes a useful tool.
Musee: Coming from someone who broke twelve of them before he could master it, your advice is valuable indeed ♪

Who is Gaius? - A Fan's Bible Special Skit
Jude: Gaius won the coliseum when he was only 12, right? He was already amazing at that age.
Gaius: In the past, you proved your worth by your prowess with a sword. As someone who was to become leader of my tribe, it was my duty to master an arte or two.
Jude: An arte or two, you say! When I was 12, I was doing nothing but study for my entrance exam at Talim school! I couldn't have done the same.
Leia: Plus, with how mom was nagging us, saying "your muscles will soften if you skip one day of training," you also had to focus on training during all your free time.
Agria: Hah! Look at you, trying to compare yourselves with His Highness when you led such spoiled lives. You're hilarious.
Leia: Hey, do you really have to put it that way?
Alvin: As for me, I was in the middle of my rebel phase, shouldering hardships put upon me by my dear, kind uncle.
Milla: I was attacking Exodus bases with the Four from time to time, destroying spyrixes and figuring out ways to accomplish my mission as Maxwell.
Alvin: You were already so focused on your mission when you were young. You burned down our secret hideouts to the ground. You really got us stumped.
Rowen: Once upon a time...
Teepo: When Rowen was 12, that was 50 years ago, right? Wasn't it when scary dinosaurs were roaming the earth?
Elize: If group fights count, then I also won the coliseum at 12. Right, Teepo?
Gaius: What? How promising. What would you say to working under me...
Wingul: Your Highness. Haven't I already told you to please stop trying to recruit every and any strong person you encounter...?

Who is Wingul? - A Fan's Bible Special Skit
Rowen: Wingul, what would you say to sharing a glass with me tonight? I have saved a bottle of Moonlight for the occasion.
Wingul: Oh, if it isn't former Chief of Staff Ilbert. Choosing such a fine brand... I see you are truly from one of the Six Houses.
Rowen: Oh, I am just from a branch house, nothing impressive. But I have acquired some knowledge of good wines while serving the Sharil.
Wingul: As you wish. I shall empty my glass at the Conductor's guidance tonight.
Rowen: ...Ho ho. This rich aroma, like the perfume of a maiden, and this unusual but beautiful shine... This is a most delightful wine. And it goes really well with a generously-filled fruits cheese from Hamil.
Wingul: Of course. They were both born from His Highness pouring his heart and soul into developping grain-producing regions. Rashugal cannot produce anything of this quality. In Auj Oule, we offer our thanks to harvests and grow crops in regions fit for fields and unlacking in rich soil. These methods of agriculture have been passed down from generation to generation. This is an important part of our country's proud history.
Rowen: I see. So you are careful to work with the earth's natural disposition. This is indeed important. But what happens in regions that are not as fertile as Hamil? When civilations grow, people gather. Barely scraping by to live is not what I would call a rich life.
Wingul: This is why we are letting each tribe administer their domains according to their own traditions. Our king believes that development must come from techniques rooted in the region.
Rowen: Rashugal will not lose on that front either. Using the Sapstrath region's fertile spirit clime...
Wingul: However, catching up with Auj Oule's rapid progress is impossible, no matter how much you try to meddle.
Rowen: Not at all. "At 50 I knew the will of Heaven, at 60 my ears were attuned," as the proverb says. My life is far from over.
Presa: ...No matter what he says, those two are really on the same wavelength. I'm envious, "drinking buddy."

Who is Jiao? - A Fan's Bible Special Skit
Elize: Jiao is so big.
Teepo: And his coat is so fluffy. It feels nice~
Jiao: Is that so? Then, don't hold back, come ride on my shoulders. You girls can come too.
Milla: Jiao does look pretty reliable with how big he is.
Leia: Yes! He even swept out the Elympion army like it was nothing.
Rowen: I can see his body is as tough as steel thanks to serious practice on the battlefield. Gaius must feel secure with such excellent men at his side.
Alvin: He can also order monsters around with "beastcraft". When you think about it, aren't you kind of invincible?
Jiao: Not at all. My size often causes me trouble.
Leia: Like you can't find clothes your size anywhere?
Teepo: Or you get scolded often by the guy in black because you eat a lot?
Elize: You can't see the ground, so you trip a lot?
Rowen: You suffer from joint pain, dim sight and shortness of breath...
Jude: I think you're talking about yourself, not Jiao. Here, I'll massage you.
Jiao: Hah hah hah. Sorry, but you're all wrong.
Teepo: So what troubles you?
Jiao: To tell the truth, I can't ride in Kanbalar's mountain slidecars! So when I go back to the castle, I always have to climb the mountain by myself.
Teepo: That reminds me, when we met in front of the fountain, you were walking up to the castle.
Elize: Jiao, I'm cheering for you. I know it's hard, but please do your best!
Jiao: Elize...! You are such a kind girl...

Who is Presa? - A Fan's Bible Special Skit
Elize: What is Presa's tail used for?
Leia: Isn't it just fashion? Like, she's got animal masks on her knees and stuff. She's just keeping in theme with her old codename "Mink".
Jude: Since she's part of the Chimeriad, it must be some Auj Oule lucky charm. Like, to pray for victory to the god of battles or something.
Milla: I personally think it moves on its own without her input. Just like how dogs wag their tail when they get excited!
Juda: Milla, you're comparing humans to animals again...
Teepo: Maybe she uses it to scratch spots her hands can't reach.
Elize: Maybe it's a booster, like Teepo.
Rowen: No way...or so I'd like to say, but I admit I am a little interested as well. Imagine that: a gentle old man with boosters in the shape of ears and tail. My enemies would lower their guard because of my cuteness.
Leia: Hey, Presa, what's your tail for?
Presa: It's to keep bad wolves away.
Jude: Bad wolves? Like the sylvan wolves we encountered in Sapstrath Deepwood?
Alvin: Yo, Presa. Here you are. Say, how about we forget about the past and get close again?
Presa: ......
Alvin: You know, we had such good chemistry. Just like old times, until dawn, we could... Ouch! Wh- Hey, don't hit me with your tail! Thought it was fishy you let me hold your hand. Ow, stop!
Presa: Do you get it now?
Jude: Bad wolves...
Leia: That's what it meant.
Presa: Beware of the big bad wolf, okay?

Who is Agria? - A Fan's Bible Special Skit
Agria: Pimple. Phony nurse. Harpy.
Leia: I told you I've stopped working as a nurse and am seriously thinking about my future. Also stop calling me "pimple".
Agria: Ah ha ha ha ha. I'll keep calling you that until you fall into the pit of despair.
Teepo: Agria's just pretending to be mean, but deep down she's a kind-hearted girl. She's always gentle with her bird.
Agria: What?! What the heck is up with that cucumber-like doll? I'll cut you in two and rip out your stuffing!
Teepo: Gyaaa! Stop!
Rowen: Agria is from Rashugal's House Travis, but chose to live as one of Auj Oule's Chimeriad.
Driselle: Oh my, she works for Auj Oule despite being born in Rashugal? To fight alongside the king of the enemy country... She must have her reasons...
Agria: I don't need some noble from the Six Houses acting like she understands. My life belongs to His Highness, that's all.
Presa: She's so rude and unrefined no one would guess she comes from a noble house.
Jude: That's true. She even kicked me when I was passed out at the marsh...
Gaius: Hmm... I see Agria has been causing you trouble.
Agria: Y... Your Highness...!
Gaius: I am thankful for the good work you always put in for Auj Oule.
Presa: Heh heh. She's only humble in front of His Highness.
Leia: She would be so much cuter if she was always like this.
Agria: What the? D'you want to have a duel against me with your puny little stick?
Rowen: She is quite difficult for many reasons, but she truly is a nice lady. ...I think...
Translated by Yume

Tales of the World: Reve Unitia

Jade-Julius Favorability Skit

Yuri-Luke Favorability Skit

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Subbed by Eirlys-Tylluan and DimensionSlip