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Tales of the Abyss World Mechanics

Jade’s Fonic Sight

- What is fonic sight?

Fonic sight is a forbidden arte that amplifies a fonist’s ablities. By applying fonic glyphs to one’s eyes–the greatest fon slot in the human body–a fonist is able to gather fonons at three times the normal rate and increase the strength of his fonic artes as well.

- Who created it?

According to the TOA Perfect Guide, Jade created fonic sight at the tender age of eight. This is also confirmed in Shiro no Ashita.

- What kind of preparations are needed in order to perform this arte?

It isn’t mentioned specifically what kind of prerequisites are needed, but Jade does say it requires careful preparation and expertise. There is a brief expansion on the latter by Anise, who comments that Jade is able to pull it off because he’s able to control six fonons with just his own power.

- What type of fonic glyph is to be applied to the eyes?

The specific type is not mentioned (only the fact that inscriptions are to be applied), but it is perhaps worth noting that the arte Dist applied on Mohs to strengthen his fonic artes is similar in nature as the one Jade used on his eyes.

- What are the side effects if one is successful in applying the arte?

In Jade’s case, his eye color changed to red. Originally, his eye color was hazel, as mentioned in the TOA Official Scenario Book. In Shiro no Ashita, it is mentioned by a ten-year-old Jade that he could have prevented this eye color change and suppressed the related pain more effectively given his current ability.

In addition to the above, the arte still has a potential to go out of control, so a limiter is needed to prevent that, i.e. Jade’s glasses, which are actually fontech. Jade doesn’t actually use them for correcting eyesight, as his visual acuity happens to be actually 20/10 for both eyes.

- What happens if you fail in applying the arte?

If an inexperienced fonist (i.e. someone who is hardly able to use fonic artes) like Casim in the sidequest applies it, they could end up blind, or worse, dead. In Casim’s case, the arte goes out of control and he starts undergoing fonon separation, which is stopped by Tear’s fonic hymns and is undone by Jade during that time.

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