Tales of Translations

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Tales of Destiny

Original Ideas

The main character Fin Aileron set out on a journey to find Lens, which contains a great deal of power. His aim was to sell Lens for money. He snuck onto the Draconis, pirates attacked, and when he escaped to the storehouse, he found the Swordian Dymlos.

After defeating the pirates and escaping from the Draconis, he met Rutee, who held the Swordian Atwight. Rutee, who was asked to hunt Lens by the King of Seinegald, asked Fin for his assistance. Also by order of the king, Leon who held the Swordian Chaltier joined them.

At an auction, they find and rescue Clemente. As they continue their journey, they discover that the savage tribe Greybaum has hold of Lens.

Seinegald is at war with Greybaum. Fin and the others take part and are captured by Greybaum. Greybaum general Woodrow visits them in prison. He holds the Swordian Igtenos, and is actually the son of the original King of Greybaum, whom the current king murdered. He asks Fin and the others for assistance in revenge.

With Woodrow, they defeat the king of Greybaum, find the Lens they had been hunting for and return to Seinegald. Suddenly, the King’s assistant Hugo changes. He is actually the wielder of the Swordian Belserius. Taking the Lens from them, he takes the King hostage and asks for the surrender of the temple. At this time, they learn that Leon is Hugo’s son Emilio. He leaves the party.

The party chases after Hugo. Leon stands in their way. When Fin was about to kill Leon, his maid Marian shields him and dies instead. Leon is despaired,and then the ground breaks. Although Fin and the others escaped, it is unknown if Leon survived.

Hugo takes over the temple and begins to lay waste to the world using the power of the Lens. Fin and the others are moving about trying to protect people, when they find an ancient book. Once, there were people who used the power of Swordians to call down a comet upon the planet, and the world was almost destroyed. Also, because of the impact of the comet, there was a crack in the planet, and the roots of the World Tree are stable in it.

Igtenos had originally lost his memory, but it was recovered thanks to a pendant. Belserius takes over Hugo and causes the World Tree to wilt. He intended to use the power of the World Tree to take over the world.

The party chases after Hugo, but then Lion, thought to be dead, reappears. When Hugo released the magic, suddenly the comet that once threatened the world years ago reappears in the sky. Although they manage to defeat Hugo somehow, they did not have magic to defend against the comet. Leon finally unleashes the power of the Lens and attacks the comet directly with it. Although this successfully destroys the comet, the impact also destroys the World Tree.

Having lost his original host Hugo, Belserius next takes over Leon. The party chases after him, and find him in a closed room beneath the ground. There are two ice coffins placed by a statue in the middle of the room; in it were two women who looked very alike. One was Marian, and the other was Rutee’s mother Chris. Emilio’s reason for wanting a god’s power was to revive Chris. For that reason, he sold his soul to Belserius. Emilio points his sword at Fin and the others, demanding revenge for Marian. After a difficult battle, they finally defeat him.

“…This is fine… I’m going to find you now… Wait for me, Marian…”

The light vanishes from Emilio’s eyes, and Rutee leaves without a word. Suddenly Belserius appears again and takes over the large statue in the middle of the room. The steel machine opens red eyes and screams for them not to get in his way. They battle. Only attacking the sword in the chest of the machine does any damage. Finally, Fin and the others triumph.

The four swordians use their own life energy in exchange for the rebirth of the World Tree, and stop the destruction of the planet. Thus the world is at peace once more.

Source: Tales of Chronicle

Translated by Daidairo

Battle Quotes

Subbed by Yume and Kurusu