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Tales of Xillia Short Story: The Day Milla "Maxwell" Was Born

This is a summary/info dumping of the short story "The Day Milla Maxwell Was Born" from the Tales of Xillia Official World Guidance Book.

It takes place 14 years before Xillia 1, in Trames 2279/Primia 4290, when Milla destroyed an Exodus base when she was six. In this story, Jude is 1, Ivar 2, Milla 6, Alvin 12, Gilland 21, Leticia 32, Derrick 33 and Ellen 37.

Milla’s Shrine is one hour away from Nia Khera by foot.

Ivar could already talk to monsters at 2.

Back then, Milla was like a normal little girl, and she didn’t really understand what it was to be Maxwell yet. She actually didn’t like the four spirits nagging her about it too much.

One day when she was a bit younger, she left the shrine while the spirits were away and went to the village. She watched children play and wanted to try playing too, but she wasn’t sure how to ask or if she should, so she didn’t reveal herself. When the spirits came back, she lied about what she’d been doing; that was the first time in her life that she lied. She’d read about lies in a book and knew that it was something all humans did, but until then she’d never really understood what it was. This new experience made her very excited and that’s when she started getting a real interest in humans.

When a spyrix is used and lesser spirits die, their cries can be heard by Milla and the great spirits. This is how they were able to pinpoint the location of Exodus’s base.

That day was the first time the spirits told her about Exodus and decided to take her with them. Until then, they’d fought Exodus on their own.

The Zenethra disappeared the day experiments to find Rieze Maxia were made in Elympios. (A prototype of the Lance of Kresnik was fired and made a hole in the Shell, through which the Zenethra went, along with a tsunami.) The case was closed by Elympion officials on 10/02/4284 (Primia calendar).

There were originally 1,000 people on the Zenethra. Six years after they came to Rieze Maxia, there were only a bit more than 300 left.

Each time they used powerful spyrixes, they got attacked. It took them a while to correlate the two, but since then they’ve stopped using powerful spyrixes and managed to hide from the four spirits.

At the time of the story, they live on a small island North of Leronde but in Ajur. At first they’d tried to mix with Rieze Maxians but since they couldn’t use spirit artes and life in Rieze Maxia depends on them a lot, they could never mix well within the population. So most returned to the Zenethra and then they found that island. There was a village there but it was abandoned.

Among the Elympion that were on the Zenethra and who survived to this day, there were around 20 scientists, engineers, researchers etc, some of them very famous in Elympios. They transformed an abandoned school into their research lab. There, they researched ways to go back to Elympios.

Gilland contacted Elympios by chance (but in doing so used a powerful spyrix, which alerted the spirits and Milla of their location).

Gilland started thinking of using Rieze Maxians, and Derrick heard some of his mutterings to himself. Derrick was unsettled by what he heard, because he had married a Rieze Maxian in secret and didn’t want anything to happen to his wife and son.

When they arrived on the island, Undine, Sylph and Efreet left to investigate, and Milla was left behind with Gnome. However, she managed to ditch him and went to explore the forest. She got lost and stumbled upon two children from the village, who played with her for a bit. They gave her a glass bead as souvenir and, thinking she was from the village, brought her there before parting ways.

Back then, Derrick was living with Ellen, but was still working for Exodus, so he went to the island for a few hours each day. At first, Ellen thought he was having an affair, but he denied it. She tried to believe him, but eventually decided to follow him one day, which she did the day Milla came to the island. She brought Jude along with her.

She saw Derrick enter a big building and tried to follow him, but she was stopped by a guy who told her that children couldn’t go in there. He proposed to have his mother, who lived in a nearby house, look after him in the meanwhile. She reluctantly handed Jude over and went after Derrick.

Meanwhile, Milla, who was wandering around the village, arrived near the house Jude was in and heard his cries. The woman who was supposed to look after him was away buying groceries, and Milla entered the house to find the source of the noise. She wasn’t used to babies and was intrigued, if a bit intimidated, by Jude. She started poking at his cheeks, which made him laugh and they spent a few minutes playing like this. But then Jude started crying again, and Milla panicked, not knowing what to do. Jude accidentally grabbed her crowing glory and started pulling, which hurt her. She started crying as well and eventually left the house still holding Jude, the both of them crying.

Ellen caught up with Derrick and tried to interrogate him, but at first he just told her it wasn’t her business. When the Zenethra arrived in Rieze Maxia, Derrick started to work as a wandering doctor going to remote villages where getting treatment could be difficult. That’s how he ended up meeting Ellen. He also learned that Rieze Maxians didn’t know anything about Elympios, and so kept his origin hidden from her. The reason he still worked with Exodus was because he couldn’t abandon his fellow Elympions, so he led a double life – doctor in Rieze Maxia, searcher for Exodus. However, now that he had a child, he was looking for a way to quietly ditch Exodus. Now that she’d found him, he resolved to leave now, but first he had to go to the research lab to destroy his papers so as not to leave a trace. However, before he could leave for the lab, the guy who’d taken Jude from Ellen came in to tell her that Jude had disappeared.

Milla wandered with Jude in the village, not quite sure what to do with him. She tried to leave him behind a few times, but something in her always stopped her, so she ended up keeping him.

In the lab, Alvin went to Gilland’s room (the people working at the lab all have their own room there) and knocked, but no answer came. He hesitated whether to enter or not. He knew that Gilland was in the room, but he had a vague idea of what he’d find there and he didn’t really want to see it. However, he had to give his report, and he knew he’d be punished if he didn’t, so he switched his emotions off and entered the room. The room was dark and smelled of tobacco and sex. Gilland was sitting at his desk smoking, with only his pants on. Alvin gave him what he’d come to bring: a copy of the love letters the Exodus leader Gilbert was sending to his Rieze Maxian girlfriend. Gilbert was a soldier in his thirties who’d taken the role of leader to the stranded Elympions, but he and Gilland didn’t get along and Gilland was looking for a way to get rid of him. Since Gilbert had a secret Rieze Maxian girlfriend, Gilland was hoping to stir up a scandal around him, and for that he sent Alvin spying on him.

He’d promised Alvin to give him back his father’s golden pistol (the symbol of the Svent family head) if Alvin accomplished his mission, but of course it was a lie, which Gilland rubbed in his face. Alvin then threatened to tell Gilbert what was happening but Gilland told him it’d be no use, the only thing he’d accomplish doing that was reveal to Gilbert that he himself was a traitor. Alvin accepted defeat and tried to leave, but Gilland held him back and told him to say hello to his mother.

Leticia was hiding on the bed under the sheets, but she revealed herself at Gilland’s words. She told Alvin that she wasn’t feeling well so uncle Gilland was taking care of her (to which Gilland added that he was taking good care of her all right), but Alvin wasn’t fooled and left as quickly as he could.

Leticia had been weak and sickly ever since she gave birth to Alvin, and Alvin’s father had brought them all on that cruise for her, to try and lift her spirits. But the tsunami happened and Alvin’s father was swept away by the waves. Stranded in Rieze Maxia with nothing to do, she latched onto Gilland for support, and he took advantage of her weakness. Alvin had walked in on them before, and thus learned the truth about their relationship, but Leticia still thought Alvin didn’t know and she lied to him about it. Ever since that day, Alvin began to close his heart more and more.

Back to Milla, she and Jude fell asleep on a carriage for a while, and when they woke up they found themselves in a different place. It was already night and Milla felt scared without the spirits around her. There was also Jude, who’d started crying again. Milla tried to remember what the books she’d read were saying about babies, and she deduced that he was hungry. She tried to breastfeed him like she’d read in the book, but it didn’t really work. She then decided to enter the nearest building –the research lab– to see if she could find food there.

Meanwhile, Gilland went back to the transmitter and tried to contact Elympios once more. Since it wasn’t working well, he raised the power of the spyrix, but at that moment the building started shaking violently. He left the room and her and other searchers found the source of the shaking: a part of the building was engulfed in fire and water, the walls were crumbling and a giant hurricane was raging.

When Gilland had raised the power, Milla’s ears started to hurt from the shrieks of dying lesser spirits, and then the building came under attack and the shocks sent her flying in all directions, but she always held on to the baby. His cries were, for some reason, soothing the pain of the spirits’ shrieks in her ears and turning her fear into courage. She was engulfed by the fire and her skin started to burn, but all she could think about was how she had to protect this tiny human. She focused her mind and the words came to her naturally: “Come, Great Four.”

The four spirits appeared before her, effectively summoned for the first time, and they immediately noticed that something had changed about her. Gone was her childlike behavior, now she was fully awaken as “Maxwell”. She ordered the spirits to destroy all the spyrixes they could find in the lab.

She and the spirits were seen by Gilland as he escaped, and as he was the only one who saw them who had survived, he thought that he would be able to use this information to his advantage.

Alvin and his mother also escaped unharmed, though the shock was big on her.

Derrick and Ellen had arrived to the lab as it was being destroyed. They went there because they’d heard that their baby was seen near it. For a moment, they feared for his life, but they eventually found him in an abandoned carriage nearby, safe but hungry. He had on his cheek the small trace of a kiss.

Summarized by Yume