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Tales of the Abyss

Brilliant World

I run with the wind through the land bathed in light
A little light was lit in my heart

I now overcome yesterday’s fear
Facing a great distance with a waking heart

If you reach out with both hands
You can reach that hope
Even if it only glows faintly

We will look for the future we wished for somewhere in this unknown world
In order to give a reason to our fragile existence

The little stream flowing through the singing plains
Will one day grow and spread to the sea

I will never ever forget the look in your eyes
When you were looking over me when I was anxious

A melody that resounds beyond the horizon
Overcomes little weaknesses
Let’s take flight

An uncontrollable free wish fills my body
Let’s bear our loneliness and move on
Until the day we meet

Even if I get hurt
Even if the future looks grim
I want to glow with a smile

We will find the future we wished for somewhere in this unknown world
In order to give a reason to our fragile existence


Countless silhouettes go by
Exchanging friendly chats

They dream of promised luxury
They build fortresses

They aim for
Distant heights

A Great Livelihood

We must express our gratitude to a song announcing joy
All the trials leading to the promised delight are our guides

Let’s not be disturbed by the sorrowful fate read to us
And let’s live peacefully, wishing for happiness beyond

On sunny days, on rainy days
We are always protecting our livelihood

I wish benediction upon
Everyone living on this blessed land
Prayers scattered in the distant sky
Watch over me for all eternity

Wishing for a lost future means going against life
A music keeps flowing swiftly around the planet

On sunny days, on rainy days
We are always carving a certain tomorrow

I wish benediction upon
Everyone living under thy holy protection
Prayers sleeping in the distance
Watch over me for all eternity

Eternal Snow and Blame

Immaculate snow
Lays thick in silence

Kindness, a distant smile
A sin (a beginning)
Everything (as that day)

Countless memories
Lay thick in my heart

Cutting through blame, standing still
The city (unchanging)
In white (now and forever)
Is dyed

At The End of The Memory

Squirming expectations
Approaching ruin and despair
The balance is fragile


Another one

Where is the world I believed in
Heading to?

It is hanging on, clinging 
To a single memory

The place it reaches is…?

Labyrinth of Loneliness

If I endlessly ring a noiseless bell of memories
Will its melody reach you?

Sadness has no end
So I open the door concealed in my heart

Let us head further
A touch of hope dropped to the bottom of my heart

Even if this lovely flower rots
Even if the overflowing fountain dries up
I will keep wandering around this labyrinth of loneliness
I express a distant vow

Love is the color of a flame
If my wish comes true, I want it to reflect eternity

I want to believe, like that day
That my place is only by your side

I cannot break away from a fate decided by someone else
Where should I go then?

Even if the flying bird disappears
Even if the clear sound of rain stops
I cannot resist my passion in this unsolvable labyrinth
I aim for a distant future


Every being born on this dark planet
Dwells deep inside of me

Even when their eyes look frightened and delusionnal
A holy wind is blowing to save their straying hearts

Now revive, o great wave
With a voice that makes the sky tremble
O precious melody that guides us toward light
Resound toward a decided future

As they hide an uncurable wound
What are those eyes gazing at?

The temple of melodies will never disappear
If sadness is dancing, you can call out to the one dozing off in the abyss

Now revive, o blessed heavens
Aura that melts pain
O spiral of prayers that guides us to the future
Sing beyond the sins

Fall, o rain of hope
Transcend distant history

In order to win back lost peace once more


For whose sake do I live or disappear?
Now that the dice is cast, I finally understand

I want to give rather than take
But making that decision means the fall of someone else

There was peace, even if it was just a make-believe
Let’s forget the sadness that prevents us
From believing that our smiles, at least, were real

I’ll come back 
I’ll come back to you
So instead of spending your nights crying, waiting for dawn
Dream beautiful dreams
I silently walk the quiet path of hope
I staked my life on this oath to myself

My wanderings are cold and scary
I whisper something I wasn’t supposed to say aloud

I blamed others for my loneliness
I was held to impossible expectations
But I promised to change, whatever the price

I run ahead, forgetting what courage is
A flame dwells in the ones who fight with kindness
I dream for a brief moment
Wait for me
I think it will take a long time
But I will pray so that it is over a little sooner

I’ll come back
I’ll come back to you
So instead of spending your nights crying, waiting for dawn
Dream beautiful dreams
I silently walk the quiet path of hope
I staked my life on this oath to myself

I swear it upon my strong heart

An Aria Spinning in the Wind

My memories pour down, reflecting a sin already forgiven
I’ve always tried to act strong, but now I’m about to give in

I recall distant days filled with laughter
I cannot turn back now, and I spread the wings in my heart

I am playing an aria that spins in the wind, filling it with prayers
Even if eternal sadness shakes me
I still believe that one day I’ll meet the light

Every time I wish to protect you, I overcome all this piercing pain
And softly swear to the sky that I will never give up

Courage dwells in my eyes, just like in those
Of that little girl who was always crying

This is an aria spinning in the wind 
I will do whatever it takes to bring back the truth
This is the fate I have chosen.


Like following on the markings
On a map given to me
I find it easy to rely on something

What is important is to make the choice
To believe that I am here now
My heart is overflowing with
My memories and my existence

All I made was mistakes
But if there is a meaning to my life
Then I will start going forward

I stood still, unable to do anything
Because I could not accept your words
I’ll embrace the pain and regrets
Bear the burden
And live

The music that links us
Made me realize
That I was me
It’s all right, I can stand up

The world is very complicated
There isn’t only one answer
But now…

Because I wanted to protect you; because I wanted to go on
I held my sword firmly 
Even if I had to face the gentle memories of my past
And oppose the future

I kept on searching for something that I had always lacked
But it was right here from the start
I will never let go of my place
And those who are dear to me
I won’t lose

Translated by Yume