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Tales of Xillia Novels

Tales of Xillia

Author: Kaoru Abiko

Release date: 2011-2012

Volumes: 3

Retelling of the game.

Alvin Chronicle

Author: Kaoru Abiko

Release date: 2012-2013

Alvin-centric novel.

  • Encounter in Fennmont

Alvin tells Jude about the events that led to their meeting.

  • Reminiscences in Nia Khera

Alvin tells Yurgen about the Hamil scene and how he briefly joined Presa.

  • Longing for Elympios

Alvin tells Elise about his past in Exodus.

Tales of Xillia Official World Guidance

Short Story

Author: Daisuke Kiga

Release date:12/29/2011

  • The Day Milla Maxwell Was Born

Short story about how Milla realized her responsibility as Maxwell fourteen years ago. The story also shows what was going on with Exodus at the time. Baby Jude makes an appearance.

Tales of Xillia Fan's Bible

Short Stories

Author: Unknown

Release date: 3/31/2012

  • Wings of Remembrance

Short story about Wingul's past.

  • Daybreak

Short story about Jiao's past.

  • Illusions of Days Past

Short story about Presa's past.

  • Crimson Headstones

Short story about Agria's past.