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Tales of Symphonia Novels

To start out, here’s a couple of author names to remember.

Takumi Miyajima: She wrote the scenario for the game and the draft scenario (and some side events) for DotNW. From what I understand her first foray into the Tales series was working on skits for ToD 2. She also wrote the scenario for Tales of the Abyss and has been involved in most of the side materials relating to it.

Kingetsu Ryunosuke: Handled the series composition for the OVA. He also wrote the Scenario for the ToP OVA (which is wildly inconsistent with the game in terms of worldbuilding, but that’s another essay). He’s been involved with the Tales series for a long time, usually in writing side materials. He has been involved with writing Novels and/or Audio Dramas for Phantasia, Eternia, Destiny, Rebirth, Tempest, Innocence, and Abyss.

Tales of Symphonia- Sylvarant arc
Tales of Symphonia- Tethe'alla arc
Tales of Symphonia- United World arc

Published 2003-2004. A Novelized version of the game authored by Yuuki Shou and illustrated by Matsutake Tokuyuki, who also did the directing and the character designs for the animated parts of the game. There are some scans of the artwork here.

Tales of Symphonia- Toki no Kagayaki 1, 2, 3, 4 annnnd
Tales of Symphonia- Midori no Utsuwa 5

…Another, novelized retelling of the game. Published 2003-2004, this one is authored by Yajima Sara. The last one with Colette and Lloyd on the cover is post game. I’m pretty sure these pictures came from this novel series.

Tales of Symphonia- Kratos’ Atonement

Published 2013, authored by Takumi Miyajima. This is billed as a Kratos novel, but only the first 100 or so pages are focused on him from what I understand. It seems to indicate that he was trying to take Anna and Lloyd to Iselia where it was safe so that he coul strike down Mithos himself. I makes mention of the previous Chosen, Aithra. This is honestly more of an all-around Cruxis novel since it revolves around Mithos, Yuan, Pronyma, Magnius, and Zelos’ shenanigans during the game. The only touchy-feely oyako moment is Kratos putting a blanket on Lloyd in Triet. It*SPOILERS* ends at Lloyd and Kratos’ duel so don’t expect any post-game stuff either. (not that I mind at all Cruxis really needed more development) 

Yume posted pictures here.

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