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Yulia's Childhood

Yulia Jue was born in Hod in BD2693.

At the time, there were a lot more countries, ten of which had control over the Sephiroth. The biggest ones were the Kingdom of Keter (occupying the Silvana continent; where Keterburg is), the Kingdom of Ispania (occupying the Ispania peninsula; above Chesedonia, where Tataroo alley is) Sephiroth, the Kingdom of Franc (Northern Rugnica; where Grand Chokmah is) and the City State of Hod (where Hod was before collapsing).

She was a genius in both fontech and fonic artes, and studied under Dr Southern-Cross, the guy who proposed the theory of the Planet Storm (in BD2677; it was then built in BD2682) and who discovered the Seventh Fonon (in BD2695). The discovery of the Seventh Fonon enabled Seventh Fonists to read the planet's memory and learn the future - that was the birth of the Score. 


Not everyone agreed that the future should be read, and opposition soon started between two factions, the "Foreseers", the ones in favor of the Score, and the "Deniers", those against it. This lead to the Fonic War in BD2699, when Yulia was 6. It is said that half of the world's population perished in one month, and the countries of Hod and Keter were devastated. It will last ten years.

During the war, many powerful fonic weapons were use, putting a strain on the Planet Storm, which started disfunctioning. The core began to vibrate and to emit the poisonous gas, miasma.

Yulia's involvement

Yulia and her disciples appeared toward the end of the war (well, to be precise, they're the reason the war stopped).

In BD2707 (she was 14), Yulia made a pact with Lorelei, the sentient consciousness of the Seventh Fonon, and harbored his powers in the Key of Lorelei. She used it to rebuild the Planet Storm and later threw the Key in the core. She also revived Hod with her Fonic Hymns.

In BD2709 (~16), she read the Planet's Memory and told the Score of all of Auldrant's history for centuries to come. This is what effectively put an end to the conflict.

The Float War

The world was filled with miasma because of the war. Yulia elaborated a way to solve the problem - rising the land above it (she actually saw it in the Score iirc). This was called the Float Project and was proposed in BD2710.

By this time, Yulia was already regarded as a goddess by the population, and that didn't sit well with Franc and Ispania, who made a temporary alliance against her. They bought one of her disciples, Daath, who helped them capture her. She was expecting this, apparently:

"Your betrayal was foretold in the Score. So I will not stop you."

Daath stole her 1st to 6th Fonstones and created the Order of Lorelei.

Franc and Ispania then waged war on the countries that supported Yulia's project; this is called the Float War. It lasted three years and ended in BD2713 (Yulia was then 20).

Yulia was accused of turning the world into the Qliphoth and was tried before the "International Court," which was a court in name only. She was found guilty and was to be executed. 

The New Dawn

In BD2715 (Yulia was 22), Franc and Ispania put the Float Project into motion and rose the land (but left their opponents in the Qliphoth). This is the beginning of a new era. Therefore, this year is known as ND0001.

Daath regretted what he had done and saved Yulia from her imprisonment, and then committed suicide. Now free, Yulia saved the people left in the Qliphoth and founded Yulia City.

In ND0006, her first disciple Freyr Albert became the first Fon Master of the Order of Lorelei.

At some point, the fonstones were broken and sent to the fonbelt via the Planet Storm 

What became of Yulia

She disappeared after coming back from the Qliphoth and no one knows what she did after that. It is said that she wandered the Outer Lands before going back to her hometown.

What's certain is that she indeed settled down in Hod, married Freyr and together they founded House Fende to guard her abilities, fonic hymns and the Seventh Fonstone. 

Yulia's disciples

There were ten of them but they are referred to as the "seven disciples" because two of them died and the other (Daath) betrayed her. We only know three names:

  • 1st disciple: Freyr Albert, later Fende
He is the creator of the Albert style, the first Fon Master, and her future husband (and thus Tear and Van's ancestor).

  • 7th disciple: Francis Daath
    He betrayed her, sold her to the enemy, and stole her fonstones (which he used as a base to create the Order of Lorelei). He discovered Auldrant's future and his own demise by reading the Score of the fonstones, and was terrified of it. He also started to feel regret for his acts, and delivered Yulia in the end, then killed himself. Yulia named the Order's city in his honor.

  • Walter Sigmund, later Gardios
    He is Freyr's half younger brother (they have different mothers), and also his disciple in the art of the sword. He created the Sigmund style from the Albert style. He founded House Gardios in order to protect his brother and Yulia (and so is Guy's ancestor).