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Tales of the Abyss World Mechanics

Jade’s Fonic Sight

- What is fonic sight?

Fonic sight is an arte that amplifies a fonist’s ablities. By applying fonic inscriptions to one’s eyes—the greatest fon slot in the human body—a fonist is able to gather fonons at three times the normal rate and increase the strength of his fonic artes as well.

- Who created it?

Based on the discussions I’ve seen, there seems to be a divide regarding who developed the technique—some say it was Jade, some say it was someone else and Jade just applied the technique on himself. I was under the impression that Jade was the one who created it, but with this issue raised, I decided to take it upon myself to get to the bottom of things.

The TL;DR version of the answer to this question, is that yes, he created fonic sight at the tender age of eight, which I have confirmed with Yume. The source for this piece of information is from the Tales of the Abyss Perfect Guide.

- Why was it banned?

Eye color change aside, the side effects were deemed too dangerous. If an inexperienced fonist applies it, they could end up blind, or worse, dead. The arte also has a potential to go out of control—even when applied successfully, needing a limiter in order to keep it in check.

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