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Tales of Vesperia Interviews

Interview with Tsutomu Gōda and Yoshito Higuchi soon before Vesperia’s Xbox 360 release in 2008

Will Flynn become a party member?

Higuchi: Since Flynn is a member of the Knights, it would be a problem if he were together with the outlaw protagonists. Since he’s on the law’s side, it will be interesting for you to discover how he will interact with the party when you play.

He sounds like he’s going to be the opposite of Yuri.

Higuchi: Yuri was rather difficult when I ordered his design from Mr. Fujishima, because he had a more Japanese-like theme and was unlike the type of main character you often find in most fantasy RPG. For Flynn, on the contrary, when we sent the order for a design of “a virtuous RPG protagonist who wears an armor,” it was completed almost immediately. He was exactly like we were expecting, so it was very satisfying.

Flynn and Estelle seem to know each other. Is there relationship limited to seeing each other in the castle once in a while?

Higuchi: They’re a bit closer than that. He’s not exactly her caretaker, but he’s been protecting her in his own way for a long time. Flynn is the only person in the castle who Estelle can confide to. That relationship is the reason why Estelle knew that Flynn had a childhood friend called Yuri.

There is a scene where Flynn and Yuri cross swords…

Higuchi: Flynn and Yuri are friends, but one is a Knight and the other is a wanted man. So there are things they would clash about. Yuri doesn’t believe he’s wrong, but Flynn doesn’t see things the same way.

Gouda: In truth, Flynn too thinks that Yuri is not wrong. But as a Knight, he cannot let him get away with it.

Higuchi: He admonishes Yuri for his own good. Flynn is a good guy. Even though the Empire is rotten, he became a Knight to try and change it by himself. And he stays there even when he doubts the Empire.

Does Flynn have many doubts?

Higuchi: Yes. For example, the Knights’ orders are absolute, but Flynn can decide for himself whether it’s right or wrong.

Gouda: He has to do something he believes is wrong. We see that kind of conflict in the game.

What about the blond boy we see near Flynn?

Higuchi: He’s a rather important character. He is related to Estelle.

He looks like Flynn, doesn’t he?

Higuchi: They’re not family, if that’s what you’re asking. I don’t want to raise false expectations, so let this be clear (laugh).

BONNIE PINK was chosen to sing the theme song. For what reason was she chosen?

Gouda: There’s a lot of reasons, but personally, we think that when a game’s contents fit an artist, then we want the song to fit too. The lyrics are important for the match, but of course that doesn’t mean anyone will do. So Mr. Higuchi was often consulted. This game is about Yuri and Flynn’s story as men, so we thought it would be interesting to have it sung by a woman. At first, there were a lot of candidates, but only a few female artists could sing about their relationship well. That’s how we picked BONNIE PINK after listening to her music.

Translated by Yume