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Tales of Xillia 2 Interviews

Summary of interview with Takashi Kondo
(Tales of Xillia 2 Official World Guidance)

  • His image of Ludger is someone who can’t ignore people in need and who gets caught up in their affairs because he can’t help but want to do something. But he wouldn’t be a bother or hold people back, he’s more like the type to put things in order and produce results while the others are all running in every direction and dragging him in their affairs.
  • On building a character who is silent: he first started with a broad idea, and built his character progressively as the scenes came. But since his personality changes a bit depending on the choices, he couldn’t have a clear idea like “in this kind of situation he’s like that”. During the first three recordings, he asked a lot of advice from the voice director and from Baba. He also first got explanations about the setting and what happened in the first game, and then the story of the second game, before he learned details about Ludger as a character.
  • For Xillia 2, the voice recording was happening at the same time they were creating the scenes, so they had to record different kind of reactions, different ways of saying the lines because they weren’t completely sure how the scene would turn out in the end. Even a short line like “huh?” can have a lot of different meanings and nuances depending on how you say it. That reminded him of a game he used to play, where he would try to say all the syllables in the hiragana table with different situations in mind.
  • When he auditioned they asked him to play two characters so he thought he’d get to play two different characters, but then it turned out that they were the same person.
  • The main points he focused on with Victor was the fact that he was older, with a lot more baggage, and his attitude with Elle which is different from Ludger’s attitude to her (he views her more like a companion and someone he must protect) and his own attitude to others.
  • Regarding his feelings about Victor, he’s torn between admiration for his love for his daughter and the lengths he’s willing to go for her, and disgust at his actions. Ludger is someone who links people together, it’s his true essence, but he threw all that away when he became Victor to protect his daughter. He admires his determination.
  • Alt!Milla’s death is a scene that left a strong impression. If you choose to let Alt!Milla go, it’s as if Ludger killed her, in a way. So he tried to show his determination in the sounds Ludger makes during that scene. The endings also had impact.
  • He doesn’t know what he would be doing if he hadn’t become a voice actor. He kinda picked that job on a whim at the time of applying for college, so he never had any other plans. But once he’d decided he’d do it, he became serious about it.
  • He hopes Ludger and Victor will leave an impression on the fans, and he hopes the fans will discover different facets of Ludger by playing many times with the choice system.

Written by Yume

Summary of interview with Daigo Okumura

(Tales of Xillia 2 Official World Guidance)

  • In this game, he supervised the main characters design, some of the area designs and character models.
  • The two points he pays the most attention to when designing characters is to make a design that the audience would like, and to make a design that makes sense for the character.
  • He designs everything on computers (there’s not a single pencil on his desk, he says!).
  • When he drew side characters like the spirits, it was rather easy, but main characters require more work because the design has to convey a message etc.
  • As far as concepts go, Ludger is “sword”, Bisley “bloody fist”, Elle “butterfly and flower”, Rideaux “scalpels” and Chronos “colorless”.
  • The harder to design was Ludger. A lot of people in the staff got to give their input for him. Something that was hard was make him look like a main character while giving him a plain design (because Elynpions are supposed to have plain clothes).
  • Elle was easy though. Ludger’s head wasn’t too hard as well.
  • His favorite is Elle. Her voice, her manners etc are well done, in his opinion.
  • Ludger has swords designs on his clothes, Julius shields and Bisley both.
  • Victor is in black and has black hair because that represents his villain status. He kinda looks like a noble or a dark hero.
  • The Chromatus designs were based on their weapons (swords for Ludger, fists for Bisley, knives for Redau).
  • They gave a name to Ludger’s favourite brand of clothes: “Blade Union”.
  • He absolutely wanted Ludger to have a mask because he’s a transforming hero. So his Chromatus ends up giving him a mask.

Written by Yume