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Lin Long Dau was born as the long-awaited heir of the prominent Long Dau tribe in Auj Oule. His father Lars, the clan's patriarch, had three younger brothers, Yan, Ying, and Bruno, but none of them had his talents and would have made bad successors if Lars had died childless. Therefore, Lin's birth was cause for great celebration. [2]

When Lin was born, Nils Frieden, the son of Lin's mother's lady-in-waiting, was appointed as his playmate and future bodyguard. Despite the four years difference between the two, they became close friends and spent a happy early childhood playing together. [2]

Lin received exceptional education from many skilled tutors. From a young age, he showed interest in military strategy, and was able to read complex military books and solve difficult problems at the age of eight. He also held interest in the arts and literature. [3]

However, in Auj Oule at that time, physical strength and sword skills were considered more important than education, and he would have gone through harsh training when he would be old enough to hold a sword. [3]

The Fall of the Long Dau

When he was eight, war broke out between Auj Oule and Rashugal. His father was appointed supreme commander by the king and was ordered to gather the other tribes under one big army he would lead into battle. Among those gathered men was Arst Outway, the young heir to the small Outway tribe. The Battle of Fezebel ended in tragedy when a giant tsunami swept over the battlefield, and many soldiers were lost, but most ranked officers, including Lin's father and uncles, survived. [3]

Following the tragedy, discontent grew between the Long Dau and the smaller tribes it ruled over, and three years later, Arst Outway rebelled and proclaimed that he would unify the country. He changed his name to Gaius and gathered support from other small clans to form a group called Taurus to oppose the larger tribes. [4]

Lars went out with a few men to subdue them, but he underestimated Gaius, and was defeated and killed. From then on, the Long Dau launched into a two-years-long war against Taurus, and Lin's uncles followed their brother to the grave one after the other. [4]

Lin eventually had to fight as well. Although he was bright for his age and possessed a great tactical mind, his uncles discarded his advice and rushed blindly to their death. Once they were gone and Lin could finally take charge, though, the situation changed, and he was able to keep Gaius at bay with his strategizing. [4]

He eventually managed to corner Gaius in the Mon Highlands in Trames 2278. Despite their reduced numbers due to his uncles' foolish battles and the many defections that had plagued the Long Dau court, Lin had the advantage and was determined to avenge his family. However, before the battle started, Gaius paid him a visit in his camp and warned him about the danger of avalanches should his troops proceed forward. Despite his hatred of the man, Lin kept a cool head and listened to him. He heeded his warning and had his troops retreat, avoiding casualties when the avalanche finally struck. [5]

During their short meeting, Gaius also talked about his vision for the future of Auj Oule and his will to protect the weak. His words had a profound impact on Lin, who started to see him as worthy of becoming king. Born in the major Long Dau tribe, Lin had entertained the idea of unifying the country himself one day, but he recognized Gaius' worth and superiority, and let go of his own ambition and desire for revenge for the sake of the country. The next day, he submitted to Gaius and offered his clan's support. [5]

The Dawn of Auj Oule

Though they were once enemies, Lin and Gaius shared the same ideal. Moreover, unlike Lin's father and uncles, Gaius greatly valued his talent. Within two years of working together, Gaius made him his right-hand man and gave him the name "Wingul." [5]

With Wingul as tactician, Gaius' momentum could not be stopped. They defeated major clans one after the other. They eventually seized Kanbalar, King Merad's headquarters, in Trames 2283, and Gaius proclaimed himself king of Auj Oule. Wingul stayed his right hand in the new administration. [5][10]

Merad, who had escaped alive when Kanbalar fell, attempted to strike back with help from Rashugal and equipped his army with boosters, which he had started developing in Labari thanks to stolen spyrix data. His attempt ended in defeat during the Battle of Arklund. [6]

Booster Research

Wingul took an interest in boosters and resumed research in the Labari Research Institute. The previous research had been vastly incomplete, as they had only cared about making new weapons rather than aim for a sustainable tool. Therefore, the research had to be resumed from scratch. However, experiments on monsters had their limits, and the best way to progress would have been to implant a booster in a human's brain. [6]

In Trames 2286, a mountain bandit named Ortega (the future Jiao) attacked Gaius to seek revenge for the death of his friends. Wingul fought him to protect his king, but was easily defeated and sustained serious injuries. Adding to his humiliation, Gaius offered the man a place by his side. [6][9]

Fearing that he would no longer be needed, Wingul sought power in booster research, and volunteered as a test subject, despite Nils' protests. The experiment was a success, but came at great cost to his health. Thanks to his sacrifice, however, the research progressed greatly, and they were able to create second generation boosters that did not need to be implanted directly in their users. They gathered orphans to the institute to test those out. [6]

This is how Wingul and Nils came to meet Elize, who was one of these orphans. Elize's compatibility with boosters was very high, and thanks to her they were able to develop third generation boosters. [7]

The research was interrupted and the institute dismantled a few months before the beginning of the game, because Exodus spies including Alvin attempted (but failed) to steal research about third generation boosters. Nils was shot to death by Alvin in the insuing fight, and died asking Wingul to take care of the orphans. After the institute was dismantled, Wingul fulfilled his promise and personally saw to it that the children would be cared for. [8]

For Gaius

Over the course of the game, Gaius and the Chimeriad came to clash with Milla Maxwell and her companions. Wingul noticed that Gaius showed no inclination in getting rid of them despite their opposition, because he considered Milla as strong as him and wanted her to share his goal, and because he saw Jude's potential. Wingul found that dangerous, as he feared it could get in the way of Gaius' ideal, and took on the role of doing the dirty job himself -- though he failed. [10]

When Gaius went to the Temporal Crossroads with Muzét for the final battle, Wingul was supposed to stay behind in Rieze Maxia to oversee their troops, but he followed them to the Crossroads and attempted to stop the party one last time. However, the secondary effects of his booster had taken a toll on his body, and eventually killed him. He died thinking about Gaius and wishing Rowen would realize he was a rightful king. [10]

Long Dau Quotes

Note: This is based on the Japanese version.

Long Dau (English transliteration) [English translation of Japanese translation when it differs from the transliteration]

Fighting Chats

  • VS Wingul&Presa: Waoti yaio um pūn'wans! (Cut you in pieces!)
  • VS Wingul&Presa&Jiao: Baupun’ yaio ioti! (Wipe you out!)
  • VS Wingul: Hidi Gaius! (For Gaius!); Mi imun’ puesusun’s! (YOU SHALL NOT PASS No one passes!)
  • Coliseum: Yaio aenun’ mi wāemwan’! (You have no chance!)

Battle Actions and States

  • Attack: Tiekun’ tiaus! (Take this!); Bīstin'di! (Booster!) [Booster activation!]; Spūlul! (Spill!); Dun’! (Die!)
  • Recovering: Baiba! (Wow!)
  • Getting up: Mi baeya! (No way!) [That’s nothing!]
  • Overlimits: Pulueyaumug! (Playing!) [Here I go!]
  • ¼ HP: Miti bedo… (Not bad…) [The fun’s starting.]
  • Taunt: Mi tetiwā. (No match.) [How boring.]
  • Dizziness: Detum… (Damn…)
  • Status ailment: Bāeti!? (What!?) [I failed.]
  • Death: Hidigūnun’ tun’… Arst… (Forgive me… Arst…)
  • Victory: Us tiaus elul? (Is that all?)


  • Pincer formation with Link partner: Dun’ eludin'edoya! (Die already!) [This is the end!]
  • Link artes with Jiao: Elun'diti Jiao! (Alert, Jiao!)
  • Link artes with Presa: Din'edoya Presa! (Ready, Presa!?)
  • Link artes with Agria: Waiomutiumug im! (Counting on!) [Don’t fail!]


  • Flame Ring: Buodim! (Burn!) [Burn, flame!]
  • Sunburst: Wadin'tetin’! (Cremate!)
  • Arrivederci: Tūguatiya baumud! (Mighty wind!) [Blow, storm!]
  • Cyclone: Tūmwan' tī! (Mince to!) [Mince them to pieces!]
  • Lightning Nova: Bun’ din'edoya! Tiestin’ tian’ lūguatimūmugus! Lightning Nova! Yaiodin’ fūmūsuan’d! (Be ready! Taste the lightnings! Lightning Nova! You’re finished!) [Be ready! My blade is lightning! Lightning Nova! You’re finished!]